hey guys its Bails and today we are doing a short but very effective booty workout let's get started with a lunge so we're going to step our left foot to the front of the mat and then take our right leg back in a long line from here you can bring your hands to heart centre or you can have them on your hips what we're going to do is we're going to press our way through the front heel go into a little butt squeeze as we lift the leg you're coming forward little squeeze and then lowering down we want to press our front heel into the mat so that we're lifting and working the glute on the support leg and then we give that little extra booty squeeze as we live so it's a little poop at the bottom lift and lower good so you'll feel the support side working your left butt cheek can you even keep your hands on your hip it's similar to doing like a warrior 3 in a yoga class and it really starts to work your balance too so it's just a little bonus core work for us because when you're short on time you've got to be using the most effective moves you can good two more so you might think you're gonna feel it here but I feel it here so much good let's hold this one little pulses really squeeze your core sustain your balance then just squeezing that butt cheek to lift and lower the leg little pulses here just squeeze that booty reach your toes think of creating a nice long leg for four three two and one beautiful now step the feet together we'll do a set of squats with a back leg lift alternating legs and lift this will start to get our heart rate elevated from lifting and lowering plus we're still squeezing you really feel that like you were just standing on still working through the backside of the body there's a little bit of cardio helps with fat burning and toning our glutes drop it nice and low if you can how low can you go good two more and last one they'll leave your right leg in front we step back with our leg to do those lunges on the other side taking your hands either to your heart center or on to your hips good and then we press our weight into that front heel little booty squeeze press little list and lower down now of course if your range isn't great I just want you to keep those toe tops down here practice just coming slightly forward a little list however if you're like an insane yogi you can even come all the way to your balance a little bit so just knowing your range and sort of working within it because over time you will get stronger and your balance gets better and you'll be able to just work that booty a little bit harder oh my goodness this butt cheek is seriously on fire whew good we have another three holding our next one good little pulses from here just thinking of squeezing that butt cheek if you really want to advance we'll reach the arms overhead this butt cheeks I'm not kidding it's like the super on fire five more two and one good step those feet together give yourself a little shimmy if you need we're coming down to all fours for some donkey kicks so keeping your belly button pulled into your spine you can do this without a weight or if you want to take it up a notch let's place a weight behind the right knee from here we're lifting and lowering good now just have a little bit of a play here some people can feel like their right butt cheek is squeezing better if they press through the heel and then other people will feel it while with a pointed toe so just sort of see which one helps you really give that little extra squeeze at the top for me I like to point my toes feel like it helps me get right into the center of my glute good little lift and lower keeping a nice 90-degree bend in the leg focusing on squeezing your butt cheek each time good let's hold this one little pulses here good squeeze that booty! you should feel that burn already good five four three two and one beautiful from here we're going to cross diagonally behind and then squeeze out to the side so you're drawing that little diagonal line behind the body cross behind your other knee this one really helps to get the support glute working all those little diagonal muscle fibers and your obliques are working remember this because you don't have a lot of time doesn't mean you can't get a very effective workout good if you have sensitive wrists just come down to your forearms good five more now it's over here you're really gonna feel it good we have three two last one let's finish with five big juicy circles for a nice big juicy booties and give me five the other way why not we can do it good we have two and one beautiful job taking that Wade take just a little quick sit back on just he'll give your bum a little love- let's do the other side placing the weight behind the left leg remember you can flex or point I really like to point my toe as you lower down and now I really want you guys to think of lifting up and give your butt cheek a squeeze to get it just a bit higher oh yeah I feel it our buns are going to be lifted and more toned hold it little pulses here squeeze the butt cheeks oh it's a small pulse just really squeezing into that glute good five four three two and one good moving to our curtsy cross diagonally behind over that other knees and then sweep to the side so here we're gonna get that nice side bending through the waist and that kind of lateral flexion really works our obliques you'll feel this butt cheek working this one you feel right away because it gets right into the hip you'll have a bum like a peach emoji in no time good two more last one big juicy circles nice big circle with your knees let's go the other way from five for two and one oh yeah it's good work you guys let's come down to lying down on our back alright so lying down on your back let's squeeze the insides of our knees together crazy to imagine there's a hundred dollar bill and you don't want to drop it or you can't keep it from here let's put the weight on our hips or without but I'm just quick and effective so using that little extra weight we're going to lift we using our inner thighs squeezing your butt cheeks and then top and lower squeeze and lift and lower I really think that pressing into your heels here is the easiest way we use them left again without the weights just holding the hands by the side just as effective I already feel my bum cheeks starting to burn good four more squeeze those knees together helps to engage the inner thighs as well go two more last one hold it up little pulses we use those glutes feel it all here good four five four three two and one good tap the glutes down alright for our second set let's take our legs wider so just about the edges of your mat and then from here press and lift squeeze those butt cheeks and then lower now you'll notice you feel more of a glute activation through the smiley line so that area where your hamstring meets your glute it just looks like a little smile I call it go try to really press through those heels squeeze your butt up squeeze and tap good for more you last one hold it little pulses squeeze and please no thrusting the hips you just want to think squeeze release squeeze release through those butt cheeks for four three and one good lowering down last set this time we press into the heels lift the hips butterfly squeeze top lift open close top so your side glutes are working go keep your hips lifted as you open the knees / for three buns on fire hold it last pulses ten nine eight feel those side glutes working for 4 3 2 1 10 more pulses up and down we're done lift those hips squeeze the knees four four two and one lower down oh great job you guys I hope you felt the booty burn as much as I did this is a great workout that you can mix in after some cardio or if you're short on time but you still want to have a great butt this is the workout for you feel free to check out one of our others and subscribe because we post new workouts every week good work everyone has time for a quickie

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