45-Minute Mat Pilates with LanVy

– Hello UT, how are you? My name is LanVy Avent, and welcome to UT RecSport Mat Pilates Let's set up before our practice, we need the mat

We need a ball If without a ball, we can use the towel We need water for our hydration And now we're gonna move them all out of our way before the practice Let's all stand up

So for you, I would ask you to stand near the front of your mat I will stand here so you can see me So you have your foot, come together Stand tall Take a moment, to allow your weight root down to your foot

And find a weight balance in three corner of your foot Two corner of the front and one corner in the center of your foot on the back And allow your body long and tall Allows your ear lobe stacked on top of your shoulder Allow your shoulder on top of our hips

And allows your hip on top of your ankle, and we're talking about in the front of the ankle And every inhalation and exhalation you are growing taller and let the shoulder relax, and even your jaw is relaxed And we are going to practice our Pilate breath So let's bring our hands to our lower rib So as we inhale, our rib expand in three dimensions

And the exhale, your ribs relax back down Inhale, we stretch the rib And exhale, your rib relax down And again, inhale through the nose Exhale, through your mouth

Inhale through your nose Exhale mouth Inhale nose And exhale mouth Slide your hands down towards your hips

And the foot together The left hump in to your midline We call the plump line And the toe turned out This we call Pilates stand So let's practice our standing

So foot in Foot out Toe in Toe out Toe in

Toe out Toe in And toe out Now let's bring your toe in together And relax your arm down

Our next exercise we stretch our spine and we warm up our shoulder So inhale, arm up Exhale, arm down Inhale, arm up Exhale, arm down

Inhale, arm up Keep your arm up Let's turn your palm faced toward the front of your mat Your next exhale you'll go roll down from the top Knees stop

Shoulder away from your ear Take a deep breath Inhale to repair Exhale roll up with your knees solid Your tail drawn down to your heel and shoulder relaxed

Let's do this again two more times Inhale arm up Palm faced toward the mat The front of the mat Shoulder relaxed

Exhale, roll down from the top Inhale to repair Exhale roll up And one more time We'll be staying down

So inhale, arm up Palm turned to the front of the mat Exhale, lower your chin down and roll down from the top Stay down Now when you relax your arm and your shoulder

Let your spine dangling on top of your hip Now you shake your head for yes You shake your head for no And give me a few yes and few no Now we are going to do one of our slip and our ankle

So I want you to bring your hand to the front corner of your mat You are bend your knees And you gon straighten your leg So we call plier And stretch

Plier Stretch One more time You plier And stretch

You gon lift your heel up and lower your heel down And lift Low And lift And low

And lift And low Turn your toe out, to Pilates stand We plier Stretch

Plier Stretch Plier And stretch And you gon lift the heels up and lower your heel down

And lift And low And lift And low One more time

And lift And low Your heel down and your toe down together Let's move your heel up And get the heel up

This time we're gon bring our hip down toward the heel And go bring the hip up And lowers the heel down Let repeat this again Heel up

Heel down Heel up Heel down One more time Heel up

Heel down Stay down this time Now you gon low your heel down and bring your hand behind you and allow yourself sit down Yes So I'm gon turn to the side

Let's open your knees out The sole of your foot together and make your leg into a diamond shape And you might use the towel or the ball by your side Now we're gon sit tall and allow You sit on your sit bone

Your spine lengthening You shoulder relaxed Cross the chest (mumbles) inhale And exhale

You gon rock your pelvis back So we call this sitting pelvic rock So you want your pelvis lowered with a gentle rock the pelvis back and forth Shoulder relaxed We exhale

We curl our pelvis and then we inhale, release That one more time Curl and relax One more time Now we going to roll down

So arm (mumbles) arm right in front of your chest Or bring your hand to you knee So I will bring the hand to the knees for a modification So take a deep breath

Inhale, sit tall You exhale You curl your pelvis and roll down to your spine Your hand can come along to support you to coming down Now you inhale

Your curl your chest up And you will walk your hand behind your body and bring yourself back up Yes So for the arm up, come along with me Inhale, sit tall

Exhale, curl your tail forward And roll down to your spine Vertebrae to vertebrae Shoulder relaxed Arm over the head to stretch

Inhale curl your chest up and keep your arm in the diagonal motion Very straight, rounded diagonal Exhale, curl up And go forward Let try one more time

Inhale, sit tall Exhale, curl your pelvis Draw your tail toward the front of your mat Shoulder relax Control your roll and come down to the floor

Arm over the head Inhale, curl you chest up Your arm at diagonal Exhale, roll up And roll forward

Sit up tall And let's straighten your leg in front of you So let's stretch the leg Turn your thigh in Sit tall again

Arm in front of you or hand by your thigh And your arm in front of you and take a deep breath to repair And we exhale, we curl our pelvis And roll down And include your leg to allow your spine articulation

Your arm right in front of your chest and let's turn your palm toward each other and you'll bend your knees And lift one up your shoulder girdle You're gon lift You're gon lift your arm toward the ceiling So my hand gon reach up

So you will see your shoulder blade gon move away from the floor And now you're gon lower your shoulder blade down And let's do two more of that Reach your hand toward the ceiling and lower you shoulder blade back down again One more time

Reach up and lower it down This time you go up and your arm out like a letter Y From here, let's move your foot Widen your hip And let's move your knees to the left

To the right To the left And as you move your knees Inhale and exhale to your movement Allow your breath guide your movement

Or allow the movement follow your breath One more time To the right And to the left And we bring our knees back

So let's bring your foot back into the neutral and then your heel will be under your knee or your knees above your heel And your hips stay in comfort So if you feel something not comfort on your lower back or your hip joints, walk your foot out Even if uncomfort on your knees, so walk your foot out a little bit, yes? But if you feel comfortable Your spine's still maintained

Your back's still maintained on the neutral spine Bring your foot in as close you can So I'm talking about the arm opened wide and out So let's bring the ball between your thigh So this where we have you activate the inner thigh

So now you gon bring your hand to the back of your neck and slide your hand up to support your head And lower your head down We move into the chest later So you gon lift your head up And you gon lift your chest up

And you come down just half way and you exhale, you come up again Your gaze between your thigh Maintain the compress and the scoop into your abdominal Exhale up Inhale down

And exhale up Inhale down One more time Exhale up And inhale down

The next one is just lift with rotation Lift the chest up Rotate to the right Exhale back to the center Rotate to the left

Exhale Center Right, exhale Center Left, exhale

Right, exhale Center Left, exhale Center Right, exhale

Center And left, exhale Center Low your shoulder down Release your arm back by your side

Turn your palm down to the floor And make your arm like a perfect door frame Next exercise we will hug the ball So use your knee Compress the ball to your mid line

Exhale and release This exercise you are warm up your pelvis more And pay attention Do you see your sit bone move in and out at same time as your knees move in and out Shoulder relaxed

Soft your chest Your jaw, your neck Elongate your spine Exhale, in Inhale, relax

Exhale, in Inhale, relax One more time And exhale, in And relax

Your next exercise will move into the pelvic rock Your gon curl your tail up toward your knees And you gon relax your tail down toward the front of your mat And curl your tail up toward your knees And relax your tail down toward the front of your mat

And rock your pelvis like a rocking chair Exhale, curl Inhale, release Exhale, curl Inhale, release

And one more time Let's curl your pelvis Now continue curl that pelvis Don't assume you come up to the full pelvic curl Take another inhale to hook that ball into the mid line

And exhale, lower your chest down first The rib The belly button The pelvis And the tail coming down

Inhale to repair the ball Exhale, curl your pelvis up and roll up vertebrae to vertebrae We are articulation our spine Take a deep breath Inhale, hug the ball

Exhale, roll down from the top And relax down Let's take the ball out Let one of our hip joints Arms still by your side and let's bring your right knee up to the table top or I call this the L shape

Continue to maintain that L shape And your movement can dip in from your hip joint So you gon lower your toe down And you gon bring your knee back up Exhale, low

Inhale, up Exhale, low Inhale, up Two more to go And one more to go

Let's go to the other side Left knee up The L shape or we call it 90 degree Now we tap the toe and we bring it back up Exhale, low

Inhale, up Exhale, low Inhale, up Exhale, low And inhale, up

Hold the left knee up Let bring your right leg up to join the left leg Now bring your (mumbles) you can feel you increase the abdominal wall Now keep your spine, stay in the neutral If you feel your lower back have any pressure

Bring your knees a little bit closer to your body That will be a release the whole pressure But if you've been doing okay with your neutral spine, bring your knee to challenge the abdomen Not let's tap the toe We'll alternate

Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale

Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale

Exhale Inhale One more time Exhale Inhale

And exhale Inhale Let's do too, the clam or we call the knee opens So you hold open your right knee Just one side

We do the single clam Do this side Inhale, open Exhale, close Inhale, open

Exhale, close The other side Inhale, open Exhale, close Inhale, open

Exhale, close Inhale, open And exhale, close Let's do double clam Open the knees out and close

Inhale and exhale Inhale Exhale one more time And open the knees out Now let's open

Let's extend, our legs stretched all the way out wide Open to allow the pelvis wall to stretch And now let's return back And close the knee Let's repeat that two more times

Knees out Stretch the leg Bend the knee Fold the leg Open the knee

Stretch the legs Stay out this time Flex your foot Point your toe Flex the foot

Point your toe One more time Flex and point Now I want you to use your pelvic floor to bring your leg back into the center Turn your body in

Let one on the front of your pelvic floor We call the anterior pelvic floor You're gon draw one straight out in front of you and bring back in And two And in

And three And in The back of the pelvic floor we call posterior pelvic floor You open this out And in

And out And in And out Use the pelvic floor to bring your leg back and bend your knee Bend your knees in to your chest

And move your leg down This time we move into a hundred Let your legs stretch straight down to the floor So here the two choice Modification

Your leg will stay on the table top Or you can come along with me Yes? And you can take break in between that time So today we do just the half of hundred So hundred you will have five

Inhale five, exhale And ten round But today let's do just five round And see how you do All right, so let's stretch the legs straight down

First of all, you're gon curl your chest up just like you do from beginning So you lift the head You look down to your toe And you gon lift your shoulder blade up Yes? Now you're gon lift the chest up

Now you're gon pump your arm Inhale, one, two, three, four, five Ex, two three, four, five In, two, three, four five Ex, two, three, four, five

In, two, three, four, five Ex, two, three, four, five In, two, three, four, five Ex, two, three, four, five Bend your knees

Hug your knee in And just slowly rock side to side Your massaging your back Now bring your leg to the table top Open your arm out

We move to (mumbles) You gon lift your right hip up And drop your leg over to the left Use your right hip to bring your leg back Left hip up, over to the right

Left hip bringing your leg back Right hip up and over Right hip, back and down Left hip, up and over Left hip, back and down

Lower your foot down Slide your left leg on the way down You move into the single leg circle And straighten your right leg straight up And left, dorsi flex your foot

So have your heel up to the circle Now I want you to imagine you draw a little tiny circle on the back of your hip And make sure you have your ab in and your ab out Let's change direction And now we gon do a big circle

You gon point your toe and you gon turn your leg out like a pencil Stretch your leg straight like a pencil Now you gon lower your leg down and you open your leg out And make sure this hip don't follow the other leg, yes? And bring your leg back up And let repeat this again four more time

Out and up And down and out and up And down and out and up Last time Down and out and up

Now you gon bring you leg right across your body Swipe it around and bring it back up Cross, around, and up Cross, around, and up Cross, around, and up

One more time Cross, around, and up And bend the knee Slide the foot down Bring the left foot in

Extend your leg up and dorsi flex the foot and now you got your heel up, let's draw a little quarter circle on the back of your heel And we change direction Your right side is anchored down Your chest soft and relaxed and your movement And breathe in and out

Your movement Now, point your toe Turn your leg out and stretch your leg straight like a pencil You gon go down, circle, out and around, and up Down and around and up

Down and around and up Two more Down and around and up One more Down, around, and up

Now you gon go across Down and around and back up Cross over, around, and up Over and around and up One more time

Over and around and up Bring your knee into your chest Hug your knees in The next exercise we call the single leg stretch So let's sit up first

So find your spine The neutral spine again and I hope you can see me on the mat So neutral spine Chest out Shoulder relax

Let's bring your leg up one of the time Remember right? Press on your lower back Bring your knees in If you want to increase your abdominal movement by a little bit away from your chest You ready? Lift the chest up

Extend your right leg straight out I'm looking for the level of your knees, your toe, and the other toe in the same line Your hand get wrapped into your knees and your other hand outside Above hand can be right here So let's do the easy way

One hand will be right here Keep the truck up Now we gon swipe and change And change And change

Exhale And exhale So between the exhale you have to have the inhale Your belly, your naval draw down to your back and your back is imprinting into your mat Let's do one more round

And come down and rest So you know if we do single we have to have a double So let's set up the leg again Hand here Curl your chest up as high you can go

Now make sure your lower back, your pelvis, your hip, on the mat Point your toe Raise your hand down to your ankles Far as you can go And curl the chest up and now yon gon stretch your leg and your arm out at same time

Swing your arm around and hug the knees in And stretch Exhale Inhale here Exhale, stretch

Inhale here And exhale, stretch And inhale here and let's come down Rock your body side to side One more abdominal work

You almost there Let's lower your arm down Slide your left leg down to the floor Extend your right leg all the way up And stretch your leg like a pencil

Yes now, next one I want you to bring your chest to hug the thigh We call this single leg pull So you're gon pull your leg like this You make two exhale Exhale, exhale

Lower that leg down, chin Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale

Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale One more time Exhale, exhale And let's come down

Rock your back side to side Welcome to roll over So on this, make you have room above your head So stretch your left foot Bring your leg all the way toward the ceiling

So if you have shoulder and neck problem Try to avoid the pull This exercise Yes? So let's try this Your leg will be 90 degree with your hip

You gon exhale, lower your leg down As far as your lower back in the comfort And inhale, bring them back up Exhale, stretch your leg up and over Point your toe down into the floor

Separate your leg Dig the toe down to the floor And roll you spine down, vertebrae to vertebrae and control your movement and don't forget to breathe in and out So let's lower leg with the exhalation Inhale here

Exhale up and over Pull your toe down to the floor Separate the foot and dip your toe down to the floor And roll down from your back Abdominal draw in, exhale

One more time to see you can do it, yes? So lower leg, exhale Inhale, up And exhale, up and over Pull your toe down to the floor Separate, dig the toe

And come down vertebrae to vertebrae Beautiful work! Next step Hug your knees in and let's roll up So we move into rolling like a ball You gon hug your leg in as far as you can do and now let's round your spine like a ball

So tuck your chin down for when you roll back, you don't wanna hit the back of your head Draw your abdominal in and create your spine, curl around like a ball And you gon roll back and you gon rock forward And you gon roll back and you gon rock forward And exhale roll back, inhale up

Exhale back, inhale up One more time Let knee rock together and bounce on the top From here, I want you to extend your leg up Or to bend your knees if you do Yoga

We call boat If you do Pilates, you will call the teaser So take your hand out and lift your chest up Stay here, we hold We breathe and we lift our chest up and our shoulder relax and we stretch our leg forward and relax

Down, bend your knee And stretch the chest toward the toe Twist to the right A little bit stretching To the left

Welcome to the sitting spine stretch So extend your leg right in front of you So remember, when we sit down on the floor our sit bone will be out first So make your sit bone anchor down to the floor Separate your leg

Allow your spine grow tall Your arm will be in front of you Shoulder, chest level Palm face in Take a deep breath inhale

And we exhale We roll down from the top and we roll forward And we inhale, we repair And the exhale we roll back up Let's do two more just like that

Chin down Exhale, roll down Inhale Exhale, roll up One more time, let's stay down this time

Inhale, dip Exhale, roll down Now (mumbles) on How about lift your arm up to your ear and now lift your chest up and allow your tailbone back to just go up and forward to back extension And now we exhale, we roll back

Feels so good to stretch the back Let's do it again Big inhale, sit tall Exhale, curl and roll forward Lift the arm to the ear level

Tailbone back, chest go up And exhale, roll back down All right, open your arm out This one a little bit complicated but if you follow me you can do this So open your leg wide out

We call soar Toe, you see my toe, it go up My arm up and out This one we call the letter T but if my arm go like this, we call the letter L So let me do this side

You can see this is the L This is the T Yes? So we clear with it So first I want you inhale, sit tall You exhale, you gon twist to the right

And your left hand gon go to the outside of your foot and your right hand gon sweep back Yes? So now you inhale, you come up You see your arm in the letter L Let's open your left arm out to the letter T before you come back to the center Yes? We do the other side

We exhale, we twist Right hand to the outside the left foot Left hand sweep back, inhale, come up to the L Exhale, open this back Inhale, sit tall

Exhale, twist Inhale, reaching forward Exhale, come up Inhale, center Exhale, twist

Inhale, wrist to the outside Inhale, sit up Exhale, turn back to the T and come back to center One more time You gon inhale, you sit tall

We exhale, we twist We reaching to the outside of the foot Back arm pull back We come back up to the letter L We open our arm to the letter T

Come back to center and we twist We reach to the outside Come up to the L Open to the T and back to the center Now, sitting twist

Make your hand like a cactus Bring your hand behind your head (mumbles) choose which one do you work better for you or let your arm fade out just like this Yeah? Sit tall Now you gon twist from your rib

It not from the hip Your hip had to be anchored down So give me two exhale to the right Exhale, exhale Inhale Exhale, exhale

Inhale Exhale, exhale Inhale Exhale, exhale Inhale

One more time Exhale, exhale Inhale And exhale, exhale And inhale

Relax your arm down How'd you doin? Okay so let move to the next one we call the crocus (mumbles) So let's come back Your hand can be like this or bring down to your elbows 6So let's bring your elbow down

Your hand gon be go out to the v or can go into the parallel Lift the chest up, bend the knee Extend your leg up Stretch the leg like a pencil So bring your leg to the right

Lower it down and bring them back up To the left, down, and around and up Over to the right, around, and up To the left, around, and up To the right

This your last time and around and up to the left Around and up Lower your leg down Stretch the leg to the front We go up to the back support

Put your hand there, same thing Hand can turn out or hand can turn toward your toe Next one, hug your leg together Lift your sternum up Shoulder down away from your ear

Look straight ahead Take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale Lift your hip up And inhale, come back down Again

Exhale, lift up Inhale, back down One more time We gon stay up And lift back up

Now I want you lift your right leg up and down Exhale and exhale And exhale Change side Left side, exhale, exhale

And exhale And relax Hug your knees Hug your arm to your chest and stretch it out Turn to your side

So lay to your right side So side body long I want you to stretch the right side of your body completely straight Lie And bring your left leg spot on top of that

You see my right My left hand right in front of my trunk To help me not roll over or not roll back And I'm looking for, not the lazy side right here, yes? So if the bottom of your body is laying straight this one will be laying up So that's your goal, yes? So now let's get that laying on the side

Next exercise we have a double leg lift So you lift your leg up and lower it down And up and down You see my foot not touch the floor And I control my movement and breathe in and breathe out

My shoulder relax My legs relax And because I'm looking to the camera to talk to you but my face would be turned just like this I'm gonna try to control my movement One more time

And this down Now this time I want you lift your shoulder up So I want your elbow in line with your shoulder Your palm is pressed down Your body is still long and your not roll back and your not roll forward

And bring your left hand in front of you Now lift your top leg up so bring the left foot up and now you gon kick this leg to the front One and two Pull your toe, bring it back Yes? And exhale, exhale

And go back And inhale, inhale And go back And exhale, exhale And go back

So which one if you feel more comfortable with the breadth Yes? For me this one more work better for me with inhale more to the front So inhale, inhale And exhale go back And bring your leg back down

Now, we gon go do the other side So lift it up Your leg to the side Stretch the bottom of the leg side long Activate the oblique

Allow your head to rest both legs stack up And get ready and lift and low And lift and low And look this one on the floor so allow the top of your neck is relax Your shoulder relax

We do ten time And breathe in and breathe out Let's do one more and lower it down Now we gon move to the left kick So we gon raise our body up and elbow under your shoulder

Your palm is down, your leg is activate Your oblique is lengthened and not sinking down like this You see, this is not good for my shoulder but if I'm activate, my body lift up and it stay and ready to go So left ready Bring the leg up to the hip level

And now you gon kick to the front Inhale, inhale Exhale, stretch Inhale, inhale, and stretch We do five time, yeah? And you can do three, that's okay

And inhale, inhale, and stretch Now welcome to your brawn So come over to your belly Elbow under shoulder Interlock your hand and put your palm together

And now I want you to lift your chest, your torso, up as high as you can and hug your thigh together and lift your leg up So now we gon do the single leg kick so we be like this Exhale, exhale, low Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale

Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale Exhale, exhale One more time Exhale, exhale

And exhale, exhale And come down, relax Turn your face to the right And I want you to bring your hand to your lower back You see my hand I bring to interlock

The palm is face up to the ceiling Let's prepare for the double leg kick Leg together again And I gon bend your knees and you gon lift your thigh up and you gon kick your heel to your butt twice It will be look like this

Exhale, exhale Stretch your leg Stretch your arm and lift your chest up And turn to the other side Exhale, exhale

And lift Exhale, exhale, and inhale to lift Exhale, exhale, and lift And exhale, exhale, and lift One more time

You can do it Exhale, exhale And lift And come down and rest Bend your knee

And (mumbles) your foot side to side to release the pressure on your lower back Welcome to swan So here we are You stay on the ground So your hand, bring your hand so it different than the up dog in Yoga

So elbow here, wide out So you see my shoulder, my elbow Your forehead will be on the floor, leg together First you gon lift your forehead up Your chest

Your elbow and push through your leg and your hand to lift your chest up And now you gon bring your elbow down Bring your chest down and you'll bring your forehead down Take a deep breath Inhale, come up

Exhale, come down Inhale, up And exhale, down And let's push back to resting pose Let's come up to your hand and your knees and let's relax the spine and roll it around a little bit to relax there before we (mumbles)

So let's move to the cat to round your spine And inhale to cow And exhale to cat Inhale to cow One more time

Exhale to cat And inhale to cow And let's prepare for your front support Lay your hand near the front of your mat Bring your shoulder above the wrist

Extend your right foot back Toes on the mat Now bring your other leg back and hug your leg together Strong leg, strong arm If you do Yoga, this is the high plank

Yes? Now let's bring your right foot up So now you gon kick the leg up One Two, exhale Three, exhale

Change side Left leg Exhale, exhale, and exhale Now we gon push your hip back up like a down dog And then you gon turn to your left side

You gon sit down to your left side It will look just like this We call this side bend So I want you to have your alignment first Your hand is straight line with your hip and your knees

Your bottom leg Your bottom foot on the toe, turn in to the side of the mat So sit with your knee come up, your arm open So I will be show you, do you sit like this? So try to stay away from this Yeah? So this is the shoulder and the oblique doesn't activate

I'm activating my oblique to lift my oblique up And I push my hand firmly and I got my chest wide open, my arm open is out But this exercise requires a lot of leg and core work So now you gon stretch your leg and you gon hook your leg together into the midline We call the clam

Yeah? So you gon get your clam and you gon get your knee together and stretch and bring your arm over the rainbow And sit back to your left Yeah? Push your hip up Hug your (mumbles) Arm over the rainbow and come back

Sit back to the hip One more time, you can do this And up, stay up over the rainbow and bring your hand down to a down dog to stretch And you should probably turn to the other side, yes? If you are turned to the other side Sit up the other side

On the right side like this But I will turn around to the right side so you can see me So here your hand to the right side So the right leg will be on the bottom The left foot will be in front

Set up your line of straight line and get your leg Get some room so you can have your leg come up so think about right You gon squeeze your butt together You gon hug your butt together to the palm line So here we are and over the rainbow

And sit back to your hip And hug your thigh to the (mumbles) line and over the rainbow and back to the hip One more time And up This time you gon come back to your down dog for me

Yes? And we'll turn around to your down dog because I'm turn around the other way So here we are in the down dog Stay with me, you're almost done And in and out Nose and mouth

And now you gon walk back to your toes And you gon roll up And you gon stretch your arm over your head and you're gon roll down from the top to cool down And you gon walk out to the front support And you gon go to the low plank and you can go up to the up dog and you gon go back to your down dog

Let's try one more time You gon walk your hand to your toe And you gon roll up You gon sweep your arm up over your head to stretch And you gon roll down from the top

And you gon walk your hand out to the high plank that we call the front support And go down to the low plank and you come up to the up dog and you gon go back to your down dog And in and out one more time And then walk your hand back to your toe (mumbles) It's your leg, your gon come together

Take a deep breath and roll up vertebrae to vertebrae And now I'm gon turn, I'm gon turn facing you before we finish So you gon roll up vertebrae to vertebrae Roll your shoulder up and roll your shoulder down One more time

And now this time you gon lift your shoulder up on the right side Elbow, wrist, finger up tall Side bend to the left This move your arm back to the side Now left shoulder go up to stretch

Left elbow up to stretch on the side Now wrist go up, tall Finger go up, high Side bend to the right to allow your left side of your body final stretch And come back, lower it down

And we gon turn the toe out Pilates stand and we inhale up We exhale down We inhale up We exhale down

One more time Inhale up And hand to your heart center Close your hand to your heart Close your foot together

And thank you to join UT RecSports Mat Pilates and I see you next time Ciao

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