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– Hey there, I'm Ash Wilking, a Nike trainer and Rumble instructor, and this is Well and Good's Trainer of the Month Club If you're looking for a quick hit of cardio, this workout is just for you

Today we're gonna do two tabata circuits, which means you'll workout for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 Ready to get started? First tabata set, we're gonna work six different exercises, twice through Remember, you need a full body length of space, because we're gonna work in multiple directions Let's start with heel kicks Ready and go

Heels pull up and back So you're gonna squeeze through those hamstrings, but also starting to open up through the front side of our legs Keeping those shoulder blades back, we're halfway through Remember, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of very quick rest Three, two, one, all right

Next up, push and pull power jacks We're gonna push to the ceiling, and also push in front of us, pulling in between each time And let's go, number two Push, and pull So engagement is the name of this movement

You're pushing hard, but you're also squeezing those shoulder blades back, just as much on the pull, as you are on the push Nice and quick on those toes We got five, four, three, two, rest Two down, four to go Next up, squat to twist

Elbows out nice and wide I like to take these as a surrender squat Keep that chest up Ready, and roll Squat, opposite knee to elbow

Finding a little bit of core engagement, as you lift up Starting to take this to one leg at a time Good, halfway through Ooh, anybody else starting to lose that breath? I know I am Three, two, rest

All right, halfway We're gonna take this into a lateral shuffle So step to one side Hold that athletic position Shuffle, shuffle, tap

And go Shuffle, shuffle, stay low tap Shuffle, shuffle, tap So, you don't have to go very far to make sure this works, but you do have to make sure you stay low to make sure you keep that engagement Belly's tight

We have five seconds Four, three, two, rest Long jump into a shuffle back So now we're gonna work that length forward and back Ready, I like to take my hands reaching forward

We swing back, and go Long jump Land, shuffle back nice and quick on those toes Swing your hands, using them to give you a little bit of momentum Ooh

On those toes Remember it's all about that landing mechanics Absorbing that power Three, two, one Rest, last one

Let's take it side to side, but in skaters Athletic stance One leg at a time, and go Side, land So using your arms here

You're landing on one foot Focusing big time on stability, and yes, that heart rate is up Here we go, five, four, three, two, rest Ready to do all that one more time? One more time All right, heel kicks coming up

Hands back, slow that breath Three, two, I'm with you, one All right So remember, certain movements are gonna let you kind of catch your breath, find a little calm in the chaos Eight seconds

A little breather, then power jacks Three, two, catch your breath Push and pull Can you find that squeeze, it's all about that pull Imagine you're really pulling on a cable, or a rubber band, yeah, squeeze

Let's go And power jacks Push, and pulling Ooh Now, one thing to remember here, is you don't need to go very far with your feet

They need to be quick Using your abs to brace that movement Good, five seconds Three, two, one, break Two down, four to go

Let's take it into that squat to twist Elbows out Big breath And drop it, let's do it Squat, opposite knee pulls up and in

Remember, a lot of movements you can just do, but we don't just wanna do it, we wanna engage it, so really think about exhaling Knee to elbow Exhale, knee to elbow Good, three, two, rest Lateral shuffles up next

Step to the side Find that athletic stance Sit nice and low And four, three, two, one, let's go Squat, shuffle shuffle, tap

You can make these go further, but let's say you have minimal space, right? I'm at home I don't have too much space to run around, so I use the little space I have, but I stay low I keep engaged Three, two, rest All right, long jumps

Name of the game is the swing back, and the explosion, just like you're doing a kettlebell swing Let's do it And go, number five Swing back, land, shuffle back quick Ooh

Sometimes even that shuffle back is just as challenging, because we're staying low, pushing through those quads to get us back All right, one more Swing, land, good Rest One more, skaters, then we get a full minute to breathe before set number two

All right, athletically load Find that stability Last one, let's get after it Hop it, side to side Keep that chest up, land

It's never about how many you're doing, but about how many strong ones you're completing We got four, three, two, and rest One full minute to breathe Catch that breath, grab some water Has anyone else sufficiently had a breath? Great

We only need 15 minutes You wake up, you're like, "You know what? "The weather's kind of bad outside "I'm just gonna get in a quick bout of cardio, "before I head to the office, "or before I head out" This is how you do it Quick tabata style

All right, set number two of this 15 minute cardio, let's do it Same idea Six moves, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest This is it This is your last bit of your workout, so give it everything you have

You ready to get that Ash moving? All right, we're gonna work a lot of jumps on this second one, so we're gonna start focusing on the in, really squeezing those knees, star jumps Hold it down, in three, two, first one let's go Hold down, knees and elbows in, and you jump, expanding You know my deal Make as much energy as you can

Take up all the space Four, hold at the bottom Three, two, one, land Relax All right, in between jumps, let's work a little fast feet

So we're gonna hold that fast feet nice and quick Ooh, I'm already there Three, two, hold that squat Quick feet Now here's what you can do

Add a step Add a step Add a step Add a step out Stay low

Ooh Three, two, one All right Big breath, let's do it We're gonna do jumps in and out, similar to the star, but now we're just landing on the out

Ready, and go In, hop out In Now we land on that out Ooh

Oh man Yep, I'm with you guys Stay with it Gotta make these 15 seconds worth it We got four, three, two, break

All right, now we're gonna work the jump, but we're gonna add a little 180 to this movement I'll show you We're gonna sit low jump, switch to 180, go Sit low, jump Then turn

Sit low, jump Then turn Now go back the other direction Turn, hit low Turn, almost there

Ooh Give me one more Jump Land, all right Ooh, taking those high knees up

We're gonna go for a sprint sprint hold, and a pendulum lunge to jump Ready? And go Sprint sprint hold, hold Now, if you're ready, take these into a little side lateral motion Find that big sprinter position

Lift that knee up Three, two, break One more move We're gonna pendulum lunge, and we're gonna switch on the backside Facing one direction

Let's go, step it forward Forward, back, switch Forward, back, switch on the way back All standing cardio Lots of leg engagement

Ooh Three, two, break All right We're gonna do all that again You ready for it? Not easy work, but always worth it

Star jumps On your mark, get set, let's roll In, and out Out, hold at the bottom if you have to Take up all the space

Out, land All right, last one, ready Go out, land, rest All right, fast feet Oh I'm with you guys

Last bit All right Under three minutes to go Fast feet, hold that squat And go for it

Quick Quick Stay low Remember, you can bring those feet in close, add a step out Ooh, add a step out

Ooh, add a step out We got five, four, three, two, oh man Woo, woo, woo Let's take those jumps in and out Number three, remember in, land out

It's a nonstop movement Breathe Three, two, fire this up In, and out Halfway

If you're feeling the burn, you're doing it right If it feels impossible, you're doing it right We've gotta hit that wall, so we can break it down Ready, and break All right, let's do it

Three left and then we're out So, we're gonna sit nice and low We're gonna work that jump squat, into that 180 rotation Ready? And go for it So you low, jump, and then you turn

When you turn, can you pull your belly in tight? Find a little pivot Little change of direction, little change of scenery, never hurt nobody Ooh, almost there Can you give me one more? And turn All right

Let's do it, two more I'm ready to finish this Let's crush it, and go Sprint sprint hold Side side hold

It's all about that front knee flexing Right? The higher that top knee goes, the more we dig into that bottom knee Three, two, break One more Jump lunges, and we are out

One more All right And go for it Step forward, step back, switch Step forward, step back, switch

Forward, back, explode Halfway Can you go just as strong on the back half? Ready, three, two, and one That's it Well and Good, nice work

15 minutes of standing cardio, check, check, check Let's give yourself a quick stretch, and then we can hit the road So take a big breath in, all the way up to the top Exhale out, touch the ground Just giving yourself a quick second to slow down

Bend those knees, roll it up nice and slow for three, two Engage those hands at the top Reach them up nice and tall Lean it over to the right Open up that side body, and over the left

As you come through the middle, we finish it always together Palms to the center, start to create some electricity, and shoot that lightning bolt out to the side Remember, you can do this workout anywhere, and it's a great way to get your heart rate up Thank you for tuning in to Well and Good's Trainer of the Month Club, and don't forget, subscribe to Well and Good today

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