30 Minute Pilates Workout – Abs – Inner Thighs – Cardio Fusion

Hey guys Lindsey here with Jim Ray I've got a Pilates and cardio fusion workout for you if you need to do any modifications Please follow my girl here

Otherwise, stay with me Let's get it started So We're gonna take it all the way down to the mat We'll be lying flat on our back left leg will rest down on the ground right leg extends to the ceiling flex your foot as you lower your right leg down and then point your foot as you lift your leg up working on the Flexibility of that leg so really extend through the knee Tighten and firm your thigh point as you lift and flex as you lower As you point stretch to the top of the foot as you flex, make sure it's coming from the heels You can feel that stretch in the calves the last one point your leg draw it all the way up Turn the knee out to the right You'll draw circles with your leg to the left down out to the right and back through Center Now as you're drawing these circles with your leg try to keep your pelvis really still your belly button is drawn into the back body and Your hips are staying stable the last one in this direction Taking it back to Center We'll move it out to the right Down up to the left and back through Center Take an inhale as you draw the leg down and then exhale as it comes back through Center Warming up into those hip joints the last big circle here We'll take that right leg to the mat rest it down Left leg extends to the ceiling flex the left foot as you lower it down and point the toes as you lift it up Flex to lower and point to left Grip all the muscles to the bone and that left leg It should feel like a strong tight leg here as you point and lift feel a stretch through the top of the ankle and As you flex and lower feel a stretch through the back of the calf Let's go last to keep tightening that low belly Working into those transverse abdominals by pressing your back into the mat hold the leg to the ceiling point the toes turn the knee out Draw the circle down to the right out to the left back through Center try to stabilize the pelvis by keeping even weight on both sides of your hips as The leg goes out to the left don't want to pull the whole body to the left So you're trying to prevent that by keeping weight over on this right leg

Let's reverse these circles Take it out to the left Keep the turnout of the leg draw the leg across the body through Center inhale Lower it down exhale use the core to bring the leg back up over the pelvis the last two big circles here and Last one Why rest your feet hug your right knee into your chest She will keep her head down I'll be lifting my head up extend your left leg along she will hover curl your head neck and shoulders up taking a knee as you hug your right knee in and then switch and that right leg away from You exhale hug your left knee in inhale for one and exhale for one now Let's keep this pace really quick If you need a modify head stays down if you'd like to advance curl it up a little bit higher legs Stay really low on that diagonal and pick that pace up Let's go test nine eight seven six five Final four three two one hug both knees then glue those inner thighs together Head stays down if you're modifying inhale stretch it apart Circle your arms around hug your knees to your chest And Hilda lengthen exhale drive your knees into your chest if you're advancing Let's pick that pace up every time those knees hug back in bring your ribcage Closer to your hips curling up a little bit higher as your arms extend overhead Try to keep those shoulders down into the back body not allowing them to lift up Towards the ears last three and hill stretch exhale curl Final two keep that low Plant it into the mat

Last one Rest your head both legs reach up to the ceiling in hill to lower the legs down XO to lift the legs up now if you're advancing I want you to get your legs to an inch hover off of that mat If you're modifying feel free to bend your knees and Not take the legs as low That low back You should feel all of the spine pushed into the floor Every vertebra is into the mat Let's pick the pace up but resist finding momentum here, so it's like you're moving through water squeeze your inner thighs and tighten into your glutes final two Last one both legs to the ceiling bend your knees into tabletop Coming into our bicycles hands behind the head curl it up Right knee pulls into your chest left leg goes long twist to the right and then left knee draws in right leg goes long twists To the left now We'll try to pick this pace up if you're staying with me If you need a modify you'll bend your knees plant your feet down on the mat and then twist your chest side to side Try to get both shoulder blades off the floor

Keep it quick Ted nine eight seven six twist as deep as you can from side to side final two and One head goes down extend the right leg to the sky hug behind the right thigh Left leg is long at a hover scissor switch the legs hug behind the left thigh Switch the legs hug behind the right thumb It's an inhale for one and an exhale for one if you'd like to advance Let's pop that head up and continue Keep your chin off your chest So you've got some space between in the neck and really live from the center of your waist Pushing your back ribs heavy into the mat Curling your chest over your ribs Let's pick that pace up See how far you can kick your legs apart Think about that flexibility Try to make a split here reach long your toes burn those thighs and let's find our last five lift it up higher for four three Shoulders are blacks two and one hug Those knees it Rock it up to a seat Okay guys plant your feet about hips distance apart Hold on behind your thighs She'll have her hands behind her thighs the whole time to modify and he'll sit really tall lengthen out through that low back Exhale tuck your pelvis curl back so you can feel the bony parts of your butt Inhale, sit it all the way up roll that spine tall Exhale curl your low back round into a seeker And you'll stack that spine drop the shoulders lift the core exhale tuck the pelvis draw the pubic button to Kubik bone to the belly button and then inhale sit it up tall try to keep your feet planted That could be a big challenge here last one here, you'll curl it back hands will reach forward We'll go small pulses forward an inch and back image now you can do this with your hands behind your thighs to modify to advance see how far you can curl back as The chest curls forward plug the belly in in opposition take an exhale Like you're fogging a mirror That'll help contract those abdominals and keep them tight Hold your curl back an inch lift

Just your right arm up lower it down Let's just your left arm up and lower it down The added weight of the arm lifting makes it really challenging for those abdominals Continue to round the spine and heavy the feet The last one we're taking up both arms Inhale lift exhale lower It's pretty hard Inhale lift Exhale lower Shoulders stay down as the arms rise up narrow the ribs in the front of the body The last two it's an inhale to lift and an active

Aloha final one here and Hill up Exhale down take it all the way up Let's take a butterfly stretch soles of the feet together sit tall and fold into it if you push your elbows into your knees allow those inner thighs to open up and Then let's take it over into some legwork So we'll lay down on our left side Legs will be extended long Your left hand will support your head Push your right hand into the mat This will be your stability glue your legs together squeeze your inner thighs and your glutes lift both legs up at the same time lower both legs down both legs lift both legs lower now You're using this right hand a lot to create some stability in the body if you lift the hand up It will be more challenging It might feel like your hips can't stay stacked on top of one another We're really trying to maintain The hips stacked on top of each other Collarbone is wide neck is completely relaxed in your hands come let's go for about five more see how high you can lift those legs up for four and final three Don't forget about your core

Make sure it's tight last two now You hold your legs up on one you'll lift Just your right leg up and lower it down Squeeze into the outer right thigh Make sure the knee and toes face directly forward We're not trying to turn that leg out here You're pinching into your right abductor If you're advancing you're keeping that left bottom leg lifted working the inner thigh of that guy But it's an axial in and up and it inhale add a little sweat going on in my eyes All right, let's find about five more here reaching long through your feet creating more links out of your hips Last two Last one you'll keep your right leg up at hip height Squeeze your left leg to it tap your left leg to the mat lift your left leg up lower it down Bottom leg squeezes up like he's trying to pop a balloon in between your legs I'm an inhale it taps down See if you can lift the whole left leg up Try not to let that left knee bend keep it completely straight lift from the upper inner thigh on that left leg all right, let's go last six and Final five and Four First three and two Last one both knees bent send your hips back

Bring your knees in front of your chest And then heels will stay connected just your right knee lifts and lowers for our clams push the right knee to the side lower it down as you push your right knee to the sky you're Squeezing into your right glute now make sure is that as this knee opens up your hips don't rock back It's completely not what we want to do as the knee lifts imagine There's a wall right behind your back and you can't roll anywhere keeping that stability in our pelvis Contract into that right glute as you lift your knee Okay, let's find our last three Last one Hold your knee up pushed your thigh back Squeeze your glute 10-second whole contract into the muscles in the legs pinch the heels heavily into one another last four three Two one lower the knee down now, you'll lift the feet up keep the heels connected just the knee will lift up and lower down So this will be a little bit harder than the first one if you need a modify you'll stick with that first Exercise we did by keeping your feet down on the mat Keep those heels pinched together Make sure that your right hip is not Creeping up so there should not be like a crunchiness in the right side of your waist You want to keep the length And let's find about four more everyone went strong glutes were three Last you Final one ear hold at me I push the knee towards the back wall firm the thighs squeeze your like glute last ten nine eight seven Keep those heels up, six five four three two, and one good work second side Let's take it on over We'll be laying on our right side this time The legs are long in line with the body right hand supports the Hat You'll be propped up on your elbow flex your feet and push your left hand into the mat on your exhale lift both legs up inhale lower both legs down exhale to lift inhale to lower Upper neck muscles are relaxed Make sure by pushing into the left hand that this left shoulder is not getting all cranked up into your ear Draw the left shoulder down and on to the back body Legs are tightly squeezed together as if they are one tighten into your glutes squeeze the inner thighs and Firm the knees but exhale on the up inhale on the down I Draw the core into the back body that'll help with the stability here Let's go last four Seeing how high you can lift those legs up while keeping the balance Final innie or hold the legs lifted you'll lift just the left leg up and lower it down Now take a peek at your left knee in foot They should face directly forward towards me towards the camera Towards the video Squeeze into that outer left hip as you lift Remind yourself to not let the bottom leg drop down

It's to stay working should feel that right inner thigh May be shaking at this point Whoop Don't lose your balance Okay, let's go last eight stick with me and seven first six Final five And for three last two and One hold your leg hip height the bottom leg squeezes up and then it taps the mat exhale lift inhale It'll lower right leg squeezes to meet the left and then it lowers down challenge yourself to get it all the way up there Keep the link through that right leg extend through the knee push through your heel Lifting from that upper inner thigh Let's fight our last six here but as if you're popping something between your legs And we'll go for our last four Maybe lift that top leg an entire challenge yourself last Two-on-one taking it into our clams back your hips ups Your low back is slightly arched bend your knees in front of your hips heels stay connected Just the left knee open squeeze the left glute and then tap it down So this is one of those exercises Where you'll probably feel it if you don't squeeze your butt, but if you contract into the muscles and could do that mind-body connection Really think about what you're doing You really will get better results out of it Keep the length sending your lap tip out of your left ribcage No oblique crunching here You can always challenge yourself by bringing your top hand to your hip to create more instability in the body Low belly it's tight and ribs are pulling together in the front of your body, let's go last four and three Final two last one hold that knee up push push push squeeze that left glute squeeze your heels We're a holding here for eight seven six five Four three two, and one lower that knee down heel stay connected lift your feet up now We'll take it back into our clams

If you need a modify You'll keep your feet down on the mat But really push with resistance As if something a heavy is sitting on your outer thigh and you're trying to press it up Head exhale on the lift inhale on the lower Good you're almost there you got about five left and four fir three Last two hips say step push that left knee to the sky squeeze your left glute in second hold Pressure into those heels make sure they're connected squeeze your inner thighs final five four three two and one Whew good work Okay, guys We're gonna take it in to some bridging you lie flat down on your back Knees are bent feet are planted hips distance apart and parallel Neutral spine so tailbone is heavy low back to the right little curve in it our natural lumbar curve Collarbone is wide on your exhale Push your hips to the ceiling squeeze your gluts inhale tap the mat Exhale lift inhale lower Maintain the length in the spine was this tucking your hips like so keep your pelvis Elongated reach your hips to your heels Now

Let's pick that pace up It's a quick tap to the mat and then a quick exhale at the top We'll go ten from here Keeping the collar bone wide Taking the chin away from the chest Last five and then we'll be holding it up at the top Squeeze your inner thighs together as if there's a ball in between your legs Hold your hips high and then small pulses up an inch and down an inch up an inch and down an inch Upper back is pushing into the floor two wide in the front of the chest Last two and one hips to the mat He'll stay down toes will lift up and then you'll lift your hips to the ceiling lower your hips back down Dig your heels into the mat Drag your heels to your butt without actually moving them finding the isometric Contraction in those hamstrings and then let's pick that pace up again still staying a neutral spine back is flat like a board and We're quickly lifting up and down Hug your knees in word finding an isometric contraction in those inner thighs last four three Two hold it high and pulse it up up an inch and down an inch every time your hips Let's wheeze into your glutes Lift that navel in and up toward your chest Last four bowls of guys Three-to-one hips to the map Kalea your feet toes down healed up like you're wearing a high-heeled shoe Back into your ridging hips up hips down toes are on the floor Like you're doing a calf raise heels are off of the mat Even weight spread throughout the knuckles of the toe So make sure you're not rolling just onto the big toe or just onto the pinky toe and Then we'll pick that pace up up an inch and down an inch And you should start to feel those inner thighs here Let's go last five and four birth three and You keep it lifted on one show me those little pulses keep your sits bones gathered together the back of your body Heels are as high as you can keep them last five pulses four three Two hips stay high lower and lift the heels for ten nine keep sending the pelvis to the ceiling final five and four third three and two and one Lower the heels down lower the hips down and then roll rock yourself all the way up and we'll come into a plank Everybody's favourite actually is my favorite So hands underneath shoulders toes will touch behind you If you're modifying, you'll lift yourself up just by hovering your knees off the mat Keep your belly lifted, if you're advancing step it all the way out into a plank Make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders Push the ground away from you bliss lift your chest to your back body and reach your chest forward From here, we'll go for single leg kicks You'll kick your right heel to your butt twice kick kick and stretch it out Left foot kicks in kick kick and stretch it out exhale exhale long inhale Exhale exhales so long inhale as you drive your heel to your butt your acting and cheer Hey, I'm straight

So similar muscle engagement of that last exercise squeeze your butt squeeze the back of the legs Kick kick inhale lengthen Stay with me Make sure you're breathing here If you ever need to drop those knees down and modify for a moment do so and then hop Right back in You got about 20 seconds left Final 10 And I Last time, here we go Finish it up Keep that pelvis still One more each side one to the right and one to the left Bend your knees Good work guys Let's get ready for some cardio

We're gonna bring it up to standing modify by find my girl over here advanced by sticking with me Okay, guys, it's cardio time, we'll start with a modified on ping Jack arms open tap your leg out to the side We bring it all the way back together So at any time you need to catch your breath or modify a little bit This is where I want you to have Otherwise, let's take it up into a regular jumping jack Remember to land softly on those knees We're really tall through the spine and our core is still engaged It's Pilates cardio so remember the principles Keep those muscles engage to protect your knees and your low back But if you want to pick the pace up Feel free How you doing over there, she's God we're good So all of this cardio will be some jumping-jack variations, so if you ever need a modify stick with her otherwise We'll take it into scissoring the legs

So the legs will jump forward and back As our arms continue to open and close just like a regular jumping jack I'm smiling I hope you're smiling make sure you're breathing This is the end of the workout might be harder for some people getting that heart rate up, but I know you can do it Okay, we're gonna take it to Criss crossing the legs will jump open everything crosses open leg drop Everytime alternates which leg crosses in front? Then you can pick that pace up Squeeze your inner thighs at those legs meet And maybe picking that pace up because you know, you're near the end final stretch here Pushing through it working hard You'll feel so good after this I Always find it funny that I have so much more energy after I exercise kind of counterintuitive We'll take it back to that modification tap it out and catch your breath And whenever you're ready let's jump back into it regular jumping jacks here Going to get back to those scissors jumping back in front with our legs arms move up and down Let's take it sideways to the left And take it sideways to the right Good let's move into those criss-cross jumps everything opens leg cross everything opens legs crops inhale exhale Move with your breath no red face is here just smiley faces Good let's count it down Ten nine eight seven six five Four three two, and one back to our modified jumping jack recovery Catching up wrap deep inhales and exhales and moving through it We've got one more time through and you have done it Let's pick it up find that jumping jack soft landing on the balls of the feet Knowing this is your last round

How much do you have left to give and give it? Let's pick that piece up here we go Crane come out And you try to really blast that heart rate up burn tons of calories In fact, you did all the Pilates move So you got all the tone And it'll show up Take it to our scissor jumps legs jump forward and back arms go in and out Keep that pace quick Okay, laughs smooth here guys criss-cross those legs crank him out Make them quick Keep your form Nice toss mine shoulders down Breathe through it 20 seconds to go and you're done out in it Good work girls last ten laps eight Seven six five four three two, and one let's slow it down Top it in and out Let the heart rate recover Deep inhales and exhales Okay, let's take it to a March Whoo good work guys Let that Harvey to come down for another 20 seconds

Let's take it into our cool down in just a moment Couple step our legs really wide apart turn your toes and knees out then deeply in over to this right knee if You can go a little deeper for your flexibility hands come down to the floor Turn your left knee to the sky sit low in your hips And we'll take it all the way over to the other side bend that left knee sink lower if you're very flexible Right knee spins to the ceiling try to keep that left heel pushing towards the ground Just this tall Bring it all the way back up to Center cans plant underneath your waist pull your chest forward of your hands flat back Walk your hands over to that right foot no to me And then take it all the way over to that left foot nose to me Good walk it back to Center pop those feet together Roll it all the way up Nice work guys Thanks for joining us This is Jim Ron

That was Pilates and cardio

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