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(mellow music) – Hi, this is Floss, from East River Pilates, I'm here with Well + Good, and today we got a 20 minute workout, working on your glutes, abs, and arms Let's get stuck into it

Place those feet in underneath your hips, standing nice and tall And then let's sit your bottom down and back into your squat Think about opening through the front of the body, drawing the shoulder blades together, nice and tight through the waist We're gonna shift your weight onto the left leg, as you stretch your right leg back behind you Stay nice and long through the body, and then bring your weight forward onto that front leg, find your balance, and then that back toe is gonna tap down

We're gonna lift, we're coming through 10 Breathe out as you squeeze through your right glute, let's point the toe at the back of the body And keep that heart stretching out long and forward Nice and stable through that left leg, and we're coming through three, two, one, and then we're gonna hold that leg up Bring that right leg over to the left, behind your left foot, stabilize into both feet, we're coming into curtsy lunge, coming down, open up through hips and knees, squeeze your glutes to come back to the top

Breathe in to come down, breathe out, squeeze back to the top Feel yourself working into that left quad, into that left glute, and try to keep that hip as open as you can Breathe through your deep abdominals, breathe out, closing through the rib cage as you lift to the top And we're taking three, and two, and one, come up and hold You're gonna flow that right leg through and up to, little wobbly there for me, up to your table top position, knee is the same height as your hip

Flow that leg down, shift your weight onto the right leg, squatting down, reaching back with the left Draw your right glute back, so we start to fire up into that right leg, shift your weight into the right leg, lift your back leg behind and we're lifting for 10 Squeeze through your left glute max, that meatiest part of your bottom as you leg comes up and down Keep reaching the heart forward, keep staying nice and tight around your waist Stable into your right foot, we're coming through another three, two, one, and hold

That left leg crosses over behind the right, lift your chest, open your hips, come down into a curtsy lunge Bending through hips and knees, squeeze through the glutes and quads to come to the top Open as wide as you can, and the deeper you get, the harder this is gonna be, the quicker you're gonna get that burning to your glutes Open the knees away from one another, try to open up through your hips, and maybe we bring the arms into your final few We've got four, and three, coming through two, and one, hold your balance through that right foot as you lift that left knee up to table top position, relax the shoulder blades away from your ears, and let's float that leg back down

Take the arms down by your side, and from here, we're gonna roll down to plank Chin comes to your chest, roll the shoulder blades forward, reaching down towards the floor, keep your hips stable as we walk out to your first plank Chest is lifted, shoulders away from your ears, drawing through the waist, push your heels back, and the crown of your head forward We're going to take those feet a little bit wider on the mat, and then stay stable and strong through the body, as you tap your opposite hand to the opposite shoulder Feel yourself create a nice strong diagonal through your body, trying to keep your belly drawn in and trying to keep yourself strong and stable

There's gonna be a little shift from side to side, you're gonna try and keep that as small as possible We're gonna take one more on each side And then hold, holding a side plank, turn those heels down, bring that top hand up, shoulders away from your ears, find a nice strong side plank here Your bottom hip is gonna dip down, and then squeeze back up Feel yourself drive the outside of your feet into the floor

As you squeeze through your right under arm, your right waist, your right hip And we're coming through for four, three, two, and one, hold up and stay up This top arm is gonna reach under, thread that hand through, try and tap the floor on the other side of the mat, open back up to the top, we've only got five here, so let's take another four Shoulders stay away from your ears, keep lifting your hips, away from the floor below Press the knuckle in that right hand down to the floor, and we're gonna take just one more

Lift up, hold up, stay right up here, lift those hips away from the floor below and then bring yourself back into plank From your plank here, let's bring your feet together, bring your hips down to the floor, and we're gonna lie all the way down and onto our side body Top hand comes to the top hip, and we're coming first of all into our level two clams, we bring our feet together up off the floor, knees stay squeezed together, heels and toes squeezing together, shoulders away from your ears, your waist is tight Then lift the top knee up off the knee below, slowly float it back down, and as you breathe out, squeeze through the glutes in the back of the pelvis, to bring the knee off the knee below If you can't feel this in your glutes, roll your top hip a little bit more forward

And you should find that brings a bit more intensity into that glute We've got another four, breathing out as you squeeze up, three, keep lifting through the bottom side of the waist, your taking two Lift up, hold up, and stay up here, squeeze the heels together, keep those knees nice and wide Keep the top leg lifted, let that bottom leg come down, and then push that top leg away from you Setting up, we're gonna lift that leg up and down, push that heel away from you, keep yourself lifting through the bottom side of the waist, both shoulders away from your ears

We're coming through another five, four, smooth and steady, squeezing from that glute at the back of your body, and hold that leg up Press the heel away, try to find more length through the top side of the waist, hold that leg through the body, as you circle that leg out A smaller circle is gonna be a little bit easier, and a bigger circle is gonna be harder We're taking five here, so just one more And then change to go the other way, five in the opposite direction

That bigger circle's harder, feel yourself working through that glute as the heel comes up and over And take your final one and hold Try to hold that leg there, tuck the bottom leg in below, and you're gonna come up and into a side plank, push up and we're gonna hold this plank here together, shoulders away from your ears, your leg is lifting up, squeeze through the bottom side of your body, lift the leg up high, for five, four, three, two, and one Bring those knees down, bring the hips down, give that glute a little bit of a tap, and then come into that mermaid to release for the under side of the body Coming back we're gonna swap on over to your other side, so coming out in to a side plank to start with, that left hand is down, we're gonna step the right foot forward, the left foot back, shoulders are away from your ears, and lift up into your side plank

So up into a side plank here, ribs and belly are in, coming in through the dips, we're gonna lower your hip down and squeeze through the bottom side of the hip to lift back up Lower that hip down and squeeze through the obliques, through the glute med on that left hand side, shoulders stay away from your ears, nice and strong, driving the outside of your feet down into the floor We're coming through another four, breathe through it as it starts to get a little bit harder Take a final two, lift up, hold up, now we thread the needle, five here, the top hand reaches under, reach for the back side of the mat and then lift up and open Try and feel yourself rotate through the rib cage, rotate through the waist

Breathe out as you lift open and out, we're taking another two We're taking another one, lift up, hold up, and then from here, we're going to lower on down Lengthening down, onto that bottom arm, top hand comes to your top hip, knees and feet are stacked, lift those feet together up off the floor, feel yourself roll that top hip forward, squeeze the heels together, you've got a hundred dollars between those heels, hold it as you bring your top knee up, into that next level clam Coming through 10 here, making sure you're squeezing, from the back of that right hip You might feel it through the bottom hip, and through the waist as well and that's great

Try to make the number one thing that you can feel, that glute med, deep in the hip and the glute on the right side Squeeze those heels together as that top knee comes on up, and we're taking another three, and two, and one, and hold up there That bottom leg is going to come down, and then we push the top leg out and away from you, keep lifting through the bottom side of the waist as you lift that straight leg up away from the floor below, lower it back down The bigger movement that you can create without losing the waist, the harder you're going to work, but if you need to make this a bit smaller to make it doable, then you're going to work on that Better form, rather than a better range

Squeeze and working into that glute on that top side, maybe roll a little bit further forwards, feel that work, and you've got two more before we come into those circles You're gonna hold that leg up there, slow and steady, we take circles in each direction, smooth and steady You're coming through another three, pelvis is still, waist is nice and tight After this final one, we're changing direction, go back the other way, the heel comes up and over and back, squeeze the glute as you go Smooth and steady with the breath, smooth and steady with that hip, pushing the heel away from you, take your final one

Hold that leg up there, slide that left arm and elbow underneath your body, push your hips on up, keep that leg lifting, squeezing and working into that glute and you're here for five, four, three, two, and one, bring that on down and give that glute a tap, lovely job Let's take it over onto your back, and come into, my favorite, coming into your bridges So, we're going to reach your hands up towards the sky, relax the shoulders away from your ears, feet pressed in to the floor, and push your hips up towards the sky, always making sure your ribs and your belly are in, tucking under with the pelvis, just staying nice and neutral Last and simply starting with a little glute bridge pulse at the top, really feeling that you're squeezing those glutes at the back of your hips, and try to pull your heels in towards your bottom as well, fire up through those hamstrings As we finish up with five more, we're gonna keep working through, getting us some endurance, opening up through those hips, that maybe you've been sitting in that chair all day long

Push up, hold up, and stay up Lift the heels up, press the big toes down into the floor, squeeze the knees in towards one another, so you're firing up through the inner thigh, and we take another 10 here Hips come down, push through the big toes, squeeze your inner thighs, squeeze through your glutes as you push your hips up towards the sky Breathe out to push up, try and stay relaxed through the top half of the body We're coming through a final four, three, two, one, and hold

Knees come back to hip distance apart, arms will come a little further over here, to challenge yourself to keep the rib cage in If that's too far, you'll bring them just back up over the top of your chest So from here, with those heels lifted, those knees squeezing on in, let's pulse the hips up and down just a couple more times, try to pull your heels towards your bottom, your bottoms pushing towards the sky, and you're taking another just three, and two, and one, hold Bring those arms all the way over and down by your side and slowly let your body roll down, one vertebrae at a time So from here, those hands can come behind the back of the head, we're going to bring one leg at a time, up to double table top position, and start off nice and simply, with our abdo prep, or our pilates sit up

So as you breathe out, curl on up and hold here We're gonna tap one toe down, bring it back up to double table top, tap over to the other side, hold, and release that curl So, let's repeat Breathe out to curl, ribs fill in, abs drawn in nice and tight, and we tap once, and we tap twice, and we release back down Breathe out, curl tight around those abdominals and tap down, elbows stay wide, head stays relaxed into those hands, and release them back

This time, curl up, we're gonna go for a little bit longer up in this position Breathing out to tap down, those abs get to pull in tighter, you pull your belly button towards your spine And one more set of four, come on up, chest up, ribs in, belly tucked Smooth and steady with those legs, and then release the body back Give yourself a quick break, taking your feet back down

Breathing in to prepare, breathing out, let's curl on up, then reach the hands through, hold on to the back of one thigh, stretching that leg up towards the roof, pointing the toe The other leg is gonna lengthen out away from you, and separate the shoulder blades away from the ears, elbows nice and large, let's swap those legs over and scissor from side to side So as those legs swap, you breathe in, breathe out to grab the other thigh holding for two breaths As we work through, try to feel the chest stay lifted, ribs stay in, belly stays nice and tight As you take that breath out, really allow yourself to draw in nice and tight around the waist

The more you use your arms, the more you're gonna help yourself with the abs, so maybe those arms hold a little bit lighter through the leg We're going to change it up, to have a bent knee So swap the hands from side to side, as those knees come in towards the chest Keep curling that chest on up, keep pulling your belly button down towards your spine, and we're gonna take another five Another four, keep working that breath

On to your last one, release the body down, feet come down, and release Those hands come up and reach towards the sky, shoulders away from your ears, legs come back to double table top position again The legs stay still to begin, finger tips are reaching to the sky, and then your opposite arm and your opposite leg are going to lengthen away from the mid line Bring those arms back on up again, and alternate over to the other side As you go from side to side, you might take it a little bit smaller, to make it a little bit easier

And you might feel like making it a little bit bigger, to make it a little bit more difficult Try to keep the ribs drawn in, the waist nice and tight, as we alternate from side to side Breathe out as you get long, and keep everything tight through the middle, and we're gonna take just one more on each side Draw everything on in, tuck that on in, give the low back a little bit of a break Feet come down, hands reach up towards the sky, breath in, and as you breathe out, reach through your finger tips, curl yourself up, reach towards the wall in front of you, shoulders relaxed away from your ears, and let's take a quick stretch here

You're gonna alternate and twist, from side to side My back needed that stretch so badly And from here we're coming back over and into our four point kneel So, we're gonna come through some push ups, you're welcome to do these out in to a full plank, you can come out just into our knee plank, or we can make it a little bit easier, by staying in four point kneel I'm gonna take three in each position as we go through

So your shoulders stay away from your ears, ribs stay in, belly stays tight, and feel yourself tip forwards from the hips, as you bring your chest down towards the floor, breathe out to push, come back on up again Breathe in to come down, and breathe out to press back up again, pressing the tops of your feet into the floor as you go Making it a little bit harder, step each hand out, push the hips forward, find your nice kneeling plank position, and then again, elbows stay close, breathe out to push back on up again Breathe in to come down, push through your knuckles as you come back up, with three to go, maybe we tuck those toes behind, and we come up into our plank, chest is away from the floor below, keep those elbows tucked in, and you're gonna let yourself come down nice and smooth, and steady, breathe out to push back on up again Breathe in to come down, and breathe out to push back on up again, take your final one, and then from the top, our final challenge here, you're gonna hold that plank

So, as the camera cuts off, you're welcome to keep this plank, challenge yourself to stay there for as long as you can Together, we're gonna stay here for another 10 And 9, chest stays lifted, shoulders away from your ears, pull your belly button towards your spine, and we're going for three, for two, for one Take one knee down, take the other knee down and sit your bottom back towards your heels, reach those hands away Take a couple of big deep breaths in, and release them out

You guys are all done with your 20 minute work out, focusing on your glutes, abs and arms Thanks so much for joining me and Well + Good For more like this, subscribe to Well + Good Enjoy the rest of your day

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