14 Day Leg & Inner Thigh Challenge ? This Workout's Results Do Jane Fonda Proud

Day 14 Leg and Inner Thigh Challenge ? This training makes Jane Fonda proud Welcome to the 10-minute Leg Toning Challenge This 14-day Challenge will allow you to define, tone and sculpt your inner thighs, External and buttocks to a whole new level

All the details of this Challenge are available in the video description Or you can take this class by yourself for a quick and effective training to tone your leg So if you're ready to start, take your Mat and let's start If you enjoyed this training, check out our programs Long-lasting digital We have everything from Yin Yoga, Pilates, Yoga Workouts, and even complete fitness programs Specifically designed, to give you incredible results for your mind, your body

So, if you're ready to start, take your mat And let's start Well folks, we will start today at the center of your mat Get on your knees and the first exercise we will do is called kicks of Candelabra So first we will extend the leg left completely, raising both arms to the sky and then out to the sides Put the coccyx, bring the navel to the spine And from here, lower and place your hand on the floor and kick up with the leg that is stretched And return to the center Then you will kick up and then back to the center You are changing your weight up to your hand and back to the knee

Upwards and downtown Keeping that abdomen strong and kicking high with that left leg Upwards and downtown See if you can also tip your toes while you kick upwards and downtown Almost there

Upwards and downtown Upwards and downtown Keep that abdomen active Do not lose strength in the abdominal area Beautiful up and now keep it there flex your foot just take a deep breath and don't drop that leg Now bring your hand to your waist and let's start pushing that leg up, one, two, three four five beautiful six seven, eight, nine, you are missing 10 plus, ten, nine, eight seven six five four three, two, one Magnificent, from here point the toes Lower your leg Carrying the upper arm completely towards the front of the mat Stretch and now slowly, go towards the mat, on one side Get on your elbow and then you will bend the knee that is up and put your foot in front of you Reach and take your ankle and start working your inner thigh

Take that leg straight up Up very well, Try to keep your body straight Up and then down Don't worry if you can't raise the lower leg very high It is not about How tall can you lift your leg If not the muscle you are working on To make the move Beautiful, up and down above keep there now Keep, keep, keep, don't let it fall When you're ready, just small pulsations with that leg stretched inhale, exhale up two, three, four five six seven eight, nine, ten, ten more, ten nine, eight, seven, six, five four three two, one, beautiful, loose, aim your toes and lower it stretch your leg up The next exercise is called Dancer Kicks all you have to do is kick the top up and then with control lower the leg

Above and below So imagine you're a ballet dancer Try to keep that right leg and pointing the toes Activating the muscles all the way down Kick up and down Keeping those shoulders straight towards the screen Up and down Up and down, last, up and below

Come on down, rest your head on your hand Now the same, but now you're going to kick go down and you will stop almost until the end and then give a slight kick with the foot underneath Take it up, stop, and hit the foot Then you kick and lift that leg down so that both feet touch each other Kick, stop and hit Kick, stop and hit

What we are doing here is toning the inner and outer part of the thigh With this exercise Continue, don't forget keep the abdomen well and strong And kick up, stop and we're almost done And then you hit Kick, stop, hit Kick, stop, hit Great, now from here, bend your knee below and start to bring the upper leg forward Well, extend the other arm to the sky, and simply touch the floor with your toes and take them up Hit and up Now we are focusing a little more on the gluteus area

Hit and up Hit and up Keep going, Just a slight blow to the floor with your finger from the foot and then up And up, And up The same again, just keep your abdomen strong here your whole body is working while we work in toning that gluteus muscle Keep touching the floor with that finger

Great, take it up, and up and you finished, good job Take that leg down now and then release the body Get up and get on your knees Great job guys, now what we're going to do is repeat Everything on the other side So let's extend the other leg Let's start with our Candelabro kicks Arms at the sides, strong abdomen, Go down, kick with the leg that is stretched and then to the center

And up and two, a big kick with that leg Above and downtown Make sure both hips and shoulders are aligned facing the screen Upwards and downtown Upwards and downtown Goes up and downtown

Shoulders are down your body is strong, using that outer part of the thigh and kick and at center and kick and downtown and kick Keep there now just breathe Come on, flex your foot if you want to Then, once you're ready, you're going to put the arm that is up on the hip and then press leg up Two Three, four, little pulses, six, seven, eight, nine, missing ten more, ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three two and one Beautiful, keep, point the toes And lower your leg Continue and bring your arm to the front of the mat stretch the body and slowly put yourself on the mat with your hips and once you're down put yourself on your shoulder first and let's start bending the knee above, putting the foot in front of you take that ankle and let's start with that exercise for the inner thigh Raise and lower Two, three, four, five again, don't worry about leg height our goal here it's just waking those inner thigh muscles tone and strengthen This area of ??the body

Raise and lower Lift And lift And get up We're almost done Keep those shoulders aligned You are doing great Lift and down Lift and hold there

Don't lower your leg Just breathe and then press the leg, two three, four five six seven eight nine ten more ten nine eight seven six five four three, two and one Keep there Don't lower that leg and exhale loose Great job, well now extend the leg up Re adjust Gently if you need Make sure you are on the bone of your hip You'll kick and lower the leg A great kick and with control down

Kick and down Kick high and down Kick and down Make sure that as you lower your leg, not only are you releasing it down, but actually you are using a lot of strength from your muscles to control the movement This exercise consists mostly of control Last and down Great job

Let's go to the bottom, resting our head on the hand Kick, stop almost until the end and then hit those toes with each other Kick Stop and hit both heels and toes Kick, stop and hit A big kick Hold and hit And again, kick Hold and hit Kick, hold and hit Kick, keep hit both feet It's almost over, just keep going, make sure you're breathing and make sure they're working those abdomen muscles too Keep Hit those feet Use those inner thighs here, hit Kick, Support Hit And now bend the knee below Bring your leg up all the way to the front Take that upper arm to the sky, hit those toes with the floor get up and one two, now let's focus on the buttock, four five, tap with your finger and lift, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and continue, raise, nine, raises and lift raises Well, make sure you're breathing, never hold your breath here, even When you start feeling your muscles get tired

just breathe while you lift Last and release your leg down and stretch that arm And let go, great job, go to the center of the mat Sit on your knees, let's Take our last deep breaths to finish this practice together Inhale, raising both arms to the sky, A great stretch of your body let your arms down And once again, a great inhalation fill those lungs with oxygen and exhale hands to the heart Thank you for joining us today to this training I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to see you again

Goodbye for now Thank you very much for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, like it and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more workouts and for more yoga videos like this one Lots of love, And I will see you soon

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