You are on a roll, my friend! You are on day number three Congrats that's awesome! we're working towards day five so hopefully this is what you need to get yourself a little kickstart into a nice little 15-minute Pilates routine every day so you ready to get started for today grab your map again all I need is you you and me 15 minutes let's do this today we're gonna start seated upright towards the front of our mat and you're gonna get right on top of the sitting bones and you're gonna take your hands place them right on your shins and you're gonna use your hands and sort of press into your shins to lift your body taller so my goal for you is to do consistent Pilates workouts every day for 15 minutes to really improve that posture we are flexed forward all day long so we need to really balance it out with good posture work and Pilates is great for that so really on top of the sitting bones stretching up out of the crown of your head opening your heart towards the sky just breathing here and feeling the natural curves of your spine good one more time now keep holding those shins and you're just gonna roll your waistband back towards the opposite side of the wall let your head drop and just sort of feel a stretch all the way through your back here and then we're gonna get on top of the sitting bones again stack up through the spine and open the heart and again neutral pull the waistband back as you drop the chin towards the chest come back up open the heart yes one more time open good come to Santa reach those arms forward and now we're just gonna roll the pelvis back like you've been doing but now we get a little bit more belly power and then you're gonna dive if your chest towards your knees and do it again inhale back she'll stay down exhale dive you got three more and three maybe get a little bit lower can you get towards the shoulder blades maybe two one now we're gonna roll all the way down all the way all the way all the way all the way fine a nice flat back bring your legs up to tabletop squeeze those thighs together and let's do our chest up and if you can stretch your legs if that's too much keep them bent or drop your head here we go ten breaths inhale and exhale you're gonna pump those arms and we're going to do our hundred inhale and exhale third breath in and four more breaths for four three two one more breath and hug it on in you're just little release here and then take your arms down bring your legs to tabletop and we're gonna take our arms a little bit up like a V and just let your hips go to one side come to Center and let them go the other way feel that rotation in the spine as the hips move chest stay center towards the ceiling one more each side squeeze those thighs together make sure one knee is not in front of the other good and then just hands back down lower those legs down and straighten the legs stretch your arms back behind you let's do a little roll up here we're gonna take an inhale pull the chest exhale dive it forward and roll try not to reach with the shoulders and really articulate through the spine and feel free to just do a half roll up if you don't want to come all the way up to totally fine okay I'd rather you work the chest lift then trying to come up with momentum one more good and then just hug those legs into you and lift the head neck and shoulders up single leg stretch we reach and reach let's go ten nine eight seven six five four three two right into your rotation over ten nine eight really reach the opposite leg six five four three two one hug it in for double leg stretch inhale exhale four three two one take those legs up scissor it in and switch so that leg is reaching up and into you and your pelvis is staying down six five four three two one plug it in take your hands behind your head now flex your chest up and stretch your legs up long keeping your pelvis down we lower our legs down street we pull them in so you want to feel like your legs are reaching forward and then as you pull them up the tailbone stays down inhale exhale four four three two one more cloud get in good job roll it up your abs series complete you rock take your legs into a V in front of you for a little spine stretch forward it's a nice release after all that ab work sometimes if your abs aren't strong enough you might be feeling tension in your lower back this is a great release here to stretch through that back three good two more two what I'm not just crisscross those legs here and little twist we go one two three come to Center good one more each side and then just reach the arms forward stretch your body forward keeping your butt bones down just stretch and release forward roll it back up switch your legs dive it forward again good roll it back up and let's turn at our sag good all right so let's get goalpost arms today okay so your arms are making like goalposts on either side of you you're planting your pelvis and reaching your legs long so from here let's keep our forearms down and just lift your chest up on an inhale and exhale down so just for a little spinal stretch here plant your feet reach them long as you inhale up Oh exhale down let's do one more lift up and lower now I want you to lift your elbows up and then the arms are gonna come up as well as the chest so we inhale and exhale really lengthen those legs long lift and lower inhale work that mid-back try to keep your feet down as well and inhale up exhale one more time we're gonna stay up there so we inhale it up now exhale reach the arms forward inhale pull them back and lower down we inhale up exhale reach pull it back inhale exhale down three more it's three two more last time good come up onto the forearms elbows under the shoulders we use your thighs together we did this on day one I want you to lift your right leg and then kick that leg in twice one two reach it long other side we lift and kick now as we lift and kick our spine is staying long we're not punching into it okay scoop that belly stay long part through the ribs four more it's four three two good job one more time one ah let it go excellent and sit it back to your heels please stretch that all right so from here let's go to all fours so your hands are right underneath your shoulders knees underneath the hips you're gonna give you a little cat stretch here so first find a neutral spine nice and long and then just tuck the tail scoop that Billie drop the forehead towards your pubic bone articulate the other way open it into extension one more each side and tuck and scoop feels good right and now we open it up good come to Center all right take your right leg back and I want you to kind of feel all four points of your limbs nice and equal in weight now let's just lift this leg up we're flexing through the foot getting it long getting our spine long so can you feel that your tailbone and heel reach to the back of the room the kind of your head reach this to the front we're gonna tap down and lift up for 10 9 8 7 try not to sink in your opposite hip 3 2 we're gonna hold that leg up there on 1 and point the foot point and reach it long hold it maybe little pulsing right into the seat and hamstring no back is involved we're nice and steady and long they're 2 1 I'll stay right here we're gonna float our left arm up and find that diagonal and now we're gonna pull elbow to knee as we drop our head towards the knee and then reach it long okay four more of those 4 inhale reach 3 reach it do more – 1 excelente lower down come off those wrists for a sec just release good work we come back up onto the knees hands you want your thumb almost underneath your armpit ok knees under hips push your tailbone long and your head long and then pull the ribs and belly into your spine stretch the left leg stay equal on all four limbs and inhale up exhale down flexing through that heel inhale exhale for more 4 3 q you're gonna hold it up there on one you're gonna point the foot and then just small little pulses right into the seat and hamstring spine stays stable and long 4 3 2 1 right arm floats up we find that diagonal long spine now pull elbow to knee and stretch it long good we have 4 3 2 more – oh yeah send it back the jab alright we have one more exercise you ready roll it up we've got our pushup alright so I want you to do these on your knees today never try to overdo it by being on your toes if you sacrifice anything in your spine I want you to really feel the power of neutral on your knees okay so you're gonna take your hands so that that again the thumbs are right underneath your armpits stretch one leg out and then the other leg out and I want you to find plank like this and then without changing your spine drop to your knees okay now our elbows are gonna try to slide along our ribs as we inhale down exhale push-up here we go nine more not and keep your spine long eight push that floor away on your exhale you got four more four keep that spine long don't let it slump down – one more and press it on back good job lure the forehead if you want we're gonna roll up and then I want you to get sort of one leg over the other okay so you're sitting on a hip here I'm on my right hip okay my legs are curled into me and I'm gonna grab hold of my left sort of ankle shin area and I'm gonna try to stay up as tall as I can pull your right arm by your right ear okay and really try to lift all and then keep that thomas as you take it and flex it over your shin yes and come up okay keep doing that inhale over exhale up gorgeous good one more we're gonna hold it there since our fourth one hold it there hold hold hold stretch and then I just want you to rotate Oh doesn't feel delicious come back to Center maybe open your heart a little bit to the ceiling come to Center and we come up good switch your legs so they started just hug in okay nice and tall you kind of feel like you're you let go or you'd be wobbling over hold that shin and ankle to help you up in this day up ah take your arm up by step by the ear as you stretch over isn't amazing how your side's can feel so different right so give me three more inhale over exhale good two more one more you're gonna keep it over there and then just rotate your chest back up open your heart maybe towards the sky hello come just Center and bring it up oh I got a nice breeze coming over here right off the lake so just let your bones be heavy there on the mat recenter yourself close your eyes here and just sort of stack up through your vertebrae really imagine the skeletal vertebrae right ah the buck bones down and then each vertebrae stacks up and lifts longer and further up to the sky that will naturally hold everything in alignment for you and then just roll your pelvis back a little huh get a good release come back up to Center maybe open the heart to the ceiling that's and come to Center open your eyes here if they haven't already inhale pull your palms together take a giant inhale exhale pull that energy we right into the center because you are complete with day three whoo girl you rock nice work I'll see you again for day for tomorrow take care

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