7 Min Glute Challenge | Lower Body Pilates Workout with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey guys, Tamara here Today, I have a seven minute glute challenge for you to lift the buns, tighten the hamstrings and flatten the belly

So, let's get started, stay tuned [Music] Tamara: Alright beauties, let's go ahead and get started We're going to sit up tall, and roll down through the spine, pulling the belly button in and laying down Bring your feet in, just a little bit You want your knees and feet hip width distance apart, arms down by your side

And were just going to start with a Pilates curl of the pelvis Tuck the tailbone, press your lower spine into the mat, and just peel the tips of your tush up off the mat, and then you're going to go back to neutral spine, and then arc through the back We're just warming up through the pelvis here, beginning to engage your glues and the hamstrings Squeeze and release Two more times, nice and easy, scoop the belly

Tuck the pelvis, and release And a little bit bigger this time, more movement And release And go back to your tucked pelvis position, really engage where your glutes and your upper thigh meet, feel all ten toes onto the floor, and we're going to pulse up for ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and now lift the heels up, keep pulsing A nice, strong tuck of the pelvis is the foundation of this entire workout

So you start to feel the glutes start to fire a little bit, hamstrings engaged Let's do three more Three, two, keep going, lower the heels for ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two lift the toes And, ten, nine, keep the shoulders relaxed, neck relaxed, five, four, three, two, last set, toes down for ten, nine, eight, keep scooping the belly, five, four, three, two and now lower down, releasing that spine back to neutral, and tuck the pelvis You're going to roll all the way up to a full shoulder bridge

Ok guys, so really think of pulling your heels in towards your tush It fires the hamstrings, and reach your knees out on the diagonal so that you're really getting that oppositional pull keep the belly button pulled in, and then lower back down through the spine Nice rolling of the spine, should feel pretty good Three more

Roll back up to your shoulder bridge, check your toes, make sure you're not rolling out or in in either direction And roll back down, let's do an inhale, [breath] make sure we're breathing, and exhale all the way up Keep the ribcage glued together, belly butt [?] scooped, and roll all the way down We're still working the spine and the abdominals here, and even the arms Press your arms into the mat

Even though we're focusing on the glutes, you can still work other parts of your body as well, that's what's so great about Pilates Alright, let's stay here, lift the heels and lower Yeah, lift and lower, should really be firing now, and seven, six, try and keep your hips still Five, isolate the movement in the ankle and the foot [?], three more Three, you guys are doing great, keep it up

Two, and one, and stay lifted Really plant [?] your left leg in, bring your right leg to tabletop, tap the toe down and up Ten times, down and up Use your arms for support, press them into the mat And down and up, six

Keep the hips lifted, five, four, three, two more then we do the other side, two, and one Lift it up, lower down, other leg And, tap Down Tap, down

Good You can imagine that you have like a big rope right underneath your hips and someone is pulling you up from the sky, lifting those hips up, nice and high Five more, five, four, keep breathing, two, and one Lift it up, lower down with control, stay lifted through the hips And now, melt the spine down to the mat

Take a breath; inhale [breath] and exhale We go right back up again, and this time we do kicks with the legs Bring the leg up, straighten Point the toe, lift the hips up, press the arms into the mat, flex the foot, kick and lift Kick and lift, eight more

Eight, long leg Seven, six, five, you got this! Four more Four, keep it up, three, two, one more kick, reach it up, pulse up five, four, three, two, bend the knee Place it down, other side, reach it up Lower, up, two, three, keep those hips up high, that's where you're going to get the real glute work here

Five more, and five, four, you starting to sweat? I am! Three more Three, two, one more time Pulse it up for five, squeeze your booty And three, two, one, lower it down, foot down Exhale [breath]

One last set, and that's easygoing Lift it right back up everyone Bring your right leg up towards the ceiling, pulse up Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, let's flex the foot Five, heel, up towards the sky

Three more, three, two, one Bend the knee, place it down Last set, here we go Five, four, three, two, one, flex it Five, four, three, two, one, bend the knee

Down, ahhh All the way down Good job everyone Go ahead and bring your hands underneath your thighs, roll yourself up Alright, turn and face me, and let's do a little stretch

You're going to bring your ankle on top of your knee, other knee on top of your foot Now, if this is as far as you go, it's totally fine If you can go a little bit further, try and rest the shins down one on top of the other It's a pretty intense stretch for your piriformis, for your glutes that we just worked You can always lean forward a little bit, ahh, take a deep breath [breath]

Good job guys, this is not an easy workout, I'm sweating, my hair is falling apart, but it's a good sign of a good workout and a job well done So, let's switch legs Now, if you like this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the video, and come over and visit me at TamaraNewellcom where you can sign up for your free 15 minute Pilates core workout Alright, I'll see you next time, have a great day! [Music]

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