30 Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 9 – Upper Body

[Music] Hey guys! It's Robin from The Balanced Life Welcome back to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge

We've got an upper body workout today, so go ahead and start at the end of your mat, standing nice and tall, knees slightly bent, and feet hip distance apart Just take a minute to find your posture We'll take a nice big inhale and as you exhale, just feel the shoulders relax down the back Good Another big inhale

This time as you exhale nod your chin towards your chest and just let yourself roll forward Again, knees are a little soft You don't want them locked Let your head hang, your arms hang Take a nice big inhale, exhale draw your belly to your spine, and stack your way back up again, shoulders dropping down the back

Take a nice big inhale, and exhale roll it forward Just nice and easy here, a little warm-up for the spine, for the hamstrings Let the head hang heavy, loosen up your neck, and roll it back up again Let's do two more because it just feels so good Take a nice big inhale, exhale rolling forward

Good Just notice if you're holding any tension in your body Try to let that go right now Draw your belly to your spine as you stack your way back up And we'll do one more, nice and easy, rolling forward

Good Inhale, exhale to engage the core, stack your spine back up, and relax the shoulders down the back We're going into the Pilates push-up so I'll walk you through it Take a nice big inhale As you exhale, roll it forward

You're going to walk it out into a plank in three, two, one You can either stay here or you can lower to your knees for three tricep push-ups We go three, two, and one Back to plank and walk it in three, two, one, roll it up slowly So the point here is to be using those abs to help you stay in control

So let's roll it forward, walk it out three, two, one Three tricep push-ups for three, two, one Plank position, here's where the abs come in–pull them in to help you get back up Round up nice and slow Good

Three more times here Roll forward, walk it out three, two, one Three push-ups Three, and two, and one Plank position, abs in, three, two, one

Roll it up slowly Nicely done Here we go forward three, two, one, and push-up Push, and two, and one Find that strong plank, abs pull in, and up

Good Last one Roll it forward, walk it out three, two, one Three push-ups Three, two, and one

And find your plank, bring it back up one last time Nicely done All right, feeling warm? Ready to move on Roll it forward, walk it out, lower your knees, and turn to face me We're going to go into a side plank

In a side plank you want to make sure that your elbow is directly under your shoulder, not underneath you That's dangerous for that shoulder joint there So bring it out so it's wide enough, and I want you to think of your support coming from underneath you So lift up with that shoulder blade strong on the rib cage Take a nice big inhale here

As you exhale, lift up into your side plank See how I'm pushing away from the ground Reach your arm to the ceiling If you need a modification here, go ahead and just lower that bottom leg for a little bit of support Otherwise coming into your full plank, good, and we're going to add an arm here

We're going to touch the mat and reach it up Now if you wanted to you could add a little weight here for a little bit more of a challenge Otherwise you can just do your arm movement like I'm doing Either way is fine Good

Five more Stay lifted out of that shoulder joint, and three, two, good, one, reach it up, lower yourself down Now from here this is a side tricep push-up So you're going to tuck your bottom arm underneath you, wrap it around your waist Top hand is going to come right in front of you

Now keep your shoulders squared off towards me Take an inhale and as you exhale, press the ground away from you as you lift up We're going to do that ten times So this is two, this is three, good, and four So you're feeling that right in the back of that top arm

Harder than it looks, right? Good And if you know me at all, I lose count a lot so let's go for four more Four, and three, and two, last one, one Good Just from here swing your legs around so we can do the other side

We're going all the way to your side plank I almost missed that That would be a bummer, wouldn't it? All right, take your arm so it's directly under your shoulder, maybe a little wider, so you've got that good base of support Take a nice big inhale here and as you exhale, lift the hips, reach the top arm to the sky So you want to keep your head in line with your spine here

Watch out for this It actually makes it harder It wants to throw your balance off So if everything stays in line, it's going to be easier Squeeze your inner thighs, reach through the legs, reach through the arms

Let's add the arm for ten, and nine, good, eight, seven Or you could add a weight here for an extra challenge if you wanted to Five, four, hang in there, you're doing awesome, three, two, and one Reach to the sky, lower down We'll go into our tricep push-ups

So lay yourself down, wrap your bottom arm around your waist, top hand comes right in front of you Take a nice big inhale Exhale press the ground away Now if you're like me, you're going to find that one side feels a lot stronger than the other This one feels super weak in comparison

So just do the best you can and make note of that so you know where you need to balance out your body Oooh, this is hard Six, and seven, and eight, nine One more time, and ten Good

Roll over onto your tummy for a little bit of swan, again just for those upper back muscles, trying to get that posture back in a good place So place your hands directly under your shoulders Nice big inhale and as you exhale, just lift and lengthen Good And lower back down

Again not a lot of weight on your hands You could lift your fingertips here, and lower down, and lift Good Lower down, reach your arms forward, and your legs back Now lift everything up off of the mat, so arms are lifting, head is lifting

Reach long long long through the fingertips and the toes We're going to start swimming here So we inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale This is fantastic for the back of the body–those shoulders, triceps, hamstrings–the whole body really Keep breathing here

It's in, in, out, out, in, in, out, out One more breath, and reach, and lower it down Nice job Push yourself up into a down dog position So just get into a nice stretch here

If you need to kind of pedal out the legs, you can do that And then you're going to turn your fingertips inward so they face one another Set the shoulders strong on the back for a down dog push- up You're going to bend your elbows and push the ground away Bend, and press

Three, four, five, good, the lower you can go the better, seven, eight, harder than it looks, nine, and ten Lower your knees, sit yourself back into a rest pose So take a few breaths here Just let yourself relax Breathe into the back of the rib cage

Take a nice big inhale, and exhale release tension from your body Nice big inhale, and exhale relax One more big breath Good, and then slowly come back to a seated position You guys are done for the day! Nice job

I'll see you back here for your next workout very soon

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