20 Minute Pilates Workout

Hello! How are you my darlings? um I can't believe I'm in the garden, doing a bit of teaching for you this is going to be a 20 minute short sharp sweet getting you back into pilates that you and I love and know I've got Louis with me, just so you can see a little bit of a difference and so you can laugh, because he, I've been telling you forever has zero flexibility so this is not an age thing this is a body thing so got your mat, got your block got yourLouis got a strap because some of the moves he will need to have a strap to get him in the right position coming onto your back soles of your feet flat on the floor into what we call semi-supine position so we're going to go really basic today starting to get back into the rhythm of everything and just settle the body so tilt the pubic bone towards you and release it and then again towards you and release it so that your back is what we call imprinted in the mat palms facing down on the floor shoulders away from the ears when you are ready hold your tummy muscles in really tight bring this knee towards your chest and hold it and release change over single knee comes into the body upper body comes down and that knee is aimed to the outside shoulder same knee same shoulder and release it down good you've got nine more on each side off you go so single knee comes in knee comes to that shoulder imprint the back so that back goes into the mat and then back down onto the floor change over good, oops a little grass so really relax the jawline relax the shoulders back down and allow that lower back to start to imprint now the more you're doing this, this back is lengthening same knee into the same shoulder I really want you to release this tummy now as you're bringing that knee into the same shoulder hands go onto the front of the shin if you have knee problems and if it feels not right then take the hands underneath the knee and then place back down, your choice because I'm not here with youhow many more you got Lou? Louis: I don't know two more on each side because I'm not here with you, you have to take full responsibility of how your body feels remember you and I are used to working together I'm used to seeing you and your body and usually I can catch you a little bit I can be your accountability buddy, but you're going to have to do this all by yourself my darling so really

I'd rather you underwork it at this start point than overwork it and say 'Bird, Sarah, that was shocking, it was too big too soon' so I want you to come back a little bit good! coming back onto your back bring both knees in, hands go underneath your knees bring the soles of the feet up towards, if you're doing it outside like we are, up to the sky or up to the ceiling and these knees in front of the thighs should come onto the chest good! now bend the knees so the shins now start to face the sky or the ceiling draw the knees into the chest, circle them away from each other, come back together good, you've got five circles away from each other these are called chicken legs, we've been doing these for ages and the purpose of the move is to imprint that back to open up this lower back remember I've been teaching you for a very long time and remember that there are three things I give you the name of the move, I give you the purpose of the move and I give you the, um, description of the move those three things are vital to you so imprinting the back, circle the knees one more, good and then bring both soles of the feet down onto the floor take the arms wide, take the heels a little bit closer up to your bottom and take the feet wider than the hips take both knees over to one side but keep both shoulders down now, hold it there and you're going to feel it all the way down the top hip through into that thigh change over to the other side good, really feel into that, keep both shoulders down on the floor you've got four more each side, both knees go to the same side, and now as you're rotating, you're going to start to feel it here in this lower back do you feel like we're in class still? dog's there, I'm here, what's not to love? good, two more each side shoulderssee if you can go a little bit more now, see if you can push it a little bit further overgood how's that feeling Wee? Louis: tight so Louis' really tight in the lower back, he's been coming to the chiropractor with me, he's been running with me and he's really tight in his lower back, so this is perfect that you and I can work together with Louis to really improve that overall flexibility in that lower back and the top of his hamstrings good! make that your last one! take both heels close to the bottom, place both soles of the feet down on the floor now have the feet hip distance apart now you want a slight gap to that lower back, shoulders down away from your ears jawline is soft, palms are down on the floor bring that pubic bone towards your chest and start to peel the spine off the floor send the knees away and bridge up through to your spine curl and keep that ribcage connected but really start to feel that in the buttock muscles and the front of the quads you breathe in and hold at the top, now from that breathe out, ribcage comes down imprint imprint imprint, pubic bone comes toward you, flatten the back and release the pevis back to neutral four more, off you go imprint, send the knees away, good! so I want you to visualize that you're sending these knees into thatdiagonal, and just bring them in yes good! you'll feel it in the buttock muscles, then from this ribcage start to come down and one by one by one imprint imprint imprint good! and then here's the important thing my love, release, release down good, only what? two more? shoulder blades down away from the ears, jawline is soft if you're feeling like you're really tight is this jawline cause you might be really stressedanxious

its hard times at the minute, right? [pffffft sound] do that funny funny face with me, do this, release from here we were doing it the other day when we were running, cause we were so tight, so you really want to release here good last one peel, so you feel its like a wheel rolling rolling rolling breathe in and hold at the top, I so want the dog to come in and flatten Louis breathe out from the center, come back down good! here we go! really relax down now, take the chin over to one side, over to the shoulder feel that really opening up through the back of the neck and then over the other side you can feel it so tight, Louis are you tight? Louis: ridiculously I'm so tight ininyeah I know over you go, its just like being in class [strange dog sounds] if you've never done a class with me before and you've just come across me for the first time I always take my dog to pilates and you know, its amazing, she loves it good, last one! here we go so chin is going to come towards the chest, start to come up through, reach through palms are flat, parallel to the floor, breathe in and hold breathe out from the center, come back down, four more chin towards the chest, curl up

Louis look at the dog! imprint the back, up you come and back down through, three more! c'mon up you come chin towards the chest, now we're getting a bit of strength here, breathe in and hold breathe out, keep checking in, two more! how do you feel in these positions? [gives the dog a little love] good! last one! and then coming back down when you roll over onto your right side push up into seated position, cross the legs, and we can both do it this way, you're going to have the ankles in line with each other and you can seeyou'll see the difference now here's the thing, Louis just go sideways sweetheart okay I want you to see Louis' back, does he need a block to sit on? do you think you need a block to sit on or not? Louis: I've no clue okay grab the block and sit on it, and this is going to be the same for you if you're like 'Bird, I've got no idea what you're talking about' does that feel better? Louis: feels like my pelvis is tilted forward cool, so I want you to feel always great so your body comes into alignment for me I feel really open but for you that's probably a fight to get into that position Louis: yeah whereas now its really easy okay hands come onto the front of the knees, chin is going to come towards the chest, pubic bone is going to come towards you, now you're not going to roll back, you're just going to open your chest deeper and then coming back up to seated, good four more chin is towards the chest, pubic bone comes towards your head and then reach back up now if you want and you're feeling really open in this jawline you can take the chin away from the chest now chin comes towards the chest, pubic bone comes towards you, create like a 'C' curve or imagine you're scooping ice cream and its like a scoop, you know I don't like giving you analogies but I'm thinking this time the more I can give you verbally the better, I'm not there to place my hands on you and correct you good, you've got one more so you should feel it all the way through pubic bone comes toward you, open up that lower back good! coming off the block, coming up into four point kneeling so I've got twenty minutes with you, we're just going to do a quick sharpopen up that body press into that left hand, bring the right hand up, thread the needle so that comes all the way through I want you to land that shoulder on the floor and bend the left elbow, breathe and hold breathe out and push into that left hand, come up through and right hand goes back down press into this right hand, left hand comes up, good! you're going to feed through don't think I'm not watching you, bend that right elbow, left shoulder comes down, breathe in and hold press into this right arm, come back up through four more on each side really reach, use that headcan you see where he pivots? now the head is going to lead the loom arm comes down through, thread the needle, really thread through now awesome and again so breathe through this, as you exhale you move, as you breathe in you hold as you breathe out you come back, as you breathe in you hold, its that lovely position, make this one the last one babe reach through, so we're getting the whole of the spine [to camera] is that left? or is that seven minutes left I wish you could see Steven, he's behind the camera going 'seven minutes' good, are you ready?! so from this position take the big toes together, take the knees wide, place this bottom onto your heels first good, so you've got that lovely position for some of you, and for myself as well, this opening uup of the front of the ankle really lengthens through now you're going to place the arms out in front of you, keep that bottom down on the heels start to go onto those forearms now lower the chest down to the floor, bring that forehead down and then lengthen the arms out in front of you, that's going to feel a massive stretch, how does that feel Wee? Louis: killer yeah its a tough stretch now look up to the hands in front of you, walk them over to the right side, place the left hand on top of the right hand, try and keep that bottom down, and then sink that head down Louis! take a nice deep breath in, sink a little bit lower, good bring that head up, walk your hands back to the center, notice I'm keeping my bottom on these heels take it over to the left hand side, right hand comes onto the left hand sink down the chest first then the head, notice I'm layering this for you I want you to get the strategy, the process, c'mon take a deep breath in sink down again, yay good, head comes up, move your hands back then come out into position and onto your front good, hands are going to go one on top of each other, take the legs, just lift them up, lengthen lift the legs, lengthen, lift the legs, lengthen, and it pulls open here press the head down, now shoulders away from the ears, roll the marble away with the nose press into the hands, the forearms, up you come, keep that pelvis now I want you to relax this jawline cause what you'll want to do is this and look really ugly so you want to be really gentle in this move coming up through, and that last rib is touching the floor breathe in and hold, now as you start to return back to the floor, release the tension all the way through the arms good now you're going to do eight, off you go we're going to do it a bit less than that cause I've got a short amount of time left with you good so you can feel this extension move, when you and I are together, four moves we're going to do with the spine we're going to do flexion which is bending forward, we're going to do extension which is bending back we're going to do rotation which is what we've done, so circling around the spine and then we're going to do lateral flexion which is what we're going to end on which is side bending good, make this one your last one and come back up good, so from this position take the hands underneath the shoulders, press into the hands and then come into prayer stretch notice how much better you feel all the way through the underarms, how you feel better in the lower back how you're starting to feel it in the glute muscles, in the hamstrings, good coming up into seated my darling [to camera] how long we got left love? three minutes good, so I want you to sit however you want to sit, take both feet and place them on the floor take the hands, place them behind you, its just an opening shoulder blades are back, take the knees over to one side, ohhh how does that feel? his face says it all over to the other side, ugghhh I feel thatdo you feel it right the way up through the shoulders? its a beautiful stretch, over to one side and then the other, there's your rotational way through, coming up into seated have the ankles in line with each other, now did you have it round that way for last time? swap the legs over if you had it over the other way Louis: oh I don't know but I'll switch them anyway cool take one hand, the right hand onto the floor, left hand comes onto the knee really center up through, so if you need the block now, you're like 'I need the block' then do, you probably are fine now, now that you've opened up good, single arm is going to come up, here's your lateral flexional side bend ear comes to the shoulder, you're going to bend over, here's the key, your two seat bums your bottom bones stay on the floor you breathe in and hold, breathe out from this ribcage come back up, arm comes back down good, other side, single arm comes up, ear comes to the shoulder, over you go feel that stretch, breathe in and hold, breathe out and come back, arm comes back down and one more each side you've done the whole system, I know you've done this with me a million times, but I wanted to come back to basics again, this is what we're going to do, build build build twenty minutes, short sharp blocks of practice is that your last one? ready? you love this bit, its your favorite bit align yourself up, feel amazing in your body ready? breathe in, hands come up breathe out, hands come down, stay aligned with that back breathe in, breathe out, last one say it with me in a minute breathe in, hands come together, thumbs into the breast bone, tip from the hip and all the way down, namaste much love [kiss]

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