30 Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 2 – Upper Body

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge Today I'm going to lead you through a quick upper body routine that will leave you feeling nice and open through your upper body, and we'll also work on some strength and stabilizing for the arms and shoulder joint

So let's get started lying on our back So go ahead and have your feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and just rest yourself down on your mat So take a minute to just get comfortable Close your eyes maybe for a second, feel your shoulders fall open and just allow yourself to kind of adjust and transition into your workout today Take a few big deep breaths

Nice big inhale, nice big exhale, letting go of all tension, feeling your back relax, your shoulders relax, even your jaw, your neck, and your fingertips Good From here go ahead and bring your arms up towards the ceiling Reaching towards the ceiling you're going to reach the fingertips so that the shoulder blades slide around the side of your rib cage, and then draw the shoulders back down into the mat So this is just a little warm-up

It's called a scapula glide Slide the shoulders around the rib cage, reaching to the sky, and slide them down and back Just trying to get that movement through that joint that often gets a little wonky It gets a little tight You get some knots underneath those shoulder blades

So just feel those shoulders sliding up and down and really it's more of a feeling of going around the rib cage That's how the shoulder blades glide on the body And then just let the shoulder blades rest comfortably into the mat and let's do some nice arm circles here So reach up, circle the arms around, and come up to the ceiling So you don't need to touch the ground

Maybe you can, maybe you can't It doesn't matter You just want to work within your own range of motion and what works for you So just circle, feel that nice opening in your chest Maybe some big deep breaths here

Good And then let's reverse the circle So sweep the arms up overhead, and down the front of the body Nice opening through the chest We'll do about five here

Breathing big, and two more Good One more time This also feels really good on the foam roller if you ever want to try that Reach the arms to the sky, take an inhale and as you exhale, nod your chin towards your chest, curl up to a nice seated position, and let your legs just come into a folded position in front of you

From here reach the arms out to the side as you reach the chest the sky, and flex the hands back And then round over to get that nice C curve in your spine So again we open and beam the chest forward, flexing the hands back, and then round it as you exhale Let's breathe with it here So we'll go inhale open, and exhale round and close

Inhale open, and exhale rounding over Just two more Open here so when we flex the arms back we get that nice opening There's a nerve that runs across the front of the body and that helps us to get into that for a really nice stretch Last one here

Open, and round and close Good Sitting tall take your hands back behind you Feet are going to come to a flat position on the floor, knees are bent So these are tricep dips

If you have trouble with your wrists, you may want to prop yourself up on a couch or a chair or otherwise you can do them down here on the mat with me Take a nice big inhale and as you exhale, lift your hips up off of the mat and just tuck your tailbone underneath you so you feel like you've got a rounded scooped belly From here bend the elbows and press up Bend and press

Good Three, try to keep your chest lifting towards the ceiling, and don't forget to breathe, six, seven, eight, nine, ten From here take your right leg, bring it to tabletop and bend, press, bend, press If this feels a little too advanced, then just keep that foot on the ground And four, and five, keep breathing, I know it starts to burn, seven, eight, nine, ten

Switching sides Left leg comes up for ten more And nine, and eight, seven, you got it, six, keep breathing, five, four, three, two, one, and place the foot down and sit yourself down Turning around for tricep push-ups So you have a choice here

You can come on to your knees or you can come into a full push-up position I'm going to stick on my knees here For tricep push-ups you want your body in a nice long line, belly button drawing towards your spine As you lower yourself down, the elbows graze the rib cage, and press back up It's a lot harder

Inhale down, exhale press up, inhale down, exhale press, four, five, six, good, seven, really breathe here, eight, and nine, it's hard after those tricep push-ups, and ten Go ahead and lower yourself down From here place your hands right underneath your shoulders Draw the shoulders back and rest your forehead on the mat Nice little swan here for the upper back

So think of yourself like a turtle reaching out of your shell and just lift up into a little upper back extension From there lower back down Nothing too fancy You're not even pressing with your hands There's no weight there

They're just resting on the mat You're using your upper back muscles to get into this position And lower down Let's do a couple more Think of lifting your belly button up off of the mat

And if you need to, you could pad yourself by putting a little towel underneath your pelvis to help your lower back Couple more Good On the next one we're going to add on So we reach up, toes are resting on the mat

You're going to shoot your arms forward, swimming them around to touch your side, and then returning to starting position So we swan up, reach forward, swim the arms around, and tuck everything back in We're going to do six like that Reach, good, swim, and down Three more

Lengthen the body Make those arm movements really strong and intentional Good Reach, and good, nice and strong in that upper back Last one

Lift up, reach, and push the arms back, and lower down All right, last exercise for the day Coming up into an elbow plank So forearms are on the mat and you're going to step your legs back into a plank position Lower the booty so it's in line with your spine and just hold

So planks are great for your abs but they're great for your shoulder stability as well So resist the urge to drop Press into the mat with your elbows Hold strong here You'll get really nice strength through your upper body

So just hold and breathe Good Lengthen through the crown of the neck, lengthen through the heels Two to three more breaths, how about? And one last big breath Good, and lower the knees

Let's go back into a nice rest pose So just reach the arms forward, hips back over your heels Hold here All right, you guys, you're done with Day Two of the Pilates Body Challenge You're doing awesome! I'll see you back here on your mat tomorrow

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