Right now, I'm at the Sweatheory health club in LA and this is where I usually workout

it is a perfect place to sweat, relax, detox, and just, very healthy for your mind, body, and soul Let's begin with Jump Squats! Eight, and the last one this is a very good exercise to improve your balance And now repeat everything on the left side Now straight to another exercise Change the side Two more left, before the next exercise

It is very important to do these exercises one right after the other and two more reps, and take 5 sec break and time for abs and two more left and take a few seconds break and back for more abs For this exercise, it's very important to keep your core tight

Time to change your side It's like 300 degrees but so good for your skin Let's start with the pointed toe side leg lifts let's continue with the same exercise just another side Andten I used to workout with a lot of weights before, and now I just use these ankle weights Finally, its time to stretch If you can repeat this whole round a few times then great! Don't forget to breathe

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