30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 23 – Upper Body

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge Today's upper body workout is going to feel really good

I've incorporated some nice juicy stretches along with, of course, some strength challenges So get started with me just sitting with your legs stacked over to the side You're going to take one arm out This is going to be a nice mermaid stretch So your top arm rests on your ankle and as you stretch up and over, you're going to bend your elbow and just come up and over into a nice stretch

So stay stacked if you can We're not twisting over, we're staying right on top of ourselves, lengthening from fingertip down through that top hip So you want to just really think of length here And you're going to push yourself up with your bottom hand, stretch up and over to the other side This should feel really good along that under rib cage and your waist

A really nice stretch for those obliques We're going to go again here Come to a long diagonal line, bend and come up and over, good, and push and stretch up and over to the other direction Good Now from here take that top hand, bring it to your head, flip the palm to the ceiling, and push and reach

You're going to get that really nice stretch all along the side of the body, and come back up Let's just flip around to the other side So the legs are stacked Doesn't that feel good? Find your nice long diagonal line, bend your bottom arm as you come up and over into a side stretch, just feeling that length on the top side of the body Push the ground away from you and stretch up and over to the other side

Good And again, long diagonal line, bend the elbow as you come up and over Really really great for the spine And push up, counter stretch up and over Good

And if you need to, take your legs wider if you're feeling a little bit tight It's totally fine Take your palm to your head, flip the palm to the ceiling, and push and reach You're going to feel that really deep stretch, good, and then just bring it back around Doesn't that feel so good? All right, we're warmed up, we're ready to go into our challenge of strength here

So come onto all fours and find a long neutral spine So you've got your shoulders directly over your wrists, your knees directly under your hips The belly button is drawing up towards your spine so you are really supported Watch out for this position Come into a nice long line

From here take your right arm and reach it out, and just place it back down Left arm comes up, and back down So can you do this staying really centered and strong? So you're not shifting your weight side to side, you're staying really centered, really balanced, lots of control Good One more time on the left

Good, and then reach the right arm up and just hold it there So I want you to think of connecting– this is going to sound weird–but connect your right armpit to your left hip bone mentally That's your sling system It's going to keep you balanced Take your left leg back, rest it on the ground

And then if you want more of a challenge, bring it up so it's in line with your body So more beginner is down here, more advanced is all the way up Now push into that left hand so you feel really balanced From here we're going to pulse it up for ten, nine, eight, seven, arm and leg, five Good, now find center

Now the left leg comes out to the side as the arm comes out to the side, and then switch it back So you're just challenging your balance and your support through the upper body Good This is three, it's harder than it looks This is four, we're doing eight

Draw the belly button towards your spine, stay strong, last one like this Good, and bring it back down Let's go to the other side So the left arm comes up, the right leg goes back You can either keep it resting on the mat or you can bring it all the way up for more of a challenge

Keep your head in line with your spine Let's pulse up ten, don't forget to breathe, two, one Now from here arm and leg go out to the side, swivel around, and reach back, and swivel, and reach Good Draw the rib cage up so you're not dropping

Reach I think four more? Let's do four more Sounds good to me Three, don't drop that leg, two, and one, good, and bring it down Let's do a quick rest pose just to get out of those hips

Sit back, take a deep breath Good And then come to a seated position So you're facing me Options here: You can use hand weights–I would say no more than three pounds, one to three pounds, or you can do it with me with no weights

So arms come to a tee, relax the shoulders, and let's just do a nice little series here So circle the arms forward for ten, nice strong arms I really want you to reach out through your fingertips so even if you don't have weight, resist as if you did have weight Good Reverse it for ten, abs are drawing in, good

If you've done any exercise with me before you know this one: We talk to the hand, which makes me just sound really old and outdated I realize that But that's what I want you to do Push it away, nice and strong Good

So you're really activating those triceps Good Four more Three, two, one Slice the air, so arms come up and you slice, and slice, strong shoulders, strong arms

Good Five, you're working your core here by sitting up nice and tall, and three, and two, and one Bring the arms to a tee It's like a lat pull So you reach up, and pull down, reach up, pull down

Really feel those shoulder blades working for you here Slide the shoulders down the back Good Four, remember just pretend like you have weight and you'll activate those muscles We're going to build those nice long lean muscles

Good Three more Two, one Now from here come into kind of ballerina arms so you've got a little round here and you're just going to pulse back, back, drawing those shoulder blades together Five, six, seven, you've got it, eight, nine, ten

Let's do it all again Arms come forward circle for ten, eight, six, good, four, three, two, one, reverse it Nice strong arms You can do this Hang in there with me

We talk to the hand So push, and push, and three, really strong, four, five, six, you got it, and ten Slice the air for ten, you're going to feel this right on top of your arms, right? And four, five, really strong, six, you got it, nine, ten Coming into our lat pull So we reach, and slide, reach, and slide

Three, four, don't arch your back, sit up nice and tall, six, there you go, and eight, nine, we've only got one more in this series, ready? Those ballet arms Squeeze the shoulder blades back, back, back, four, five, six, almost there, eight, nine, ten, and relax Nice job, you guys! Take a minute here to just do like a few shoulder rolls, kind of loosen up, make sure you didn't collect tension in the neck Good You're done for the day! You're doing so good

Remember to check in with me on social media–use the hashtag #30daypilatesbody I want to see you doing your workout Post a picture and I want to come cheer you on I'll see you back here on your mat very soon

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