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(upbeat music) – Hello, everyone This is Floss from East River Pilates, and I'm here with Well+Good

Today, we've created a 30 minute resistance band workout for you to do anywhere, anytime Let's get started We're going to start off with some squats and we're going to step our feet into the band Bring your feet into the band and move it up so it's sitting about an inch or two above your knees There's bands that are going to be thicker and a little bit lighter so you can make things harder and easier for yourself

And, you can do this whole workout without a band It's just not gonna be quite as hard So, let's place those feet in underneath your hips Soften a little through the knees, and then we're going to start off bringing the hands to the hips Breathing in to prepare

And when you breathe out, relax your shoulders and feel yourself lift up through the pelvic floor and draw in through your deep abdominals, cinching in around your waist Relax the arms by the side As we breathe in, we're going to reach the bottom back, going to reach the hands out away from you coming into your first squat, and then breathe out to squeeze your glutes and come back to the top Breathe in to reach, fingertips forward, bottom back Breathe out to squeeze back up to the top

As you work through your squat, be nice and long with those fingers Reach the fingertips out away from you, reach your sit bones back behind you Those knees are pushing out into the band You should feel that adds a bit of extra work in through the glute med muscle that sits around the side and back of your hips and your pelvis Bring those hands to your hips, come down into your squat and you're going to hold

Feel that the ribs and the belly are in And, then we're going to shift your weight just slightly onto one leg From here, step your right foot out to the side, tap it back in and then tap it back As we come in, breathe out to push out, breathe in to come in, and breathe out to push back So, think about staying really nice and steady on this left hip

Keeping the body nice and vertical, nice and still And, you're soon going to feel that that quad, that glute, and your core is keeping you nice, and still, and steady As we work through just one more on this side, focus on keeping that left knee out to the left, and hold Shift the weight slightly to the right leg, and we're going to repeat it five over on the other side So, that left leg is going to step out to the side, tap back on in, breathe out and push that leg back

Focus on keeping this right knee forward, or just slightly out to the right, as you extend and move around in that left hip Feel yourself keep pushing your bottom back in space Keep drawing your core right on in, nice, and still, and steady through the body And, we've got one more on this left side Come back on in

Hold, come into that squat Holding that squat as you breathe out, push your knees out into the band, breathe in and release Breathe out, push your knees out into that band Breathe in, release As you work, think about spiraling out from the hips

Squeeze those glutes in the back of the hips and pelvis Keep it steady in your sitz bones, and your tailbone back behind you Keep drawing in through the core As we work through we're going to take just another three And two

And one Push those knees out, hold those knees out, reach those arms out away from you, create the longest line from your fingertips back to your sitz bones Push those knees out into the band, and we're going to pulse up and down for five, four, three, two, one And then squeeze your glutes, come to the top Give those legs a little bit of a shake out there

So, take a step back Come down to the back of the mat Roll those shoulders out Let's roll down, chin comes to chest Let the shoulders come forward, curl around through the back, stretching down through the backs of the legs, so to turn your core on a little, and then we're going to walk out to your first plank here

So your hands are straight in underneath your shoulders Spread the hands and make the hands nice and big, and feel yourself squeeze through your inner thigh muscles, squeeze through your glutes, and engage through your deep abdominals We're going to step your left foot out to the left, bring it back on in to plank, and then swap over to the other side Smooth and steady with your breathing and keep thinking of lifting up through the chest As you come in try not to let yourself lose too much resistance on the band

Try and keep that pelvis nice, and still, and steady Breathing out to push out And we're going to take one more on each side And then, hold If you're feeling a little stronger today, hold

Otherwise, take a quick rest and join back in with us in a moment Lengthen up through the back of the neck keep the chest nice and lifted, and then we're going to lift one straight leg out behind Pressing into the band with the back of the knee, the back of thigh, and bring that leg back down again Breathe out to lift that leg up Breathe in, it comes down

(exhales) Every time that you breathe out, you give yourself the chance to draw in and tighten up around the waist just that little bit more Taking one more on each side And then let's push up to down dog Press up through the hands, send your tailbone up nice and high, and then give those legs a little bit of a walk from side to side Shaking those legs on out

We're going to float back to plank again Lift through your heels, come forward with your hips, settle those shoulders out over the top of the wrists Think about the crown of the head reaching forward, your heels reaching back, and lifting up through the core in the middle Smooth and steady with your breathing And then we're gonna bring one knee in, the other knee in, and we're coming into four-point kneel

Again, hands are nice and big, hands straight underneath your shoulders Lift your collarbones away from the thumbs below and then lift up through your sitz bones and extend through the back of the sacrum Engage your core through the middle of the body, tuck those toes under behind, and we're going to lift up to hover on your next breath out (exhales) Coming to hover and hold We're going to continue to stay steady with the pelvis

Take a tiny little step up with one leg Take that leg back down, and swap to the other side Feel yourself using the strength underneath your shoulder blades and around your waist, to stay strong and steady as we walk through from side to side Tighten up a little more through your core as we take four And three

Taking two And one Hold your hover, extend that body, let your knees come in and take a quick child's pose Bottom comes back, give those shoulders a little bit of a shimmy out, shake them out and then lift yourself back up to four-point kneel position again So, the arms are going to stay still

Lift through the chest, shoulders away from your ears, tighten up through the core And you're going to stretch one leg, your right leg, back out and away from you Have just that toe tip resting on the floor Be strong through the upper body and that left leg is going to lift up nice and straight and then float back down Stay on the same side as we lift that leg up and down

Option to point the toe or flex that ankle at the back Press out of the knuckles of your hands to keep your chest nice and lifted, to stay nice and tight through the core And we're going to take just another three Another two Another one

Hold it up Feel yourself working through both glutes and then you're going to stabilize through your right hand, your left knee Reach your left hand right out away from you, be long, and hold it Lift everything away from the floor, and hold five, four, three, two, and one Bring that arm down

Bring that leg back on in A quick little shake, and we're going to come straight over to the other side So, extend your left leg back Point the toes in that back leg to start Feel yourself lift up through the chest, collarbones away from those hands below

Your ribs are in, your belly's tight Float that leg up off the ground below behind you, and then we're going to tap down We're coming through 10 Keep yourself drawing up through the ribs Nice and strong around your waist, and continue to push out of those knuckles and lengthen through the back of the neck

Coming through your final five Four Three Squeeze through your right glute to keep nicely in line Lift up, hold up, stay up, and then extend your right arm out and away from you

Lift everything away from the floor Squeeze through your right glute, push through your left hand, lift your chest away from the floor We're holding three, two, one Bring that arm back on down again And again from here, we can just take a quick child's pose and stretch out through the hips and through the shoulders

From here let's come forward We're going to come down and into a side series So lying down onto your right arm, bring your top hand up to your top hip Knees and feet are stacked Roll your top hip forward so that your top hip is directly on top of the one below

This means that we're going to work harder through that glute once we get going Ribs and belly are activated, lifting up through the waist below as you float your top leg off the leg below So, before we start to move feel that you can work the bottom glute, around your waist and core, and into that left glute as well This top leg is just gonna float down an inch and then push up into the resistance of the band The knee and the foot push up equally, as you stretch the band away from the knee below

Breathing out as you come up And take another five Taking four Check that your shoulders are relaxed And then on your final one here lift up, hold up, and then push that heel out away from you, stretch that leg out straight

To start with we're gonna stretch the band up as we take the leg up towards the roof Squeeze through that outer edge of that hip Push the straight leg up into the band, and as you do, focusing in, that you're feeling that work in the hip, in that glute And that your pelvis and waist are nice and steady If you feel this work on the bottom side as well that's okay, it's working to stabilize and hold that band down

We're going to take just another three here And two And one We're not done yet, that leg is lifted, and that's gonna go back to the wall behind you So push your heel back, squeezing into the glute max, the meatiest part of your bottom

And then we're gonna float forward but don't let it come down Squeeze the glute, extending at the hip to bring it back, and float that leg forward As that leg comes backwards and forwards, try to keep your spine nice and neutral not letting yourself change or shift your shape through the middle Try and keep that leg up at heel height and we're coming through five You should be feeling in that glute, you should be wanting to let that leg go, that glute is singing out to you at the moment

And we're taking just another two, another one, and hold it up Challenge yourself, push that leg away from you This top hand's gonna come down to the floor in front, straighten out that bottom leg below, bring your body into a slight little dish shape, and then we're going to bring the bottom leg up towards the leg below, and come back down Your top leg is staying up, work a little bit through the inner thighs, squeeze those legs together, and lower the bottom leg only down Relax the shoulders, use the hands as much or as little as you need up on the top there

We're gonna come through another five, and four, breathing out as those legs squeeze together And three And two Final one, hold those legs up together, floor them on down together, bend them on in Give them quite a tap, give yourself a little bit of love there, and then we're going to push yourself up and onto your side

So coming onto your side, we've got your right elbow right in underneath your right shoulder Your top hand is coming up to your top hip, and we're gonna push your hips forward towards the wall in front Feel that on this bottom side you're squeezing in underneath that underarm, under the shoulder blade, like you're trying to pull that elbow towards your bottom knee Option to hold, or to make a little bit more difficult, squeeze those heels together and bring the top knee off the knee below, coming in to a clam Lower that knee down and then squeeze at the back of glute to bring that knee up

As we keep working through that top glute keep lifting through the bottom side as well Feel yourself lifting through the ribs, through the waist, through the hip on that bottom side Breathe out to squeeze, breathe in to come down Breathe out to squeeze, breathe in to come down We're gonna work through another five

Draw the ribs in at the front of the body, belly nice and tight, long through the neck, and take your final three And two And one Hold it, squeeze it, lift everything long, stretch out through the crown of the head, three, two, one Bring the knees down, bring the feet down, and let's counter stretch that

So bring the top hand up and over lengthening through that right side of the body Bring yourself back around With your legs out in front of you bring that knee up to the opposite foot stretch into a little figure four Holding your stretch anywhere up to 20 or 30 seconds or until you feel like the glutes are loosed up a little And we change it to the other side

Opening up through your hip, you're gonna feel that on the back of that left glute Letting that leg come back down again Switch those legs over to the other side and let yourself lower right down and onto your left side So top hand comes to your top hip, knees and feet are stacked, quick moment to set up your neutral spine Shoulders away from your ears, ribs and waist lifting a little from below, roll that top hip forward so you're directly stacked on top of that hip below

We're gonna float that top leg up and into the resistance of the band Feeling that the bottom side might be working That top glute should be starting to fire up, your core is active Lower that top leg down, and then squeeze through the glutes and the side and the back of that hip, to lift that leg back up and into the resistance of he band Smooth and steady with your breathing

Breathing out when you bring that knee up And we're coming through four And three Two And one, you've got this, hold that leg up

Then push the leg out away from you, stretch that heel out away, push the toes back towards you And then we're coming up and into the band That leg gets a little bit higher and floats back down Squeeze through the side and the back of the hip, and don't let that bottom side of the waist drop on down Feel how tight your core is working for you there

The leg pushes up and squeezes into the band That should be starting to sing out through that glute now We're gonna take another four Smooth and steady with the breathing Last one, hold it up

And then we've got a little bit more, you're gonna push that heel back behind you, and let that leg float forward but don't drop it down Squeeze that glute, push that leg back behind you, and let that leg come back again Relax your shoulders away from your ears Try and work into that burn that's coming into your glute, I can definitely feel it in mine We're going to be taking another five, holding the leg nice and high, and four

Breathe out to push the heel backwards into that glute max, that strong meatier part of your bottom And then push it back, hold it back, and hold, five, four, three, two, one, and let that leg come on down Give it a quick bit of love, and then push yourself up and into that side plank So with our side plank, on our elbow and on our knees, this bottom shoulder is away from our ears, lifting and creating space under that bottom side of the neck Squeeze in through your left underarm

Top hand to the hip and push your hips forward and up Feeling yourself push your bottom knee down into the floor, squeeze your elbow towards that knee, and then we come into your clam inside plank Squeeze your heels together, lift your top knee up, and lower that knee back down Breathe out as you squeeze the heels together Imagine you're squeezing $100 between your heels, don't let it go

Float that top knee off the knee below, and keep lifting through that bottom side of your waist We're drawing that bottom elbow towards your hip, towards that bottom knee, and we're coming through four And three Breathing through it And last one, lift up, hold up, five, four, three, two, one

And bring it back down Release Give those knees a little bit of a spread apart and come into that mermaid the other way Lengthening through that side body Releasing back

And let's take that figure four stretch again So, bring that left foot to the right knee, press the knee wide, opening up through the hip, and stretching those external rotators of your hip Holding here about 15 to 20 seconds Letting your breathing come down, giving yourself a quick little break And then we'll come over to the other side

So again, one foot to the knee, press the knee wide, and open up through the chest, open up through these hips Let your breathing slow down Let yourself breathe into your belly When you're breathing out, relaxing your shoulders out away from your ears And then I think it's time to keep going

So let's place those feet down onto the mat, let's roll yourself down and onto your back Hands are starting off down by your side Tuck the tail under into a posterior pelvic tilt Feeling yourself drop through the pelvic floor, draw in through those deep abdominal muscles And keep that little scoop as you lift through the hips pushing up into your first bridge here

So, as we go through the bridge, remembering we should never feel any discomfort in our low back If we are, we can drop our bridge a bit lower and focus on tucking under so we stay nice and neutral and we don't get too arched in through our low back So from here, as you hold your bridge, really ground your feet down into the mat, think about pulling your heels back towards your shoulders As you breathe out push your knees both out into that band Breathe in to come in

And as we work through here, pushing equally with both sides Noticing within your body if one side doesn't want to push as hard as the other and try and make them nice and symmetrical And also noticing in your body if that pelvic position wants to change as your externally rotating and adapting those hips We're gonna work through another four Breathing out to push out, three

Taking two And one Push those knees out Keep a moderate amount of pressure onto the band, lift your hands off and reach to the sky Breathing in to prepare, and breathing out just five, we're gonna take our hands out overhead

As those arms come overhead not letting the ribcage flare up Keeping the ribs in, belly tucked, bottom is squeezing Reaching overhead, lengthening out at the shoulders, out at the fingertips, and then hold those arms reaching to the sky Breathe in to dip the hips halfway down, breathe out to push up into the bridge Squeezing through your glutes

Pressing your feet down into the floor And keeping a moderate to heavy resistance out into that band So we're still working that glute med, the muscle that gives us lots of stability around your hip and pelvis And we're also working our glute max, that gives us good hip extension And helps us keeping moving forward

Take one more, hold up, stay up So, if we want difficult hands can be up, to make this a bit easier your arms can be down by your side And you're gonna push one knee out into the band Bring that knee back in, and then alternate knee over out to the other side When one knee is moving don't let the other leg do anywhere

Breathe out to push out Breathe in to come in Keep that pelvis tucked under, keep yourselves nice and neutral so we have a subtle little arch in the low back only Breathe out to push out And you can keep that going here or we can have the arms up at the roof

And as we work towards the end of this glute series here let's make that a little bit more difficult So, just reset for a moment If you need to drop the ribs, tuck the tail, you can do that, press the feet into the floor And your opposite knee and your opposite arm are gonna move away from the midline So your left knee pushes into the band as your right arm reaches out away from you

Bring them both back up to the middle And then change over to the other side You're going to go only as far as you can before you feel that your spine, your pelvis, or your ribcage want to twist We're gonna take three more on each side Breathing through it, try and press those hips to the high sky, keep them nice and high, and nice and steady

We've got one more on each side Those glutes should be letting you know about by now that they're telling you they're ready for a rest Get your final one, bring everything back on in, we're gonna roll on down, one vertebrae at a time coming down to the floor And then grab those knees, hug them in towards your chest, and give them a little shake from side to side So here, we're gonna take this band off the knees

So take that band off the knees, and then we're gonna bring it and place it up around your wrists So, as we work here, arms are not quite as strong as our legs so we might not see the band moving or stretching just as much, but it doesn't mean that you're not working really hard We're going to push the back of your wrists out into that band Relax the shoulders away from your ears And feel that as you're pushing into the band you're trying to squeeze from the back of the shoulder joint

Keep length in through the back of the neck, drop the ribs in, and we're coming up to double table top position So breathe out, engage your core, one leg comes on up And then bring the second leg up to join Working hard here to keep your ribcage in, your belly nice and tight We're gonna press lightly into that band

Breathe in, and when you breathe out, take those arms overhead Breathing in those arms come back on up again So the harder you push into the band, the harder you're gonna work through your rotator cuff, and around the back of the shoulder joint We get a little into the deltoid here as well And we're working hard through our abdominals

Working harder on the ribcage to keep it engaged, to keep that spine neutral And working down through those low abdominals, down into the pelvis, down into the pelvic flor, as we keep your pelvis still, we keep that lumbar spine neutral, our legs are staying nice and still as well Can you add a bit more into the band as you take your final two? As you take your final one And then those arms are gonna stay still for now Press out into the band as hard as you can manage

And from double table top you're gonna breathe in And as you breathe out, extend one leg out and away from you Breathe in to bring that leg back into double table top And breathe out to extend through the other side So here we wanna try and find in us long, lean, strong muscles

So as your leg goes away from you, squeeze the quad, squeeze the calf, point the toe Make that the longest leg that you can create Are your hands still pressing out into the back of the band? Firing around the back of the shoulder joint, firing up that rotator cuff We're taking another four Smooth and steady, take another three

Draw your bellybutton down to your spine, keep the pelvis nice and neutral And we're taking just one more Bring that leg back on up And then we're gonna take one knee down, one foot down, sorry The other foot comes down, and we're gonna keep your heels lifted

We've got our heels lifted and our toes are touching down onto the mat Shoulders relaxed away from your ears and find length in the back of the neck Lower the hands a little bit further, and again, press out in the band with the back of those shoulders We're going to take a bent knee full out here Breathing in, engage the core, on your breath out you draw the core in tighter and you let one knee flow out to the side

Breathe in to come back on in and swap over to your other side So the aim of the game here is to keep the pelvis still and steady, to keep your core nice and tight, and nothing moves except that leg and it's moving from the hip joint The pelvis stays still, the waist stays nice and tight If that's hard enough you're going to stick here, otherwise you're going to bring both legs back up to double table top, keep your toes glued together, find that $100 between those toes again, and you're gonna float one knee out to the side Keeping the ribs in, keep the belly tight

We're going to start to alternate the arm into this exercise as well So as your left knee goes to the left, your right hand is going to try and push into the band, come back to the middle Pull your bellybutton towards your spine And we're taking this for just another four Another three

Taking another two, you've got this, pull your bellybutton right in towards your spine, keep the core nice and tight, take your final one, you're gonna hold this one here Bring those hands around the back of the head, your band is there supporting your head, supporting your neck Breathe in And breathe out, curl up into your abdominal curl Breathe in to come back, breathe out to come back into that Pilates sit-up

So as you work towards the end of your class, keep that activity in your abdominals Make this harder by maybe stretching your feet and your knees a little bit further away from you And from here, let's take another three We're gonna hold the last one up there And on the last one come up, hold up, lifting through the check, chin is lightly off the chest

Ribs are in, belly is in, your knees are gonna stretch a bit further away from you, your toes are lifted Hold five, four, three, two, one, and bring the feet down Bring the arms down and then give those knees a nice big twist from side to side Take those knees over to the right, look towards the left over Change it over to the other side

Stretching through the underarm, the obliques, the back of the hip And come back to the middle From here let's reach those hands to the sky, roll on up, and join me in a sit at the top Well done guys, you made it through your resistance band workout I can tell you, I can definitely feel it, maybe you'll be feeling it tomorrow

Thanks so much for joining me here For more like this, subscribe to Well+Good And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day (fanfare)

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