We're, going to be standing today so go ahead grab your mat We will go down on it in a little bit so you do want a mat

If you're ready to get started, come on, let's do this! Join me! Get your feet right underneath your sitting bones, tailbone down so it reaches to the floor and the rest of your spine reaches up to the ceiling from here just inhale pull your arms up exhale take them down two more like that tailbone down out of your head up one more time lift it up stay right here and then we're gonna dive forwards almost like you're losing your balance you're diving forward over over over keep your knees in front of your shins and dive over and hold from here and let your head dangle maybe wobble out the arms a little bit try to release upper back tension more drop that head yes and no really release the neck tension and then we're gonna start to roll it up so keep your weight slightly forward keep those knees in front of your shins we don't want to press them back push your tailbone to the floor and then those vertebrae just stack up through the spine as we reach up on an inhale we're gonna do that again exhale dive weight towards the balls of your feet dive it over let it go you can soften the knees it's not about the hamstrings here oh my gosh let it go good take an inhale here and then exhale pull your belly in let initiate from there pelvis becomes vertical and then we just stack up through the spine good reaching your arms up to the ceiling take one arm forward and one arm back in a rotation and then bring it back up other side inhale good and exhale one more each side fan the arms out to turn to you now for side bends reach it over we're going to do that same side two more times anchor the feet push the tail down we stay over here and just rotate the chest come through Center and roll it up and we're gonna go the other way three bends remember to think up and over one more time take it over hold it there rotate come through Center now stay through Center hold it there continue to roll down through the spine take it to the floor take an inhale there exhale find your vertical pelvis and stack up through the spine right there good give me hands on hips and we're going to do a hip hinge here what do I mean by that your feet stay flat in our pelvis push us to the back of the room my knees stay right on top of the middle part of my foot so I'm not kind of shooting those knees forward okay sink the hips back try not to arch through the back though as you do that we want to keep a nice long back and what I see a lot is this sort of chest going down all right we want to keep the heart above your hips two more and now we're gonna add some chest expansions to it so we go down we come up we press the arms back in now as you do your chest expansion where the arms press back I got to pop through the ribs okay we reached down to the floor with those arms as we stretched long through the spine three two one now hold it down there take your hands into a little prayer we're just going to pulse it here you sure you're equal weight on both feet four three two one week come on up click the heels together so I'm gonna do a little heel click here I'm gonna lift my heels up one inch now as I hold them up one inch I'm wrapping the back of my thighs together so think about the upper back inner thighs and really squeeze them okay so you're just holding I want you to keep your toes wide and try to be on the ends of all those toes right by the ball of the foot okay hold that we're gonna bring our hands front and center and we're just gonna let our knees fall down like an arrow V they're not out to the sides they're not really turned out it's just a little turn out little V hold there now as I'm holding I'm on through the whole bottom foot equally my heels are squeezed together my seed is ignited belly tight tailbone down crown of your head up hello right so let's just zip it back up and bring it down we got ten of them good finding our balance that's what we're working here five more five good four three two one hold it right down there squeeze the heel squeeze the seat and we pulse eight seven six five good four keep the heels lifted two one come up and relax it good let's bring our legs wide you can keep them parallel or slightly turned out we'll bring our hands front chest we're gonna stick our booty back so I'll show you side view it goes back as we press our knees out towards our pinky toes spine is straight we're not anterior tilting okay push that tailbone long crown of your head down five wide when you take it down we press it up inhale exhale good five four squeeze the seat on both ranges good we're gonna hold it down there we're gonna pulse it out ten nine eight seven six five four three two reset with a little side then we go down we reach it over down oh yes inhale exhale one more each side good and we're here so now just gonna turn my toes to one side and I'm gonna bend that front knee my front knee is right over my ankle pivot the back foot so now both hips are square forward and I'm gonna lean forward a little bit into this front thigh my back heel is lifted it's not hanging out yeah we tend to do this what's that not gonna do anything we want to define those muscles so lift that heel engage your thigh that front knee I want you to sort of push into the heel of that side and see if you can feel your butt cheek more than your knee okay put your butt work into it and that's your stabilizing power hold right that reach the arms forward we're gonna bend the back knee down on an inhale exhale you Divac forward inhale down exhale reach now I'm nothing and my front leg is moving it is so stable it's my back leg that does the movement three more three to keep pushing into that front heel to stabilize with the seat one whew now we hold it down here okay stretch your arms back and pulse it five four three two one we come up through Center turn it the other way bend your front knee back heel lifted okay now you really want to push into this front heel to activate that seat so feel the thigh and the seat working as we lean it back heel lifted strong legs reach the arms hold and breathe in a diagonal here try not to feel that front knee put it in the seat inhale the back knee goes down towards the floor exhale we push it forward inhale exhale as you move that back leg stabilize the front leg first five inhale exhale three more three two one bring it down hold right here okay and now stretch your arms back and pulse that back knee down five four three two one turn it to Center just reset again up and over good awesome all right now I promised you we'd go down to our map so I want you to go to the back of your mat here get your pelvis vertical feet right underneath you inhale reach those arms up like we did in the beginning stretch your spine up exhale dive forward without letting your pelvis sink back you can your pelvis right over your heels knees and functions walk it out into a plank position four three two find your plank and get long here all right crease up your elbows forward find your neutral spine here tailbone long head long inhale exhale two more breaths inhale exhale you got one more time we can do this inhale exhale we lift those hips up we walk back to our toes four four three two one drop that head start to roll it up till you get to vertical pelvis all the way up good one more time inhale it up exhale dive it forward all the way over keep your weights are like you're folding over something for walks out four three two find your plank deep breaths now I want to just do an inch bend in the elbows elbows point to the back of the room then push back up in the hill down exhale up we got three push two one drop those knees push it back to your heels roll it up through your spine I'm gonna turn to you now actually I won't turn to you yet stretch your arms forward tuck your pelvis so I want your tailbone to go straight down to the floor I want your spine long okay we're just going to tilt back a few inches to feel if I stretch come back but nothing in my spine is changing I'm nice and long and strong and that spine it does not arch and if anything doesn't ever feel right in these just do what feels right modified for your body okay that's not one thing out that's listening listening to your body talking to you it's important one more time good come to Center now I'll turn to you drop those arms down okay we're gonna take one leg out to the side we've sort of done this before push your tailbone down hips square bring your opposite arm down and hold right here so we have a nice long spine so we're gonna lift this leg now okay you're ready lift it up beautiful top arm up or resting on the hip let's do ten little lifts of this way stay long in your spine six five four three doing great two one bring it down come on up other side all right nice and tall good reach your arm up and over oh we take it over till we're ready ah yes good all right hips over knee and then we lift our top leg good and really make sure those hips don't sink back okay arm up or down and ten little lips four three two one excellent take that foot down turn it find your plank again Center yourself inhale exhale lift those hips up to the sky push your heels down and walk back four counts try not to move your hips too much okay soften your knees roll through the spine pull this down inhale lift the arms up stay right there for a second rotate one come up lower down good I'm gonna turn to you we're gonna inhale all together so feet right underneath the sitting bones push the pelvis down inhale lift up out of the crown of your head open your heart towards me pull your palms together exhale take your hands front and center stay right here for a second get your feet planted equally right there on the mat close your eyes here tailbone down I'm proud of the head up and really find your posture then take your hands down by your sides turn your palms towards me one deep inhale exhale I hope you feel fabulous it's fun to do standing series right so just shake it all out and I'll see you again tomorrow on the back take care

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