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– Hey everyone, I'm Ash Wilking, and this is Well and Good's Trainer of the Month Club I'm a Nike trainer, and a Rumble instructor, and today I'm gonna take you through a quick 15 minute low impact HIIT workout

So the days where you wanna get sweat in, but you don't wanna feel the pounding of the pavement? This is the workout for you Here's the quick rundown We're gonna do five different circuits, for 45 seconds each We're gonna rest for 15 seconds, and get started at the top of every minute Five moves, three times, 15 minutes

Let's get started First one, three med ball slams, into one step back Ready? Imagine there's that big heavy med ball Let's grab it We're going in three

We sit low, grab that med ball, get up on those toes As you come down, you sink into your hips One, two, three times Hold, step back, step in Good, grab it, reach up three

Slam it two One, hold Other foot steps back, and in So every movement, I'm gonna take you through three by one We're gonna do three of something, and we're gonna switch it to add a little bit of variation

All right, step it back And in How we feeling? Reach up, slam it down one, two, three So just moving those hands up, and slamming down even without weight, even without jumping, we're really gonna get that heart rate up, find that high intensity, and the interval All right

15 seconds Here we go Can you give me one more? Yeah, here we go, three, two, one Step back, and maybe you step it up All right

Next one's coming at you We're gonna go three static side lunges, into one curtsy I'll show you, feet wide Ready Let's go

Side lunge Three, two, one Curtsy, come back Reset, go three Two

That leg that's bent steps behind into a curtsy, we reset Again, three, two, one Step back, now legs are on fire here All right, next set, we're gonna take it into a plank, which is great Legs are gonna get a little mini break

Hold Remember, every single movement, every single mini circuit, is gonna go three by one Last 10 seconds Come on, almost there Three, two, rest

All right Let's take it down into our plank Three knees So in that plank We're gonna bring one knee up

Tap, tap, tap, reset Other side Here we go, slight bend in the elbows Hold the plank, ready? And go Come in, pull

Rotate under Bring it back, set it down Again, pull Rotate Reset, and back

Pull, rotate, reset, back All right, three points Right, we're doing three different rotations, but we're pressing up and in We're really hollowing out through that belly, as we twist it under Legs getting a little break here

We're putting a lot of weight in those arms Firing up through that chest Ooh, triceps, biceps, you name it Upper body on fire We got five more seconds

Nice, all right, here we go Three, two, and step it up All right Breathe What we're gonna do is we're gonna do a three point lunge

Step forward into a lunge, backwards, drive the knee, and then switch legs Again, no impact, lots of movement Let's go three, two, step forward, one, back two, knee drive three Other leg Forward, back, knee drive, reset

Right now, you can do these, and switch in the jump lunge on the back side, but we're taking out the jump Instead, we're just keeping a constant movement Three, two, one, hold Reset, other, three, right back, two, one Good, really use those abs

As you stand up, pull them Reset, use that breath Three, two, one Find that intensity, like a sprinter, taking off Good, one more time, here we go, three, two, one

And reset Is your heart rate up? I know mine is Last movement We're gonna do a modified burpee, with three tricep bends Back down into your plank

Three bends, walk to burpee I'm gonna walk you through it Ready, here we go 45 minutes 45 seconds on the clock, go Three, two, one, walk in, reach up, walk out Good, little bend Three, two, one, walk in, reach up

So no jumping Instead, we're stepping one leg at a time, similar to that med ball slam, but now we're adding the walk out to the plank Adding the three little tricep bends Pressing those fingertips in, up, reach, drive All right, here we go

Three, two, less than 10 seconds to go Ooh All right, definitely working now Three, two, one, pull in Step up, and I'll take a break

All right Nice work on that first set We still have two more So now you know the movements, now you can crush the movements even more Is your heart rate up? Does that go to show you that you don't always have to jump to get in your HIIT training

Good, let's get started Remember, three ball slams, one step back Here we go, next set up Find those feet nice and wide Remember, 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds to reset

We get started, set number two Let's go, three, two, one Down, reach up, one Two Three

Do you hear my breath? Right, I'm using that breath I'm exhaling Right, so even using that breath, you're firing up, right? You're engaging those abs a little bit more to exhale Right so you're spiking that heart rate Up, on those toes, sit down into those heels

Down into a squat Good, 15 seconds left Yep, starting to feel these now, here we go Up, slam Up, slam

Up, slam Find a little isometric movement here Then you go back up Quick movement, three, two, and that was 45 seconds All right

One more leg workout, then we get to head down into that plank Feet are nice and wide Remember, static side lunges Three, two, one, into that curtsy lunge Let's go for it

On your mark, get set, go Three, two, one, step Curtsy lunge, back Reset, go Three, two, chest up, one

Sink back, hold Then pop off Three, two, one So it's all about absorbing that impact We're not jumping

There's three, two, one Instead, we're moving nice and quick Remember, you gotta reset, then count the three Two, 15 seconds to go I am sufficiently out of breath, which means it is working

All right, five more, can you give me three? Two, one, time All right Quick breather We're gonna take it down into that plank, then we're gonna come back up on those toes Remember, three knees

Pressing through those hands Scooping up through those abs Really pressing those fingers into the ground Get setup All right, here we go

And 45 seconds starts now Knee pulls in Rotate under Now as you rotate, super important, don't let your lower back dip Instead you wanna think about ooh, pulling it up to twist

Nice, all right Here comes that sweat, dripping You have less than 20 seconds to go Arms are definitely starting to work Reset if you need to, right? Take a break if you have to, but remember, if you take that break, use it as a moment to really refill that tank, and when you get back in, hit the gas

Last one And break Ooh, back up Yes The answer is always yes

No response other than yes, it is working Into those lunges, three steps, remember? Forward, backward, knee drive, and then switch legs Rock and roll Forward lunge, reverse lunge, knee drive Reset

Forward, back, up So I love adding a change in the count Rather than just doing forward lunges, right, for 45 seconds, I love adding the dynamic of three, two, one, and then I switch it into something else, so I know that when I'm going through those three movements, I go hard, and then I get to switch it into something else All right, final 10 seconds Ooh

Stick with me, three, two, and one Break All right, let's get setup Remember, burpees, three tricep bends, one walk in I'm gonna come down onto my knees

Hands are down, into that plank Toes are lifting I'm gonna slow my breath Ready? And let's finish out set number two stronger than we started, yeah? Bam three, two, one Step up, up

Reach high, back down Try to keep in mind, right, you're gonna switch which leg stands up first, and which leg goes back, so that way you're alternating between the two, never favoring your strong side We all have those strong sides Right? I'm a lefty, so mine has to be on the left side Two, one, how you guys feeling? Yeah? Definitely starting to feel that challenge, this is where it is

Moving into that last and final set Remember we get a 30 second breather after this Three, two, one, step in, and breathe Catch that breath, big breath in Slow it down

Towel off if you need to Grab a little bit of water We're gonna head into set number three Three is one of my lucky numbers That's why I like that three by one

All right, last one Final one You should find max effort burnout when you're doing these guys So, engage a little bit more Slam a little bit harder

Whatever you can throw down, give it in this last one Well and Good, you guys ready for that Ash whooping? Round number three, let's get started Final set Let's rock and roll, go for it Three ball slams, up on those toes, sit back

So this is the round, more than any other round, that if you start slowing down, you have to ask yourself what you waiting on? Right? No more time after this This is the final drive Don't regret not giving it 110% of your effort, going further than you wanna go, you know my deal All right, reach up, slam, up, slam, up, ball slam in Think about how good you're gonna be when you actually get that heavy med ball

You'll be like ah, Ash got me ready for these All right, we got five seconds Four, three, two, and relax One more leg movement, then we get to go down to that plank Nice and wide, I like to reset, and be ready, right? We stay ready so we don't have to get ready

Let's do it Number two, three static lunges, into that curtsy Ready, set, go Three, two, one, step back, abs in Good

And set three, two, one, you know this now You know it, stay low, hold And then go, pop, pop, pop Bang, right, step it back Hold, reset, go

Three, ooh, ooh I mean yo, you can add all the, anything you want Add a punch, right? Whatever gets you moving through it If you wanna keep those dukes up Come on

We have less than 15 seconds Ooh, here we go Legs on fire Can't wait for my arms to be on fire Less than five

Ooh, three, two, oh, you guys Three left, three minutes left, and we are done, quick 15 minutes, and we out Let's drop it down Hold that plank Right, on those knees

Big breath in Exhale Find the calm Toes go out, and lift Let's do it, knee comes in

Rotate Slow that breath, I know you guys can hear me, right? I am working Not holding anything back this round Now, as you get tired, right, sometimes in the movements that are hard to hold, we like to move faster So, on the movements that you wanna go fast through, can you slow down? Up, seems silly to say slow down when you're doing HIIT training, but that's where the challenge really plays in

Final five Four, three, two, bye, that one's done Two more Two more, we got those lunges, we got that modified burpee, and then we all get to go whoop some Ash somewhere else, yes? All right, let's do it Forward lunge, backwards lunge, knee drive

We go in three, two, one Forward, back, drive, reset Forward, back, drive, reset, good Use your arms Find the pump in those arms

Find the extension through those fingers, and really use that pop, pop, pop That's that engagement we always talk about Ooh Guys, this is it Right, we have less than 90 seconds on the clock

Double down Game time Fourth quarter Back, back, drive Come on, you got five

Last four Can you get one more in? Three, two, oh man You guys are rocking through this I feel it, I feel that energy We got one more

Final 45 seconds Modified burpee Three tricep pulses, into that standup I'm ready for it, let's get outta here Hop it on out, hold that plank

We go three, two, go Pulse, pulse, pulse Up, up, stand Back out Find that pulse, abs in

Bend those elbows back Stand up, drive through So instead of doing a full burpee, where we tend to do a pushup, right, we're gonna take that out We're gonna add that bend So essentially it's getting us ready for when we want it

Ooh, we stay ready, so we don't have to get ready to throw down 15 seconds left, and then we are out of this quick 15 minute low impact HIIT workout We got three, two, one Dramatic ending There was your 15 minute low impact HIIT workout

Thank you guys so much for joining in I'll see you next week, and don't forget to subscribe to Well and Good

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