Welcome to Day 1 of the 5 Day Jumpstart If you don't know me yet my name is Gretchen founder of Balanced to the Core

Today we are going to do a foundational routine so we're really just gonna get into our breath into our abdominals into the length of the spine and really focus on moving with intention so you're ready to get started grab your mat and let's do it let's start seated right on top of your sitting bones close your eyes and just sort of feel the weight of your body on your mat and we're going to start to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth take your own pace with it and I want you to just start to feel your pelvis get heavy on the mat your tailbone your butt bones and then from there just sort of stack up through the vertebrae each vertebrae reaching above the other until you're nice and long in a neutral spine keep giving me those deep breaths as you grow taller on your next exhale open your eyes good grab hold of your sort of shins here and just feel yourself get taller take an inhale and then exhale just curl your spine back as you stretch through your spine and then come right back on top of the sitting bones and you're gonna open a little bit into extension here and come to Center do that again just roll the pelvis back feel your arms get long stack up through the spine as you anchor the sits bones sit tall and then open the chest to the sky come to Center one more time roll it back and come back up moving with your breath as you inhale and exhale come to Center good from here we're just gonna give a couple side bends over and what you're doing is you're anchoring the pelvis as you stretch long through the spine so we're not collapsing into it still keep that idea of reaching one vertebrae on top of the other in a nice long line one more each side energy right out of the crown of the head and then you're gonna give me a spinal – it's just looking over one shoulder and come to Center let's go the other way good using your hand on your thigh to help with that twist and if you stay long you're and tall you're gonna feel your abdominals keep that chest wide don't let it close as you twist feel yourself open one more time come to Center and just take those legs out in front of you flex your feet sit up tall we'll just dive it forward and then you roll it up right through the spine inhale here tall exhale died roll it up stack it up as the pelvis stays down so you're trying to dive forward without letting the pelvis roll forward with you come to Center bring those legs in now take your arms out to the side rotate to the right and left good staying tall staying long flexing your toes one more each side go ahead open that heart lift those arms up dive it forward and roll it up through your spine let's lie down on the mat find a neutral spine and bend those knees and we're gonna just do some chest lifts so curl the chin towards the bellybutton as you lift your chest up be careful you haven't tucked your pelvis untuck it and roll it back down two more pull your chest forward towards your thighs keep your chest open and roll down one more time exhale it up and roll down let's take our legs up to tabletop and squeeze your thighs together taking your hands behind your head again flex the chest up and bring it back down same motion but we're squeezing our legs together in tabletop one more time and roll it down now I want you to lift up and hold it up there let's inhale reach the legs away from us as we keep that belly anchored and then pull it back in and on exhale in Hillery chest stays where it is so as you move those legs can you keep pulling your chest towards your thighs three more through Reem and to one more lower your head down take your arms down by your sides and bring your feet down it's your feet about sit bone distance as we roll or fill this up finding a bridge position pushing the knee is beyond your toes anchoring the chest and feeling that long line in your spine we're gonna roll it down one bone at a time really bringing awareness to each of the vertebrae separately roll it up so think about the skeletal column of your spine and can you really picture walking through each bone push the knees forward and again roll it up good heart heavy we don't want to push through the chest it's a nice neutral bridge and again rule make sure your feet are pressing the even Elma in the mat you're not sickling outward or inward really managing to stay through the ball of the foot and through the heel you got one more and roll that pelvis push through the heels and squeeze the seat lengthen through the knees chest stays heavy oh so much to think about good and come right there from here let's go back to tabletop position okay we're gonna flex our head up yeah and pulling our chest towards our thighs bring one leg out in one leg in and we're just gonna switch our legs switch and as you switch your legs you're just maintaining that scoop as your chest pulls towards your thighs it ever gets too much for you you always can drop your head okay you never want to push through your neck pain six five four three two one bring both legs in drop your body down drop your legs down squeeze your thighs together take your hands behind your head let's flex the chest up okay so chest stays up we're just gonna rotate our shoulder over to our hip bone okay and then you come through Center try not to drop and you take it over the other way inhale through Center exhale cross it keep pulling your chin towards that belly button as you come through Center four more four three squeeze your thighs together don't let your hips may come through Center keep pulling it forward and then roll it back down hug your thighs into your chest maybe you underneath your knees whichever feels good and we're just gonna roll it up try not to let your toes touch and then we roll it back and just staying rounded in the spine trying to sort of flex through those flat parts of your body you have your spine okay three more three two one more and come up good all right take those legs in front of you like a V nice and tall we're gonna take our arms out to the sides anchor your pelvis and lift all we're gonna rotate our chest and then we're gonna dive our pinky finger to our pinky toe lift the back arm as high as you can and pulse it three times one two three we come up inhale the other way exhale dive three two okay here we go as you dive it over try not to let your opposite hip lift really anchor that pelvis your pelvis includes your tailbone your foot bones your hip bones all of that so when I say pelvis I mean all of that come to Center lower those arms down take a scoot forward and just bend your legs okay so from here just take one leg up to tabletop bring your other leg up to tabletop now you're on a wide V tabletop so notice you're off your butt bones so you've got a little scoop in your belly but what I don't want to see is this and then I don't want to see you pushing through your pelvis try to keep your promise back there but open the upper back now just keep your torso like it is and reach one arm up throw one leg up and bend it back in either side inhale exhale so as you do this try not to collapse in the spine okay keep that upper back lifted good go now can you try both at the same time if that's too much you just keep alternating scoop interrupted the spine yeah you have three more and three two I want you to try to keep it up there on one grab your hands on to your legs and just balance here with a straight arm spine long just get that low back hold it five four three two one school those legs together hold right there and just bend and lower it yeah good bring your feet down roll your hips up find your neutral bridge and you're just gonna take the seat down an inch up and it let's do this ten times keep your heart heavy and your knees long eight chest open let's go for five push through those heels a little bit keep the ball two foot down two more two and one roll it down through your spine hug it and just flex your body up into a little sho stretch here and then release it turn it to your stomach good all right so we're gonna take our hands right underneath our forehead we're gonna keep our legs long anchor your pelvis so as you anchor your pelvis and you're trying to reach your toes to the end of your mat so get those legs long draw your belly in we're gonna inhale just lift your upper body okay so feel sort of your heart push through your ribs and then we lower it down try it again stay long inhale it up exhale down you got one more inhale up exhale down now try to keep the hands glued to your forehead inhale up get that spine long exhale down now as you do this try not to lift the legs cuz that's gonna try to get you up high it's not about how high you go anchor the feet reach them long and lift to where you can that's more important stir up that spine long and lower okay try three like that four three two one more lower it down good come up onto your forearms so your elbows are right underneath your shoulders and you're flat on your forearms draw your belly in stretch long through that spine and open your heart now I want to try to draw your low belly in so you're not flexing and kind of hurting yourself get long and you're connected pubic bone is down stretch those legs long and reach one leg up and take it back down other leg up bring it down now your legs can be together or they can be slightly apart I want you to try to get them together though but that might be too much on your low back and if it is give it a little distance one more okay now you're gonna lift that leg same way now to kick it into your butt twice one two reach it long lift kick one two good Chiklis one two awesome you got four more and four three two more two good one more and lower it down take your hands under your forehead again and just lift those up on an inhale exhale down now this is too much for you can go into alternating legs you don't have to do both first three and two and what stretch your arms long keep your legs long now keep your right hand down and your left foot down okay so find that diagonal right hand left foot find that diagonal and then lift your opposite arm and opposite leg and then lower down try the other side anchor it first and then we lift and look inhale up exhale down four more it's four three two make sure you're not searing into your low back keep that belly in and then if you want to try to both arms and legs inhale exhale up and lower three more three stay long in that spine tailbone one way crown of the head and the other one more time awesome push your hips back to your heels and stretch Oh wonderful job and then just roll it up through the spine let's get some side stretches in okay I'm going to give you some mermaid legs here so we're anchoring the pelvis in rotation of the hips and let's just take it over towards the tights eyes so hold onto your shin and press it over and come up okay two more like that inhale up and over and last time stretch it over good and then just tilt your body over the other way start to bend your bottom elbow as you keep your pelvis from moving keep it down and stretch over and roll it good let's switch sides trying to keep these videos at 15 minutes if I go over under hey we're not perfect here inhale up I want to give you all ranges of motion for your spine so if I don't get it in I'm gonna go a little bit longer in the video okay two more times I want to give you what you need what's another minute or two right stretch it over and take it over tilt your body drop the bottom elbow and stretch over field lengthen your spine maybe open your chest towards the ceiling a little bit so you're not rotating closed and then come on up good crisscross those legs in front of you if you're not comfortable doing this just sort of elevate yourself on some cushions or a cushion or a towel hold right here let's go into a little spinal twist over other way over good I'd come to Center just inhale lift those arms up exhale pull those hands front and center and just close your eyes here for a second ah notice how you feel hopefully your posture feels a little better maybe the energy is gone along in your body which hopefully feels good and you just feel a little bit more connected and that's really the sensations I want you to have because they'll trickle into the rest of your day helping you with a little bit more focus and confidence and energy open those eyes give me a smile good job day ones complete I'll see you again tomorrow take care

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