It's our last day together! But I I hope not our last I've given you information in your email about The Core Club

Workouts like these are available at your fingertips all you have to do is press play I give you a calendar to follow if you don't want the calendar you have a workout library where you can choose your favorites so come join me I'd love to have you I'd love to keep going with this jump start with you and keep you consistent so you really do feel amazing because honestly just 15 minutes a day and some of the workouts are longer but it's just 15 minutes a day after 30 days 40 days 50 days you're gonna feel unbelievable and you'll see that it trickles into everything that you're doing so come during the core Club I would love to have you you ready for our final workout together let's do this so we're gonna start at all fours today knees underneath your hips hands underneath your shoulders elbows maybe kind of rotated backwards towards the back of the ball so that the crease of your elbow is forward and a nice long neutral spine just close your eyes here just feel the natural curves of your spine not letting anything sink or flex kind of push your tab onto the back of the room your butt bone sort of glide in towards the back of the room and then the crown of your head is forward take an inhale to prepare yourself on your exhale start to tuck the tail scoop the belly up let the head drop take an inhale here and then exhale from the tail and starts to articulate through a neutral spine and then we open to attention inhale exhale back to Center and flex stay for anything exhale move open and then just come back to Center here we're gonna sort of like a bow we're gonna bend our elbow pull it and then open up into extension and then thread it under our chest pull open and thread it through for three inhale exhale to what now keep it threaded hold it there lift your hips up to the sky come back to Center other way we Bend and thread it through inhale opposite arm just stays under our shoulder and we are tight this way so don't expect a lot of movement when you can twist in that upper mid-back you'll get more flexible and then thread it through here as Joseph's Pilate said shafted lift your hips up we're only as young as our spine so if we can keep our spine supple and flexible we can almost age in Reverse come back to Center hold right here and then just tuck your toes under and stretch back in those hips and then drop the toes down and stretch it even further back so if you've noticed if you feel sort of crummy before you start by the end you feel fantastic because we gotta get that energy moving through the body and flowing through the body come down onto your stomach and that's why movement is so good for you not just about the physical right all right get your legs wide hands by your head and we're gonna do some extension work so pelvis stays down and he'll open your heart and just what does it feel like to open your heart right those internal sensations – as you're moving connect internally to everything the legs are long spine is long for one more time good come here onto your elbows for our single leg kick squeeze little sides together we lift kick kick and switch now that we know it you want to lift and kick lifting kick spine stays long four three two and one good job tuck those toes under lift up into your plank okay so now we're in a long spine find neutral here in your elbow plank you need to drop to your knees go ahead give me some deep breaths here no shallow breathing and then you're gonna take one hand towards your elbow and you're gonna open up into side plank one leg can be over and front of the other or they can be stacked or you can drop your bottom knee okay final works for you we hold here lift long so I want you to really lift up out of your waist out of your back out of your ribs lift them up to the sky neck is long two more deep breaths inhale exhale one more time deep breath good lower down all right so we're on our elbow here we're gonna work some stabilization today we're gonna bend our bottom leg and top leg okay so find sort of that place where when you you can rotate open so my heels are pretty much lined up with my butt bones as I open here okay so I'm keeping my heels together and I'm just finding a rotation in the hip five and I'm not sagging you can always drop down on your arm here okay two more key is just keep a long spine then from here I'm gonna lift my heels I'm gonna do the same thing my spine stays long good four five four three two one good now hold it open hold it here and I want you to reach your leg long bend it back in and bring it down open reach and lower now as we do this your upper body's probably gonna get tired I want you to stay tall and long good two more to hold your last one up on one hold it there and then just give me little itty bitty pulses five four three two one good and look sorry I had to do it come back up side plank and we're gonna turn it front flank once again okay I'm gonna spin around too so you can see me on your forearms elbows under armpits close nice and long breathe in three that one more time breathe in breathe out rotate your hand towards your knee find your side plank here again you can stack one leg on top of the other you can also bend your body with knee and hold long go to your knee if you're feeling your shoulder okay I want you to feel your back your belly your torso but not your rotator cuff okay deep breaths let's do one more deep breath keep that spine long good and drop the hips down we stay up on this elbow really working the stabilization of the torso okay find your heels bend those knees my heels are lined up with my butt bones and I'm just gonna open and close without sagging the torso so I'm not hanging out here right engage all about being in Pilates class no punching so I'm opening from my hip that's what's doing the movement three two and one now I'm gonna just lift my heels off they stay together I open good three more three two what now I want you to open it you're gonna reach along in the hip stays where it is and lower again stay stabilized in that upper body awesome doing dynamite one more hello hip little pulses point that foot come on right into that hip stay long in your spine stretch it longer lift up the ribs and the waist five four three two oh nothing all right come on upside down and then go over plank come up onto your hands and stretch it up into your up stretch just sort of alternate some knee bends here good and then lower those heels down feel that hip lift as the heels push down feel that opposition and then start to lift those heels articulate the spine find your plank we lift up lower the heels down pull them back up tuck scoot articulate it out try it again up stretch push the heels down lift the heels up and scoop okay try two more one more good drop those knees down push it back and kind of bring your hands to one side of the mat and then just take it over to the other side of the mat come to Center roll it on up lie down on your back all right find a neutral spine and bring one leg up to tabletop bring the other leg up squeeze those thighs together and flex your feet we're gonna reach one leg long as we keep neutral in our spine and then bend it back in inhale exhale nothing in your spine moves cuz you're so stable and engaged the lower that leg goes the more AB power you need be careful you're not popping your abs or your low back you can also reach straight up if you want to try both legs squeeze them together and reach and pull and if you'd like to take the hands behind the head and flex the chest up you can do it from there okay wherever you're working give me a few more cogito spies and roll yourself up and then just roll off your sitting bones take one leg up to tabletop bring the other leg up to tabletop so now we're scooping here you're going to keep your chest up so low belly scoop chest is up hold there and just walk down your thighs as you scoop your legs don't move and then bring it back up try not to push through the pelvis just lift the upper back again we roll and come back up now if you want to try this without hands the arms reach we go back legs see where they are on an inhale actually do it harder take an inhale prepare exhale down inhale up okay wherever your work and give you two more exhale down inhale up you guys stay right here try to stretch your legs up okay where you are can you open your mid-back hold that can you let go of the hands and keep your legs where they are good and then just lower the legs down start for those tools roll it on that one bone at a time beautiful all right let's do criss cross actually all right side bends over and then up and over the other way okay two more each side up and over inhale all right now come to Center and rotate pulse it three times rotate with the ribs so if you think you're rotating on the reaching with those arms too much take your hands here it helps to feel just the ribs rotating under spine sometimes we do it right with the arm okay the spine doesn't move one more each side come to Center grab those lithe eyes and just scoot back and then we open it up oh no sunshine and come to Center good all right right on top the city bones find your posture oh hello don't I do this every day yes I want you to feel that posture I want it to become natural second nature for you ah just feel it like you're not struggling to get there inhale reach the arms up pull your palms together grab that energy exhale pull it right down front and center yes you did it congratulations five days in a row you rock I hope you feel fabulous again we do not have to say goodbye to eat to each other you can come join my core club it is a phenomenal group of people we are awesome if I don't say so myself but if you like these workouts that's what it is there's no pressure it's not a program it's really not a plan and it's something to just fit into your life to get movement and exercise in because we're human beings and we're meant to move and I wanted to create movement that allows your body in all directions because that's what's going to energize you it's gonna have you feel good it's gonna get rid of all the gunk II stuff that makes us feel negative during the day and help you feel positive and strong and empowered and just phenomenal I'm telling you that's what this is about it's not to feel guilty and having to try to get your workout in and feeling badly if you don't we don't do that here okay we embrace who we are we are not perfect and that is hallelujah thank goodness so come join love love love to have you we're a great group of people and if not no worries we can say goodbye now I'm still on YouTube so be sure to subscribe to my channel to get some of those free workouts okay take care and I'll see you next time on the mat bye

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