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(uptempo music) – Hey guys, this is Floss from East River Pilates I'm here with Well and Good, taking you through a 30-minute full-body Pilates workout

This is a perfect series to do if you're stuck at home It doesn't require any props and you can do it absolutely anywhere Let's get started Starting off with your squat, we're gonna place your feet underneath your hips Stack your ribcage on top of your pelvis below

Relax the arms by your sides, extending out through the fingers Breathe in and when you breathe out let's sit back into a squat Reach your arms up away from you, squeeze your glutes and stand back up again Think about sending the sitz bones back, back into space, keeping the chest nice and lifted Reaching the bottom back with the fingertips forward

As you come down into a squat, keep the abdominals tight Think about drawing them through the ribcage and let's come down and hold on your next one Here, reaching up with your fingertips Relax your shoulders away from your ears Wrap your abdominals in around the waist, pulling your bellybutton in towards your spine

Let's start to pulse Let's get a little deeper into those quads A little deeper into those glutes As you pulse feel that little lift controlling those bum muscles, those glutes below You're gonna take this to another: five, four, three, two, one, and let's hold

Hold, pushing back through the bottom, reaching out through the fingertips And let's stand up Your arms come down by your side Give your body a little shakeout Reach those arms forward

Relax your shoulders down away from your ears And coming into our heel raises Breathe in to prepare and as you breathe out press the big toes down to the mat below, rise up to the tiptoes Breathe in to come back down Breathe out to rise up to tiptoes

Breathe in to come down Feel that as your coming up you're extending, not only through the ankles, you're squeezing your calve, quad, glutes Those abdominals are nice and tight around your waist On your next one come up, hold up and stay up Zip your abdominals up through the middle

Hold your balance Squeeze your ankles a little towards one another and hold it as you open your arms out to the side, keeping those shoulders relaxed away from the ears You feel just a little burn coming to those calf muscles? Try and stay nice and still and steady Nice and smooth with your breath We're gonna take one more and then reach those arms out in front

Keep those heels lifted Coming back to that squat again, putting the two together, let's send the bottom back Keep your heels lifted Squeeze for the glutes to come back to the top taking another four

As you move through, think about keeping your ankles squeezing towards one another Pressing those big toes down into the mat And let's take that final one, come down, hold down Lift your heels, pull your ankles towards one another, your knees in Push your bottom back, let's stand tall

Bring those arms down and give your body a shake on out Moving around and coming to a lunge series, we're gonna take your left foot forward Take your right foot back A big step distance between the two Have equal weight on the front and the back foot and lift that back heel up, so you're pressing down through the big toe on that back foot

Square yourself up to a point in front, pulling back through your left hip Draw in through your waist, tuck under with the tail And let's come down into our first lunge Bend through the back knee Think about your body going straight down like an elevator and squeeze through your quads and your glutes to come back up

Breathe in to come down and breathe out to come up We're gonna take another three Smooth and steady with your breath Come up and hold up We're going to straighten out through the back leg, bend through the front and bring your body out into a hinge

This exercise is all about firing up through the glute and the quad on that front leg Straighten out through the back leg, pull back through, keeping the pelvis on that front-side, and now let's reach those arms out and away from you The higher you reach those arms, the more difficult that's going to be So you can reach them little bit lower if you need to here as well Keep drawing that front hip back, firing up through that glute

From here, let's lower your back heel down and then as you rise up to a tiptoe, reach up through your fingertips Shoulders are relaxed away from your ears And we're gonna stay here for 10 That means that you've got five to go As you take those final five keep pulling in through your belly, staying nice and tight around your waist

Keep pulling that left leg back and driving your front foot down and into the floor You're gonna take your final one: Lift up, hold up, stay up Hands come back to your hips Moving now to a curtsy lunge, you should be feeling that front left glute You're gonna bring your back foot across and just off the edge of your mat

Bend through both hips and knees and come down into a curtsy lunge Squeeze through both quads and glutes as you lift back to the top Breathing to come down and breathing out to push up Keep circling back with that front hip Try and keep and open up through the hips and the pelvis

And from here, have you've got another five in you? As you keep working, keep that work in that front glute, in that front quad We're gonna take another two Gonna take another one, hold it Can you hold it here for five, breathe through it Four, three, two, one, and then step those feet together

Reach those arms up, reach those arms down Give those legs a little shake out and we're gonna come over to the other side Starting with our high lunge this time, the right leg stays forward and your left leg steps back Nice big step between the two Find that you're nice and strong with your back toe on the back foot

And your front foot, you're hitting through your heel, your big toe on the outside of the foot Relax your shoulders, tuck the tail and find a more neutral spine You've got just a little arch in the low back From here we're gonna come straight down into that lunge Bending through the front hip and the back knee

Squeeze through the glutes and come back up Breathe in to come down, breathe out to come up As we work through this second side, maybe we can vary those arms We reach those arms forward as we come down, squeeze to cause the glutes to come back up again As you work here you've got five to go

Stay long through the back of the neck so you're drawing in through your ribs and belly in the front of the body We're gonna take another two Take another one And then from here those hands come to your hips Straighten out through the back leg, bend more into that front knee

Pulling back through that right glute, that front glute You're gonna feel that work in that front quad Feel that work in that front glute Now take those hands and reach them out away from you Parading them as long as you can from that back toe out to the fingertips

And here we work through 10 of those calf raises As you lower that heel down, keep stretching out with your fingertips As you lift that heel up and down, try and keep that ankle nice and neutral We are stretching out from your fingertips, out to that big toe below, staying long through the body as you go We're gonna take just another four

Another three Keep the work in that front leg And then after your final one here, we'll lift up, hold up, those hands come back to your hips, you're almost there We're gonna come into that curtsy lunge That back left foot is gonna step across and off the mat

Square yourself up, find something in front of you And then from here we're going to bend through your hips and knees Squeeze through your quads and glutes to stand back tall Breathe in to come down and breathe out to squeeze back up again Think about keeping that front knee rotated nice and open

And you're gonna work through your final five here Smooth and steady with your breath, your shoulders away from the ears, drawing around your waist And we're taking two more We're taking one more Come up, hold up

Step those legs together and give those legs a shake on out And let's stretch the back of those legs We're gonna take your chin to your chest, we'll round through our back and roll on down towards the floor Reaching those hands out towards the floor and give those legs a little bit of shake from side to side We're ready to come into your first plank

Ground those hands to the floor, heavy through the heel Through knuckles, through your fingertips And you're gonna step your feet back and find your first plank Feet are about hip distance apart Think about pulling your belly in and wrapping your core around your waist

Shoulders away from your ears and your collarbones away from the knuckles below Smooth and steady as you breathe, and then let's keep working into those glutes You're gonna float your left leg up off the floor til you get up high Lower it back on down again And then swapping to the other side

Staying smooth and steady with your breath as you go Think about lifting your chest away from your knuckles below Press your knuckles into the mat Finding length out through the crown of the head, so we've got the longest body We're gonna take one more on each side

And then we're gonna hold Whenever you're in your plank, remembering this is how we want our posture to be in standing Never slumping through the chest or rounding through that upper back Let's go across now into our side plank Take both heels down, you'll then lift that left hand up and reach it towards the sky

The shoulders are away from your ears And drive the outer edge of both feet into the floor below That right outside of the foot is pressing in, lift up through that bottom hip, through the waist, through the ribs And squeeze in underneath your right underarm From here we're gonna dip those hips

We're gonna take five Breathe in as you let those hips dip, and breathe out and squeeze up Feel yourself lifting through your bottom hip and the bottom waist (exhales) We're gonna take another three Another two, shoulders away from the ears, nice and long through your neck

That's your final one, you're gonna hold it here Hold, or if you'd like to try something a little harder try and stack your feet on top of one another From here we can then also float that top leg up and hold it for five, four, three, two and one Set that front foot back forward again, lower down onto your bottom knee and stretch out through the bottom side of the body From here we're gonna take your top hand to your top hip

Relax your head down onto your arm, relax your shoulders away from your ears And we've got about a 90 degree bend in our knees will work We're gonna breathe in, and as you breathe out draw the belly in and lift the bottom side of your waist up, away from the floor below As you breathe out, float your top leg off the leg below and slowly lower back down again Breathing out you squeeze up, breathing in you come down

As we move, try and feel you're only moving from the hip joint here itself We're staying really nice and long through the waist Really still through the waist and the pelvis And as always, lifted through that waist below Firing up through the deep abdominals muscles, firing up through the obliques

We've got another two here and then we're going to hold Holding here, maybe a quick reset Roll the top hip forward a little bit more and you should feel a little bit more intensity comes into that glute medius; that muscle that sits in the side, in the back of the hybrid pelvis We're going to stretch the leg out straight, push the leg out away from you Relax the shoulders away from your ears

Pull your toes back towards your nose and keeping that pelvis nice and still, we're gonna then start to roll some circles with that leg To make it easier, it's smaller And to make it harder, it's going to be a bigger circle Whatever you can manage, but keep the pelvis still Keep the waist drawn in

The waist nice and tight We have to work through three more here, brings you up to 10 Smooth and steady with that breathing Can you feel that work in that glute? And then hold, we're not done just yet We're gonna take it back the other way

So circle that heel up and over; forward Squeezing the glute as you lift it up and down, as it comes around Again smooth and steady with the breath Relax the shoulders and every breath out, it's an opportunity to tighten up a little bit more around your waist We're taking just another three, and two, and one

Now hold that leg up and back, squeeze Think about pushing your heel to the back corner of the room Pull the ribs in a little bit more and then we're gonna float the leg up and down, nice and quick, with control, 10 times Just really putting the last bit of work into that glute You're taking four, three, two, one, and then bend that knee, float it back on in, and give it a tap

Give it a little bit of love We're going to stretch out a little bit through your body here Push up into your mermaid We're gonna reach the right arm out to the side Reach the top hand up and over, lengthening all the way down through the underside of the body that was just working so hard on the side plank

Lengthen out the other way Smooth and steady as we float from side to side And from here we're going to bring your feet over so you're creating the same shape on the other side We're coming right up into a side plank again So your left hand is down onto the floor

Your right foot's gonna be forward and then you're gonna step your left foot back and behind Bring that top arm up towards the roof, extend your fingertips up towards the sky Push shoulders away from your ears, find length through the neck The ribs are in, the belly's in We're lifting from that underside of the body and we're gonna take five dips here

Dip your hips down towards the floor and breathe out Squeeze up, lifting under the arm, under the ribcage, around the waist and from that bottom left glute We're gonna take just one more, lift up, hold up And then option to hold here Stack your feet to make it a bit more difficult and then maybe we take it up a notch higher

Bring that top leg up and hold five, four, three, two and one Bring that top leg down and let's lower down into your side series again So lower those hips down, you're gonna slide right down to your bottom arm Top hand comes to your top hip Lengthen that top hip away from you, creating space through that bottom side of the waist

Top hand comes up and is sitting on the side of your hip and pelvis so you can feel that glute medius is working nice and hard for you Relax the shoulders and we're going to come through that bent leg lift Float that leg out to hip height and then bring it down, back nice and slowly We're coming through 10 here and you've got eight to go Breathe out as you squeeze up through the side of that glute

Shoulders away from your ears And stay nice and tight the way I'm doing Raise five to go Breathe out as you squeeze through that glute If you can't feel that glute working as hard as you think you should, just roll that top hip forward a little bit more to bring a bit more intensity into it

We're taking another two, another one, hold that leg there and then stretch that leg out and away from you Quick check with your form: Roll the top hip forward, stay tight around the waist And then keeping that pelvis still you're gonna take 10 slow, steady circles, circling that heel around so that all movement comes from the hip joint And push that heel out and away from you as you go Feeling it again in that glute on the top side of the hip and pelvis and feeling it around the waist as your legs and your core work to stabilize the pelvis

We're taking another two, another one And then let's go back the other way so push that heel up and over and back, squeezing through the glute, extending out through that hip Squeeze through the core, making your leg is long and as straight as it can be Relax the shoulders away from the ears Steady with the breath, we're halfway through those

You've got about now four to go, and three You've got this! Try and keep that circle nice and big, nice and smooth and steady Take your final one and then that leg comes out Push the heel back 10 little pulses

Breathe through it, bringing just a little bit of extra work into those glutes You've got another five, three, two, one, hold And then bring that leg all the way back on in Again, give that glute a little tap Give yourself a little bit of love and let's push on up

From here we're gonna come up into your hover next So come on over onto your hands and knees by placing the hands straight and underneath the shoulders And your knees straight and underneath your hips behind Tuck your toes on your behind, shoulders away from your ears Look at the floor just past your fingertips

We're gonna breathe in to prepare and as you breathe out, tighten up through your waist, and hover those knees just an inch off the floor Try and find length through your spine, length through the back of the neck, as you hold here Smooth and steady with your breath Lower those knees back down Breathe in to prepare, and as you breathe out, let's hold back up again

If that's hard enough, you're gonna stick and hold that Or to make it a little bit more challenging, step back out to your plank, get those hips nice and level and then walk back on in again, not letting those knees come down in between Nice and long through the back of the neck, keep your ribs in and keep your belly nice and tight If you've been leading with the same leg each time, let's change it up, leading with the other leg as you come in and out And we're gonna take another three planks

Smooth with the breath, try not to hold your breath as you go Another two, and then coming out to your final one Chest is up, shoulders out of the way from your ears, pull in through your core Think about squeezing your big toes towards one another Fire up through the inner thigh muscles

And we're here for three, two, one, and slide one knee in Bring the other knee in and give yourself a big break Set your bottom down towards your heels into a little child's pose here Relax your shoulders Then you close your eyes for a moment

Nice and smooth and steady with the breath Come back on up again We come back to four point kneel again Again checking you've got a nice box shape here with your shoulders right over the wrists Hips right over the tops of your knees

If you get sore on wrists, think about really pushing down through the knuckles, spread the hands out, press down through the fingertips to help yourself Take a bit of a load off the wrists As you go through if it gets too much, feel free to come up to a gorilla grip just to help you take a little bit more load off as well We're going to start off here, you're going to extend one leg back behind you Tighten through the core and as you breathe out, extend one leg back behind you, squeeze that leg and lift it up to hip height

Gonna slide that leg back on in and swap on over to the other side As you go from side to side, noticing what's happening with your upper body We wanna keep the chest lifted, we wanna stay long through the back of the neck and keep the pelvis nice and still and steady in space If you feel like you're progressing through pretty well then, let's take it up a notch Let's reach the opposite arm out with the opposite leg

Float everything back on down And we're not changing the shape of the spine, ribs, waist or pelvis, we change from side to side As we move through, can you push out through the knuckles, squeeze through your glutes so that everything up away from the floor just a little bit more? Smooth and steady with the breath You squeeze through your underarm muscles, keeping yourself stable around the shoulder joint Taking one more with the arm and the leg, and then let's reach up, hold out and stay out

Just for five here, you're gonna keep yourself strong and steady, tap down to the mat, squeeze through the back of the glute, through the back of the shoulder and work further into those extensor muscles of that body Lift up, hold up, stay up And slide on in, ready for five on the other side Lengthen out through your fingertips Lengthen out through your toes

Tighten through your core and come down for five, four, breathe out as you lift up Take another two Take another one and come on down Let's turn now over, continuing to work through your glutes, through your core, coming down and onto your back Roll down onto your back

Place your hands down by your side and flip the palms up Flipping the palms up so the palms reach towards the sky Feet hip distance apart And let's tuck under with the pelvis Pulling up through the pelvic floor, those Kegel muscles, drawing in through your deep abdominals muscles

And then tuck the tail, squeeze the glutes and push up into your first bridge here In your bridge we never wanna feel that it's uncomfortable for the lower back Tuck under for the pelvis if you feel like you're arching quite a lot into that lower back Let's think about pushing your feet down into the floor And think about pulling your heels towards you to fire up a little bit more room in the back of those hamstrings

If this is pretty easy for you to be here we can make this whole series harder by having your arms reaching up toward the sky Here let's take 10 pulses through to our bridge You're going to breathe in as you dip down, breathe out as you press the hips to the sky Breathe as you press those hips to the sky and feel that you're pushing through the hamstrings, through the glutes But you're keeping the ribs and the belly pulled in from the front

We're going to take another five, four, use your breath as you go You should be squeezing through that back line of the body Another two, another one and hold Here your arms can be up, or to make it a little bit easier, bring those arms down by your side Keep the pelvis nice and still and steady and then float one leg up to tabletop position so in a single leg bridge

Float that leg back on down again and then swap over to the other side As we go from side to side, try and keep the pelvis nice and still and steady in space Try not to let it rock and roll from side to side Keep driving up through the hips and you're gonna feel your hamstring has to work harder when you come into the single leg bridge We'll take one more on each side

One more on that left side And then hold in bridge Reach those hands up to the sky, tuck under with the tail, squeeze the hamstring and squeeze the glutes Breathe in to prepare and as we breathe out we take our arms over the head Breathe in, those arms reach back up to the sky

Breath out, those arms reach over the head As we take the arms over the head you wanna feel there's more intensity popping to the glutes There's more intensity coming to those hamstrings, keep pulling your heels back towards the bottom And feel that lifting the arms overhead makes you want to lift your ribcage, try and keep your ribs in, keep the belly tight Well let's move to another three

Breathing out as those arms go overhead And then again hold Bring those arms down by your side Again, we float one leg to single tabletop here, we're gonna pulse those hips up and down for five, four, three Breathe out and push up through those hips, squeeze the glutes and hamstrings

Bring that leg back down Final exercise here for the glutes, we're gonna float the left leg up Breathe in as you do and push up for five Pushing up through the foot Through the hamstrings and the glutes

Take you five and lift up, hold up, bring that leg up, hold your bridge, reach your hands to the sky and roll down one vertebrae at a time And then tuck those knees in towards your chest This should feel real nice on your low back and your glutes Giving your back a little massage into the floor there and a little stretch in the glutes and the back of the body From here we're gonna give those glutes a rest and let's finish off coming into some work for our abdominals

Feet come down to the floor, we're gonna bring those hands, make a little hammock with those hands, and place that in behind the back of your head Placing the top of the neck at the bottom of the head into the those hands Breathing in, and as you breathe out, lift through your Kegel muscles, the pelvic floor, drawing through your waist and pull yourself up into your first Pilates sit-up I'm gonna hold it here as we breathe out Bring one leg and then two legs right up into a double tabletop position

Breathing in to prepare, and as you breathe out, tap one toe down towards the floor, alternating from side to side Try and keep the pelvis nice and still and steady as those legs alternate from side to side Keep drawing your belly button in towards your spine, keep those ribs in, keep your waist nice and tight Head, neck and shoulders relaxing into the hands We're gonna take one more on each side

And then hold your double tabletop position here Breathing in you let your body come down and breathing out, curl up We're gonna do 10 of your Pilates sit-ups here We're coming through nine As you breathe out, pull your belly in

Think about continuing to tuck a little bit under with the pelvis, lifting through the chest, not through the chin And drawing the ribs and belly in nice and tight We're coming through another five, four Breathe in as you come up Hands stay long through the back of the neck

Come up, hold up, stay up You're going to finish off your abs here by bringing one knee in towards your chest, stretching your leg out away from you Elbows away from the body, shoulders away from your ears Moving through 10 to finish off We're gonna breathe in and when you breathe out you're gonna swap and hold the other knee in

(exhales) Breathe in to swap, breathe out to hold (exhales) Try to keep your chest up Try to keep that belly drawn right on in And we're taking another four, three Long through the back of the neck

Two, one, and then lower all the way back down Let those hands reach out to the side Give those knees a nice big spinal twist from side to side Twisting those knees from side to side Stretching out through the lower back with knee out through the chest and let your breathing slow down

Slow and steady through those breaths as we come to the end of the 30-minute session Guys, we made it! We made it to the end of class I hope you're feeling good I can definitely feel it through my glutes and through my abs Thanks very much for watching and subscribe to Well and Good

We look forward to seeing you next time

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