30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 16 – Upper Body

Hey guys! It's Robin from The Balanced Life Welcome back to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge

We've got an upper body workout planned for today It's going to leave you feeling a little tired but definitely stronger So go ahead and start seated on your mat with me, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands resting on your knees Just take a nice big inhale here and relax the shoulders down the back Take a few breaths to just transition from whatever you were doing before this workout

Just let yourself kind of connect with your body and how you're feeling today We'll reach the arms straight forward Take an inhale and as you exhale, tuck your tail underneath you and just round back about halfway So you've got your belly button drawing towards your spine, shoulders relaxed, and then just roll yourself back up to seated Again slide the sit bones forward, round back, inhale here, exhale to roll your way back up

Good Roll back You want to keep the shoulders nice and relaxed so avoid the temptation to slide them towards your shoulders or towards your ears And again roll back and hold Good

Sit nice and tall We'll do about four more like that Halfway back, abs draw in, roll back up to seated tall And back, and up Good

And just feel that deep connection here Belly button to spine Really engage those core muscles Last one like this and then we're going to add on Good, nice and tall

Roll back about halfway and just open one arm to face me, and then come back to center Let's go the other way Twist, and center Let's inhale, and exhale, inhale, and exhale Good

Abs are drawing in nice and deep here So this is a great warm-up because your core is getting warm and we're getting that nice rotation through the upper body here Getting the blood flowing, getting ready for a good workout, and twist Let's do two more sets Inhale, exhale, exhale

Last set Good Good, from here deepen that belly connection, roll your way up to a nice tall position You're going to take your hands back behind you This is a reverse plank

There are a couple of ways to do this More advanced, I'm going to have you keep your legs straight, take a nice big inhale, and as you exhale you're going to lift your hips up coming into a long line with your body So chest is reaching forward, abs are engaged Stay here if this works for you If you need a modification, if that doesn't feel right on your knees, just bend your knees a little bit and lift up this way, okay? So pick the position that works for you and just hold it, and really think of length through the entire body

This is fantastic You'll notice I'm already getting a little shake because it's an unusual position for us to be in So it works those smaller accessory muscles that don't get worked quite as much Let's take two more breaths Hold and breathe here

Good, and then just lower the hips down Okay, for this next exercise a little disclaimer It's a reformer exercise we brought to the mat called 10 Minute Stretch and based on your body shape, it can just be harder And it's also just hard So if you have shorter arms or if you have like I say a little more junk in the trunk, it can be harder to make this exercise work

Don't beat yourself up Just keep working towards it and modify it if you need to So we're going to take the hands behind the body, fingertips pointing towards your body Lift the hips up and from here you're going to straighten your leg You have to get a really deep scoop of the pelvis and belly here to send your hips through your arms, and then bring it back forward

Okay, so here those abs really have to lift, you have to slide your tailbone down the back of the legs, and bring it back up So this is three Swinging through, and bringing it forward Good This is four, and bring it forward, and this is five, deepen that abdominal connection, and up

Good Three more, you've got it A little shaking is normal I'm shaking right there with you Whoa! And bring it up

One more time, we can do it, and up Good, and lower the hips down All right, swing it around Let's give our wrists just a little bit of a stretch there because it can be kind of intense on the wrists A little bit of a twist

Good Coming forward onto an elbow plank So your hands are going to come to the mat, forearms to the mat, step your legs back, and lower your hips in line with your spine Good From here you're going to transfer your weight into your left arm and open with your right, come back through center

Switch sides, and back through center So what we're working on here is scapula stability Can you keep that shoulder blade strong on the back so that you don't lose your balance? If this is too hard for you, just stick to a center plank, all right? You're doing good, and twist We're going to do one more set And twist

Nice job Last one Twist Good, and come to your knees and your hands So coming into a nice cat stretch here

Hands are directly under your shoulders, knees are directly under your hips Take a nice big inhale As you exhale, tuck your tail, round your back Get that nice scoop of your belly, and come back through center Two more times

Rounding, nice big exhale, drop your head between your hands, and back through neutral One last time like that Get that really nice deep stretch through your upper back, and back through neutral From here take your left arm, thread it underneath your right arm and gently lean into it So this is a really nice stretch, twisting stretch, for the upper back

So just kind of lean into it here as much as feels comfortable, and breathe Good Come back up and let's go the other way So definitely listen to your body here and only twist and lean as much as feels really good You shouldn't feel any pain in this stretch

Let's take one more breath Good, and then come back up and just sit back into a really nice rest pose Rest your head on the mat, take a moment to breathe here Feel the ribs expand through the back of the body, exhale release tension One more breath here

Good And you guys are done with another workout! I'm so proud of you for sticking with it this far Keep up the great work Don't forget to check in with me on social media using the hashtag and also with your accountability buddy I'll see you back here on the mat very soon

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