You're back! Yay! Welcome to day 2 of your five-day jumpstart Today we're gonna get you into another little flow just sort of work in your body in all directions getting you to feel good and focused and energized alright so you ready to begin we're gonna start seated again so just grab your mat and come join me criss-cross applesauce and if you're not comfortable in this position you know you can always elevate yourself on a cushion on a towel something that gets your hips a little bit higher than your knees it's just gonna help alleviate that rotation okay so getting right on top of those sitting bones lifting yourself nice and tall close your eyes for a second and just find your posture I'm gonna try to do this almost every day where you can just find the neutral alignment of your spine more you can become aware of it the more you can do it during your day and then lo and behold one day you're like wow my posture is awesome so just holding here keeping the pelvis nice and heavy and just sort of lifting your body one bone at a time all the way up to the ceiling good and then just release that and give me some shoulder circles without moving the spine just a long shoulder circle and then circle them forward good just give me some side bends here just sort of lifting tall good I'd come here and just bring one leg in one leg out and we're just gonna sort of reach for that leg and then come back up two more times just stretch and reach pelvis stays down and one more time and just go ahead switch sides turn to that leg and just pelvis stays down just feeling the stretch through the hamstring through your spine and back one more time and up good let's go down on our back lie it down okay so yesterday we did some chest lifts from here let's take it right away to tabletop squeeze your thighs together and then I want you to come up into that chest lift that we did before okay so without tucking the pelvis just lift your chest forward we're gonna hold our arms long with our chest wide I want you to inhale you reach those legs out exhale pull them back in and stretch and you want to try to keep your torso perfectly still what I see often is when we stretch me lower and then we come up so really try to stay up you can also do this with the head down you can also lift the legs high okay inhale exhale three more times and squeeze and stretch three two hold it there on one hold hold hold hold bend it in and relax take your feet down roll it up into a bridge position and then roll it back down again roll it up and down one more time inhale up exhale down turn it to your stomach take your forehead on your hands just like we did before I want you to get your legs long pelvis down and just inhale the upper body up exhale down really try to plant those feet reach them long inhale up you may not get a big range of motion and that's totally fine inhale exhale two more times two one good now bend your legs get the heels together flex your feet from here just squeeze the heels squeeze the seat you're not lifting the knees at all okay you're just squeezing everything together like an isometric hold as you squeeze your heels you're gonna feel your seat squeeze a little bit and then release exhale squeeze draw that belly in get longer in the spine so keep going with your squeezes this is really easy to just hang out in that upper body and I don't want that I want you to keep your abs engaged and have the sensation as as the pelvis stays down your tailbone reaches to the back wall behind you the proud of your head reaches in the opposite direction so can you find that length when you give that squeeze one more time now we're gonna lift both the chest and the knees so you're gonna squeeze the heels we're gonna lift up on an inhale exhale down squeeze the heels find that connection inhale up exhale down and if you don't want to lift both you don't have to you just do one or the other like we did before two more times squeeze and lift and lower one more and release send it back give it a little stretch roll it up and turn it around half rollbacks feet down legs bent stretch your arms long we're gonna inhale curl our pelvis back keep your heels down and then exhale dive forward so as you do this you're trying to push your tailbone forward without tensing up the shoulders try three more three two one good now roll it up squeeze your thighs together and let's roll all the way down reach your arms behind you come up with your chest lift grab those thighs and straighten your legs and reach then we bend our legs and we roll it back down one bone at a time stretch it back you can roll it up stretch your legs long and flicks now if you don't want to do the knee bending part and you want to keep your legs straight you can do that as well squeeze the thighs together and stretch your body long and roll and reach don't worry about my pace do it a pace that works for you about two more pelvis doesn't move it just goes to vertical and then it starts to roll down and goes into horizontal take your arms down by your sides bend your legs and reach your right leg up to the ceiling give it a little stretch but plant your pelvis so I don't want you to lift up and let everything lift plant it okay keep it down good then just hold here and really anchor that hip if you feel flexible you can stretch your bottom leg long we're gonna pull our thigh towards your nose cross it over to your opposite shoulder and then circle it around okay give me five circles like that five four you're trying not to move anything in the body keep your torso super still and then circle the other way five four keep that belly engaged shoulders down and hug it in good all right other side plant the pelvis feel that stretch your spine long and anchored alright you can stretch that bottom leg if you're okay with it pull up to the nose over the opposite children around okay five of them five inhale exhale use that exhale to help pull that leg back into you using your belly when you done your five other way plug it in both and roll it up all right legs so straight in front of you reach your arms out to the sides and grab your shoulders flex your feet as you plant your pelvis try to get taller rotate to the right and come to Center super tall one more each side here I come to Center reach those arms far now roll it back down onto your mat you might have to readjust so you're on you bend your knees into table top and then just flex your chest up and we're gonna reach one leg long in one leg in single leg stretch switch ten nine eight four three inhale exhale one then

who both knees in take your hands behind your head flex your chest up a little higher and now let's cross shoulder order to hip just like we did yesterday with the feet down now we have a leg extending for eight not to reach with the elbow and reach with the shoulder three two one hug it in take your feet down roll up into a bridge again take a little breather and then articulate it down through the spine okay so do that two more times four two one more keep those knees shooting forward heart heavy good all right so from here let's do a little double leg stretch so bring your knees up to tabletop squeeze them together and then just go ahead and flex your chest up your chest is gonna stay where it is okay we're just gonna reach the limbs upward towards the ceiling a little bit wrap it around and bend it back in without moving the torso inhale exhale how stable can you keep that torso anchor that belly for two more squeeze your thighs together one more hug it in good all right so from here stretch your legs straight up to the ceiling okay anchor that pelvis and we're gonna lift our body up and walk up our right leg as much as we can keep our shoulders down just go ahead and extend that bottom leg we're gonna pulse our legs twice one two and switch one two let's go eight seven again your upper body stays super stable notice that theme four three two one Sam both legs up and I'll get on end good keep your hands down here stretch your legs up to the ceiling and then all I want you to do is take your legs over to the right let your hips lift bring them back to Center take them the other way let your hips lift come back to Center your shoulders stay where they are inhale exhale inhale exhale good four four and three to add one go ahead come to Center and hug it in pull yourself up to a seated position all right let's turn it to the side you're gonna cradle your head in your hands you're gonna bum your bottom leg and take your legs to the front corner of your mat okay so you're trying to get your spine super long from out of it crown of the head out of the table we're just gonna kick this leg forward and back without moving the torso so really feel what that feels like we don't want rocking and rolling keep that leg the range of motion that works for you to stay stable inhale exhale one more good and then take it Center turn your thigh out pull that leg as high up towards the sky pulse it twice one two then flex your foot and reach it down all right while you're doing this you're still staying long in the spine and you're really trying to turn that leg in the hip turn it out as you pull it up stay long in your spine four three two good one more and then give me little circles here point that foot into circle 5 in each direction stay long I have a tendency to want to look at my foot stay forward that will help your neck alignment circle the other way 4 3 2 1 good switch sides your front arm also helps stabilize you so use that to help stabilize that top shoulder bring your legs the front point of your mat bend your bottom leg really get long in the spine here ok and then forward him back that's on the right my eyes alright so try to keep your torso as still as possible reach through the tail reach out of the crown of your head inhale exhale your range of motion will be determined by how stable you can keep your torso two more good keep reaching to the front front of your mat turn it out kick it all the way up keep that turnout one two flex down so at that second pulse try to turn out a little bit more and then stay long in your spine inhale exhale stabilize that top shoulder two more one good now give me little circles keep hip height three two one circle the other way three two one and lower it on down good come on up I don't know if you're gonna be able to see my head that's okay and do a little side Bend so I'm gonna come back in the camera but reach one leg out and kind of push your tailbone down towards the floor to keep your hips square we're gonna take our opposite arm and send it down towards the floor in line with your knee that's gonna give you a good stretch here so try not to let your hips sink back keep your hips so the hip bone is right over your knee ah feel that stretch lift the ribs lift the hips and then take your top arm and just rest it over your head as you let your head lower towards the floor and feel that deep side stretch and then lower that hand and sit it back and stretch come on up other side take it over all right now really get the hips over the knee lengthen the spine and when you feel like you're there take your hand down under the shoulder and in line with that knee and push that hip forward good feel you're in between like two panes of glass and then stretch it over as you lift your waist drop your head feel that stretch on both sides of the body relax your shoulders good and then just let that knee go and stir good job come back to your criss-cross position nice and tall I should preamp this to is if any of these exercises don't feel right please modify to what feels right for you since I'm not there with you really listen to your body let's scoop it back come on up oh nothing come to the center good then come to Center really good job today let's give a nice deep breath all together you and I pull your palms together on an inhale exhale take that energy right into your heart yes you completed day two so you were on track really nice going I will see you again tomorrow take care

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