5 min Legs & Glutes Foam Roller Workout ~ Tone & Sculpt Pilates sequence

hello everyone and welcome back on my channel my name is Sara Sue Vallee and i'm your online personal trainer so today we are doing in five minutes legs and glutes workout using a foam roller all you're gonna need is a foam roller and a map so if you're ready let's do it we are starting with bridge lift come onto your back and place the foam roller under your feet raise your hips to the sky as you unroll your spine return to the first position with control and repeat moving on keep your hips elevated as you slowly roll the foam roller back and forth to work your hamstrings it's a very effective subtle movement we are following up with single leg bridge bring one leg straight up as you keep the other foot planted on the foam roller elevate your hips to the sky and lower the lifted leg straight down before returning to the starting position and repeat switch sides we are ending with butterfly bridge bring the soles of your feet to touch and bend your knees at 90 degrees into a diamond shape flip your hips to the sky with control and repeat and we are done thanks a lot for watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for the next workout bye bye

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