6 min Ab Workout | Pilates Core Exercises

Hey guys, Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness This is your six minute AB workout

It is Pilates core exercises It's tough, but doable We're going to go ahead and get started OK We're getting into these AB exercises, you have five

They're each 60 seconds, really fast turnaround going from one to the other in, and all of them are going to be on our back So one position Go ahead Lower down here to go to our first movement, which are slow slides So, set it up

Pulling the lower back down to the floor, legs are going to come to tabletop, interlock the fingers behind your head Wide elbows really relaxed here And our starting position is going to be a little arrow shape So you're going to slide your right foot along your left thigh Hold it there

This is the shape we want OK This is the shape you need You ready? Go ahead and begin Exhale

Switching, sliding the other way and then taking it back And if it's not hard enough for you Coming off the floor here, raising those shoulders and continuing to slide, continue to squeeze the abs Or you can rest on the floor and semi relax Make sure you exhale every time one of those knees comes in, the breathing is really important here

Ok, we're come into our first of two holds holding now wherever you are Maybe you're holding that crunch as well Wide elbows, don't want to come together Slide to the other side Breathing it through

And relax Rock side to side OK Next movement, movement number two Ab exercise two, slow bicycle

Same nice wide elbows, interlocked fingers pulling the belly button to the spine We're gonna go super slow in this bicycle crunch You ready? Let's begin Crunch up Exhale

Switch, inhale Take it back and release Really slow Taking your time Rolling up

Taking the time to come back down Watch those knees, a lot of times they like to sneak up towards the chest, keep pressing them down so you can feel this workout Almost there Just pressing through a little more Coming up a little higher, still dropping those legs, feeling those abs start to fire up here

Last one, and relax side to side Now, our next movement that we're going to be going into after that slow bicycle is a corkscrew So arms by the sides You can also have them behind the head again if you want Pointed or flexed feet

Let's begin in that corkscrew small circles around controlling your abs here You want to make it harder, you could be reaching forward or have the arms here The important part is the control, so make sure you're not like falling all over it like this, more control I'm going to let you know when to switch Not quite yet, still squeezing the abs

Still feeling that movement Go ahead and switch the other way, same movement squeezing the abs, still breathing And if you don't feel this, make those circles a little smaller because this AB exercise, when done right, feels like fire down the belly, keeping it going here Breathing through And so, guys, you got just a few more and then we're gonna go into our next movement, movement number four of five is coming

Pull the knees in quickly, right side to side Now, movement number four is a simple V drop that you've probably seen these before, called many different things Heels together, toes out, dropdowns You feel that? And then take get back up Exhale drop to feel bending the knees if you need to relieve the pressure on your back and take it back

Exhale Lowering Inhale back if you want a little extra holding that crunch, bringing the arms here or back behind the head OK Taking a slow exhale down, it doesn't matter how low you go

It's more about how much control can you have and how much can you keep your back on the floor? Good, continue to exhale on the way down Inhale on the way up, you should feel this all along the belly here We're going to come into a hold to finish Just one squeeze I know you guys hate these isolation holds, but they're so good for you were nearly done anyway

Keep breathing And pull it in final exercise is a butterfly Crunch legs come up that same little V-shape that you did before Relax the shoulders You have the option to hold the crunch the whole time here if you want

Otherwise, I'll give you other levels We're ready Last movement of the day Big breath in Exhale

Lower the legs to begin Pull the knees in like your opening wings of a butterfly here Press the legs back out and bring it to 90 So we lower down Pull those knees wide

And then press it back down Now, if you wanted to, you could crunch, which is the point of the butterfly crunch as those heels come in And you could also hold this movement, this crunch the whole time and just work those legs A lot of people think you can't work the abs in six minutes, but they haven't tried this workout Continue to breathe

We're almost there You nearly done? Nearly nearly done Relax Let the abs go rock side to side Let the knees fall to one side to relax, to stretch it out

You're done with this AB workout That is it The super-fast right, let the knees rock to the other side relaxing here And you can see just this small little tweaks pulling the back down, holding the breath, going slow Make your normal ab exercises a lot harder, a lot more challenging

You want to do that stuff even in longer workouts Come back to center, roll up to finish And that is it Guys, let me know what you think about this workout in the comments about is it quick? Even harder during this time I should try to do like a four-minute one

We'll see Let me know what you think, make sure you like this video once you've done it and make sure you subscribe to the channel If you haven't already and if you want a little bit extra work, I recommend doing one of the booty workouts because ABS and booty, they go together very well I'll see you next time, guys Tchau!

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