5 minutes Pilates mobility workout for the morning

this is a short 5-minute Pilates workout to get you moving hi I'm Louise from Studio 44 Pilates if you're new here welcome but please do subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss another video when it gets published every 7 Sunday at 7 pm

today's video you will need a band if you have one if you haven't you can still do it so don't worry ok so I'm going to just put the band to the side for the moment and just sit myself up nice and tall you going to lower those armpits I'm going to engage through that Centre and I'm just going to do a really small movement a pelvic tilt pulling that tailbone underneath me and coming back up so we're not going into a roll up we're trying to keep that upper body or the shoulders as still as you can and it is a really really small movement good let's do two more keeping the armpits lowered focusing on the bits that need to work the same set and the glutes as you tilt from there I'm going to take my arms out lower my armpits and lengthen through my spine and we're going to take it into a little roll ups so we're going to do that pelvic tilts we're going to tilt we're going to take that tail down underneath us as we roll down breathing out as we do go as far as you can I don't want these shoulders to tense up hold it on an in-breath and then come back out sitting nice and tall I'm going rolling back breathing out good so you should start to feel this working lowering those armpits but we're also getting some movement in that lower back and butt back as well so again breathing out you do so good and then we're going to add in to this so we're going to come up sit tall take my arms out again and then as I get to the point where I can just about hold it I'm going to come back up I've changed my mind I'm going to do! to sit so take your arm side or you can have them across let's do it here so breathing out breathing in I do prepare for these I promise didn't take it the other way so adding in a spine twist but I'm keeping my bum cheeks on the floor as I do so I'm not shifting my weight so I'm going to take it back again breathing out using that Centre coming back up breathing out as you come back up sit or cross those arms lower those armpits and lengthen through your spine take a deep breath in and breathe out as you turn round so my bum cheeks are evenly weighted I'm not tipping over at all I'm just rotating around the spine good and bring it back lovely let's do one more so tilting growing out through that Centre good back up keeping those armpits down come up sit tall arms across breathing in breathe out and twist, bum cheeks weighted evenly on the floor breathe in as you come back take it the other way excellent good well done I'm just going to shift myself up so I have a bit of room so I'm going to take my leg out this time I'm going to take myself to the floor I'm gonna roll down we're not going to do anything else so just everyone if you know you can't get back from the floor you don't need to at the moment I'm gonna grab hold of my band I'm gonna take it over my foot okay and then I'm going to make sure that the my elbows are on the floor and I'm holding the band give one bit in each hand keep my shoulders nice and relaxed and I'm gonna take it in to one leg circle so the band's just really nice because it means you can get a nice big circle it's like flying a kite so your hands can move but you just keep, one more this way just get your elbows on the floor and try not to take any tension into your shoulders so we're gonna do the other way five this way forgot to say how many sorry good I'm working my Centre but I'm letting my pelvis move let's do one more good and then just pull that leg toward you to get a bit of a stretch going on from there I'm going to change legs now if you find it too much with your leg out straight you can have it bent if you want again set yourself up and you're gonna do your circles but try and go as wide as you can it restricted here with the wall good let's do two more this way and again remember it's like flying a kite change direction good work in that Centre the last one that's wrong last one now I'm a Pilates teacher I can't count and pull it toward you it's a known fact okay so if you've got your band or not it doesn't matter I want you to roll yourself up to a seated position lovely way of doing it you can't rid of your band now and I just want you to sit with your legs just slightly wider than your hips but heels into the floor and sitting up on the seat bones if you find this hard to do then get a cushion and sit on that you take our arms out to the side I'm going to rotate to taking it into the saw pulling back through that Centre and take it forward so keeping both bum cheeks and both heels on the floor sit tall take it the other way good really lengthen through those fingers tips go let's do two more taking it there pulling back to that Centre coming up and taking it the other way so from there we're going to take it into open leg rocker so bend your legs for me and you can take it back lifting the legs as you go back and moving myself a bit more room so breathing out whoops breathing it in okay so lengthen those legs if you can keep your legs straight that's fantastic and take it back good let's do two more lovely last one brilliant well done good so I hope that's got you moving and I hope you if you've enjoyed these videos and you'd like to find some more like it then head to the link below where it will take you to some more videos similar to this I really look forward to seeing you on the mat again soon don't forget to subscribe see you soon

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