45-Minute Pilates Workout with Morgan

Hi Everyone My name is Morgan and I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with Penn State Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness

So we know that this is a really hard time for all of us getting used to all these new challenges and routines and environment But one of the best things that we can do for ourselves and for those around us is to make sure that we're keeping up with our physical and mental well-being So that's why we are here putting out a bunch of different workout videos that you guys can do in the comfort of your own home So today I have a little Pilates workout for us It'll be about 35 40 minutes

All you'll need are comfortable clothes and a nice open space to workout in You don't even need a mat You can use a towel or if you have any carpeted areas Just make sure you're being aware of your surroundings and if you're using any equipment you're cleaning it off really well afterwards Make sure that you're listening to your body throughout the workout

So if you feel a little bit dizzy, short of breath, any pain, make sure you stop right away, Take a little bit of a break, grab some water, and then maybe try it again a little bit later So make sure you are listening to your own body If you feel you need to modify anything that is totally okay Just have fun with it Feel free to cue your own music or a playlist

But with that we will go ahead and get started So go ahead and make your way over to your mat or whatever bit of space you're using Just make sure you have a room in front of you I'm gonna go ahead and just take a seat, get comfortable Roll your shoulders down and away from your ears

And start to close your eyes or maybe just keep a soft gaze Starting to focus in here Starting to create that connection between your mind and body Maybe setting an intention here Thinking about how you want to strengthen yourself today

What you will do to stay strong Power yourself through Starting to take some nice deep breaths here, feeling that chest expand with each inhale, nice and strong Focusing in on this next inhale, we're gonna rise those shoulders up to our ears and then exhale them down and away Nice and slow inhale, rise those shoulders up and exhale them down and back and away

Go ahead, keep doing these, releasing some of that tension that we always carry in our upper body Always sitting behind desks, crouching over computers and books Letting go all of those other thoughts and stresses right here Relax your shoulders down and away on this last one, nice deep inhale in Exhale, lower your ear to one side, inhale, back to center

Then exhale to the other side Go ahead start alternating sides here with the pace of your own breath Option for a deeper stretch, you can place one hand gently on the ground as you reach to each side Just a few more of these here Again making sure you're feeling that breath with each movement, forming that connection

And finishing up right here with one last one Make your way back to center Roll those shoulders back and then go ahead and inhale your arms up overhead We're going to reach one arm in front of us, one behind, gaze goes back behind that back shoulder, nice spinal twist Inhale those arms back overhead and exhale, switch sides

Again, gazing behind you, making sure you're feeling that twist in your spine, inhale to center Back to the first side So again, you can start taking this movement with the pace of your own breath So lose my tempo and just feel your own breath and allow it to control the movement of your body Warming up that spine, warming up the side bodies here

So feeling that nice deep breath Go ahead, do a couple more to each side So again, feel free, take your time here Finishing up, inhale those arms up overhead and exhale, fold forward, reach to the front of your mat Just relaxing the head, neck and shoulders

Nice deep breaths, letting everything go here Stretching out of the spine And then slowly start to walk your hands, flipping over into a tabletop position So shoulders stacked right over those wrists, hips are stacked over those knees Keeping that back nice and flat, gaze stays down towards the ground

Get ready to take a nice deep breath in, then exhale slowly, drop that chin to your chest, back curves up towards the ceiling And then inhale, lower that belly button down and raise the forehead up towards the sky, reversing this position Exhale, lower that chin back down, curve that spine up and then again, when you're ready, inhale, that head comes up, belly button goes down You can start flowing through these two poses Again, following the pace of your own breath

So lose my tempo here and just feel your own breath, feel your own movement, warming up that spine, starting to feel the core engage as you flow through these two poses Nice and steady movements, we'll hold this for a few more rounds So last one here Go ahead and make your way back to that neutral spine, nice neutral flat back We're gonna step our feet back into a plank

So again keep those shoulders stacked over those wrists, nice flat back here And just hold this position, engage that core, find that strength Feel those shoulders start to heat up Go ahead, drop those knees to the ground, big toes come together, shift back into Child's Pose Stretch out those shoulders, you can stretch out those wrists a little bit as well, if that feels good

Nice deep breaths in this position, relax the head, the neck Slowly start to rise back on up into tabletop and then we're gonna step back into plank once again We're gonna hold here nice and strong and then, when you're ready, go ahead exhale those hips behind you into down dog, holding here just for a second and then shift forward into plank Finding that strength, keep that core tight and engaged Inhale, exhale, send those hips behind you, down dog here

Shift forward, back to that plank Hold strong and exhale behind you We're gonna start to flow through these two poses So shifting back to that plank, finding that strength here And exhale, hips to sky, down dog

Just a few more of these, so shifting forward to plank Really starting to warm up those shoulders Exhale, hips behind, down dog Finishing up here, glide forward into that plank, holding strong just for a few more seconds Nice deep breaths, shoot those hips behind you, we're gonna hover those knees Engage that core and then lower them down to the ground, Child's Pose here

Stretch it on out Nice deep breaths Go ahead and rise on up, make your way back to that tabletop position So back to quadruped Nice flat back

Find that strength We're gonna start to reach our right arm out in front of us Nice and strong Start to engage that core and then extend the left leg behind you So creating one straight line all the way from our fingertips to our toes

Make sure you're engaging that core When you're ready, we're gonna start to draw that knee in to meet that elbow underneath our stomach and then send them out in front and behind us Nice and controlled, bringing them in together and then exhaling them away, sending them as far as you possibly can See if we can lift that leg up a little bit higher, raise that arm up in front Find that strength here

Just two more to go here See if we can make them even stronger than the others On this last one, hold that arm and leg up in front and behind Reach strong and exhale everything down to the ground You can carefully start to lift up each wrist, kind of stretch it on out, roll out those wrists, if that feels good

And then raise that left arm in the air, start to rise the opposite leg behind, whichever side you weren't on the first time Nice deep breath here Start to engage that core once again and then, when you're ready, you can start to draw that knee in to meet your elbow underneath your stomach and send them away Bring them in close and then extend them out in front and behind Inhale in, exhale, press away

Finding that straight line, keeping that core nice and engaged Holding strong, we just have a couple more to go Nice and controlled Get ready to hold out on this last one Hold strong, see if we can lift it a little bit higher

Nice deep breath, exhale, everything down You can roll out those wrists once again And then get ready to step it on back into that plank once again Option for an extra challenge, you can slowly hover one leg up at a time so raising one foot up just slightly Doesn't matter how high you're lifting them but trying to keep your body steady

So not swaying to either side here Keeping that core tight, stabilizing you You just have a couple more of these And go ahead, exhale those hips up to the sky, down dog here and then go ahead step your feet forward and then sit back, find your way into a seated position, whichever way is easiest

So getting set here, go ahead place your feet on the ground, start to reach back and then keep your hands hovering by your side We're just going to start to lean back and lift up So keeping our backs nice and flat So just lowering down slow, rising up strong Nice and steady and controlled to see if we can make this as slow as possible

Maybe lowering down a little bit lower each time Keeping that back nice and flat, chin stays up off our chest Nice steady and controlled movements This time, when you're ready, start to reach one arm behind you, lifting in front Gaze follows that arm as you reach it behind, so twisting to the side

And once you're ready, you can start to raise opposite leg as opposite arm, as you reach back So starting to feel a little bit more involvement with that core here Final challenge, you can raise both legs in the air, reaching back It's a little more challenging to get down quite as far but doing your best here Still maintaining that control

You just have a few more here, so holding on strong Nice deep breaths Allow it to power you through this movement Last few here and go ahead, drop those heels to the ground, hug your arms around your legs, stretch it on out and then get ready to lean it on back, once again, into that same position So find that point where your core engages

Leaning back and rising on up Again warming up our center here feeling it engage And then, when you're ready, we're going to raise those legs up so they're parallel with the ground into a boat position Nice deep breaths in, exhale lower down to the little boat and come back up Lower down and rise on up

Lower you down here, hold strong, lift tall Awesome, so thinking about pressing out in front of you, finding that strength here Keeping those shoulders relaxed You just have a few more of these, so holding strong On this last one we're gonna lower down nice and slow, all the way down to the mat, slow, slow, slow

Then reach those arms up overhead into a full body stretch Nice deep breaths We're gonna plant our feet flat onto the mat and then get ready to place your hands back behind your head We're just gonna start to crunch it up towards those legs Seeing how much of our shoulders we can peel up off of that mat

Nice and steady here So still keeping with that control we're gonna hold this next one at the top Lift up those legs and then crunch up, keeping those legs lifted So in a tabletop position, rising on up, feeling a little more engagement with that c re Hold at the top here

We're gonna extend one leg out in front, bring opposite elbow to that one knee You just have six more, last five, four, three, two, and one Hold up here We're gonna bring both knees crunching back to center Nice and steady, almost through with this, I know this is challenging

Really finding that power in our center, not using momentum to pull us up or gravity to lower us down Hold this one tall, opposite leg extends, same thing on that other side Hold strong We're just here for four, three, two, and last one Go ahead, lower it on down, hug those knees into your chest

And then drop them down, reach your arms up overhead Kind of stretch half of a full body stretch here Breathing through, stretch out that core Hands are gonna come back behind our head once again, going back to those crunches that we saw before We're gonna change them up a little bit so we won't be doing that same single leg thing that we just saw

Crunching up here, just a few more like this, hold this next one up at the top Raise those legs so that they're parallel with the ground and keep those crunches going So seeing if we can lift a little bit higher up off that mat here You just have a few more and hold this next one up at the top We're gonna extend one leg, reach over to the side and then switch

So opposite elbow to opposite knee and then switch sides So I told you this was going to be a little bit different than the first time around but going into some bicycle crunches here But really focusing on that control So not trying to take this too fast Sometimes you can find more strength when taking these movements slower

So again, really seeing how much of our upper body we can peel up off that mat Thinking about pressing our legs out in front Just a few more here and go ahead lower on down Keep those legs moving, we're gonna take it into a single leg stretch So actively stretching out those legs here

Taking it nice and slow just a few more to each side Feel free to take it a little bit slower than the piece that I'm going Go ahead, release both legs out in front, arms reach up overhead, into a nice full body stretch here Breathing through, go ahead, bring your hands down to your sides, feet come flat onto the mat We're gonna make our way into some glute bridges

So pressing those heels into the ground as we slowly lift and lower glutes into the air So again, taking this nice and slow, finding that control, even though this movement is targeting our glutes still feeling that work in our center So feeling our core engage Maybe using that core to help rise those hips into the air Get ready to hold this next one up at the top

So holding here, we're going to start to pulse our knees away from each other So tiny little movements, starting to feel our inner thighs and the side abductor muscles engage Holding strong here, still squeezing those glutes tight Nice deep breaths, hold strong, pressing those skills into that mat For three, two, slowly lower it back, make your way into those glute bridges once again

So still finding that strength, keeping those glutes moving Nice and slow and controlled Making sure we're really squeezing those glutes on the way up and even on the way down, starting to feel that work in that lower back This time hold this next one up at the top We're gonna place our right knee, cross it over our left leg and going into this movement with our one leg pressing into the ground

So you're really gonna start to feel that left glute and that left side up abductor heat up and engage So we're targeting that one leg here So holding strong Again, really starting to use that core to allow you to still lift those glutes up in the air A few more like this

Nice and slow Get ready to hold this one at the top We're gonna go into some tiny little pulses, so holding strong, pressing that heel into the ground Last three, two, and one lower down Ggo back into those regular glute bridges

So both heels pressing into the ground once again Still feeling that control Starting to feel those muscles heat up a little bit more than when we first started Go ahead hold this one at the top, other foot crosses over So left foot crosses over this time

Continuing those glute bridges on the other side Again, really targeting that one like pressing that heel in, feeling that work in your hamstrings as well as your glutes Last few here And get ready to hold this next one up at the top Tiny little pulses here

Little one-inch movements up and down Focusing and just a few more And we just have four, three, two, and one Go ahead, drop both legs down Going back into one1 last set of glute bridges here

Holding strong Lift and lower nice and slow and controlled Still making sure we're focusing on that strong form even as we start to get a little bit more tired Final challenge here, go ahead hold it those gluts up at the top Find that strength, slowly start to press those knees away from each other for the final time

Tiny pulses here, in and out movements with those knees Keep those glutes lifted And we're here for four, three, two, and slowly lower it down to the ground, hug those knees into your chest Feels good, you can roll it side to side And then go ahead extend everything out in front, reach your arms up overhead, full body stretch

Nice deep breaths here And then, when you're ready, slowly start to reach your hands up overhead in front of your face Carefully peel your shoulders up off the mat one vertebrae at a time Keep those legs glued to the ground Inhale, reach tall

Exhale fold forward reach for those legs Nice and strong Get ready to slowly raise it back on up, reaching those arms up and exhale, slowly lower it down to the mat one vertebrae at a time, seeing how slow we can go Reach those arms back up overhead and then slowly lit them back up, carefully peeling your body up off the mat So we just have a few of these Pilates roll-ups

Exhale, fold forward and then rise it on up Inhale here Exhale slowly roll back down towards the mat But again starting to take this with the pace of your own breath here Nice and slow in control

See if we can make each one a little bit slower than the last We'll just do one more after this So seeing if we can make it our best one yet Last A little bit of work here

Hold it strong and nice and slow and controlled and seeing if we can reach a little bit further for those toes I am taking this as low as we possibly can Rolling down making your way back into that full body stretch From here we'll bring our arms down towards our sides feet come flat on the mat Think about really pressing your lower back into the mat

From here we're just gonna slowly start to walk our feet out in front of us until they're straight and then walk those heels back so that your feet are flat on the ground So nice and slow and controlled, one leg at a time, just stepping them out forward and stepping them back in and all while we do this really focusing on pressing that lower back deep into the mat So this is kind of a little bit of a warm-up for the work we're about to do Making sure that we're pressing down into the mat so that we're fully engaging those muscles in our core Keeping up with this movement here focusing in again creating that connection between our mind in our body

Go ahead and raise those legs up so that they're parallel with the ground We're going to slowly drop one heel down to the ground, lift it on up and switch sides So nice and slow and controlled keeping those legs parallel with the ground Lowering down slow and again, remembering those principles, keeping that lower back pressed into the mat making sure we're fully working that core here On this next one you can go ahead straighten those legs up over head

This time we'll do the same thing but keeping those legs straight instead Option if this doesn't feel good for you feel free to go back to that tabletop position Either way will work, but this just gives us a little bit more of a challenge Nice and slow, thinking about drawing the same exact line with your foot as it goes up and down Finishing up this last one we're going to bend our knees again making our way back to that tabletop position

Finishing it off with those leg lifts in that position we started in So feeling how this is a little bit more challenging than when we first saw this move But still focusing on engaging that core, tucking those hips so that our back is fully pressed into the mat Again, finding that control taking this as slow as we possibly can So that we're really working those muscles

Finishing up here Go ahead, hug your knees into your chest and start to roll out your lower back side to side, if that feels good And then we're gonna roll both legs over to one side of the mat, arms open up to a tee, gaze over that opposite shoulder Stretching out this spine, stretching out those legs, those hips But nice deep breaths, allowing each exhale to lower you deeper into this stretch here

Slowly roll those knees back to center and then roll them over to the opposite side, whichever side you were on the first time Arms open up to a T once again and you can bring your head over towards the opposite side that your legs are on So again nice stretch in our glutes, in our spine, in our core, breathing through Slowly start to roll those knees back to center, give them one more squeeze in And then get ready to raise those like straight up overhead once again

We're going back into those single leg lifts So lowering down slow, rising back on up, switch sides See if we can take this even more controlled and slower than that first time around but still pressing that lower back into that mat Feeling that entire core engage On this next one we have a little change

So whichever leg is lowering next you're going to hold it at a hover about six inches above the mat and go into some pulses So tiny leg lifts here Last three, two, and rise it back on up, switch sides, lowering down, nice and controlled We have four, three, two, and one Rise it back on up back to that first leg

Once again lower down Last four, three, two, and one Lift it on up Other side, lower down, tiny pulses, hold Last three, two, and one

Last time to each side I promise Lower down that first leg, hold at a hover We're here for three, two and one Go ahead, rise it on up Nice and slow

Last time on the other side You got it Press that lower back into the mat Last four, three, two, and one Go ahead, slowly rise it back up to center

Hug those knees into your chest and then extend everything out into a full body stretch here Nice deep breath in and then slowly peel your shoulders up off that mat Inhale, rise up, exhale, fold forward Nice little stretch down the backs of those legs Slowly start to rise on up

We're gonna place our feet flat on the ground, hands come back behind us Hover those legs parallel with the ground and we're gonna lower back down and rise up Lowering down and lift on up So into kind of an assisted boat hold crunch Option if you want to remove that assist if you want to bring your arms to your side you can

Add a challenge so extend one leg out at a time Bring those knees back to your chest So lowering down, rise tall, down, lift up See if we can get a little bit lower, since we have those arms by our sides here, back on the ground Just a few more like this

Nice and slow Thinking about pressing those legs out in front Hold here Last one and lower everything down, hug those knees into your chest We're gonna lean on back once again, arms come out to our sides

Back to those reverse crunches we saw at the beginning of class today Again nice and slow and controlled, warming everything up Hover those legs on this next one, hold low, relax those shoulders and then draw those knees into your chest, rise on up We're gonna start to shift around forward So find your way back to that reverse or back to that quadruped and then step your feet back into plank

shoulders stacked over those wrists, nice flat back, engaging that core Option to reach one arm out in front Switching sides, really finding that stability Try not to sway too much to either side If you feel yourself swaying a lot you might be able to take a wider foot stance

So stepping your feet a little apart Holding strong here Just a few more One more to each side and then go ahead sink those knees down, hips back, into Child's Pose here Stretch out those shoulders, roll out those wrists

When you're ready rise on up back to that quadruped And go ahead step it back into one more plank here Nice and steady Just finding that stability, finding that strength And exhale, shoot those hips up behind you, down dog

Holding here We're gonna shift back forward so back to those moves we saw at the beginning of class Nice strong plank Exhale those hips behind you Shift forward

Hold strong here And exhale shoot those hips up Just a few more, so shift forward to that plank It's our final challenge of class today Holding strong

Nice deep breaths, digging deep here Last four, three, two, go ahead drop those knees to the ground, shift back into Child's Pose Nice deep breaths Relax the head, neck and shoulders Just let everything go here, releasing all of that tension

One more deep breath here and then slowly rise it on up to quadruped We're going to thread one arm in between the face between our arms and legs, relaxing that shoulder onto the ground You can keep those hips up or if it feels good to shift back into that Child's Pose you can Rise back on up and go ahead switch sides So other arm reaches through getting this nice spinal stretch here

One more deep breath and then go ahead rise it on up We're gonna sink those glutes back onto those feet Cross one arm across your chest grab it above or below your elbow to stretch out the shoulder You can gently roll your ear away from that shoulder that you're stretching Nice deep breaths

Shake it on out, switch sides So other arm reaches across and again slowly lower your head away from that shoulder if that feels good One more deep breath here and go ahead, shake it on out We're gonna reach one arm up overhead, bend it and then grab that arm at the elbow with the other Give it a nice little tug behind, so stretching out those triceps

And then go ahead reach your arms up, switch sides here So whichever elbow you didn't grab the first time switch it on over this time Making sure you're keeping that chest nice and open Then lower everything down We're gonna walk our hands away, leaning back, so getting kind of a stretch on our quads here

Think about pressing those knees down towards the ground Nice deep breaths Just stretching as much as feels good right here And then go ahead start to walk it back on up We're gonna place one foot out in front

So into a low lunge here Pressing that back hip forward and then you can reach the same arm as back leg up overhead Stretching out the side body but really stretching those hips as well From here you can start to straighten that front leg, shifting so those glutes are hovering over that back leg to get a deep stretch along the backside of that leg in front Stretching out those hamstrings after those glute bridges we did today

Bring that front foot behind, back foot steps out in front, same thing on the other side So press that back hip forward Same arms as back leg can reach up in overhead Nice stretch along the side body Nice deep breath here

And then go ahead stand it on up, shift your weight backwards, so straighten that front leg Stretch out those hamstrings, the back of that leg Can bend forward to for a deeper stretch here One more deep breath and then go ahead and get ready to step your feet together into a forward fold One more chance just to stretch it on out here

So if you like to walk your hands forward or back Hug your legs, then slowly roll it up to a standing position, roll those shoulders back and away We'll finish up with two big inhales and exhales So coming down low, inhale up, exhale down One more time, inhale, reach up and exhale

Shake it on out Awesome job today everyone Again I'm Morgan with Penn State Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness Feel free to keep stretching it on out if you want but thank you so much for working out with me Remember to stay healthy and positive and be on the lookout for more at home workouts with your favorite instructors

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