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(light music) – Hey guys, I’m Chloe De Winter from Pilates with Go Chlo and this is Good Moves with Well+Good Today I’m gonna take you through a 15 minute Pilates slider workout

But if you don’t have any sliders, you can use a dishcloth on a slippery floor or you can put on a pair of socks It’s a challenging workout, gonna work through the legs, the core, the shoulders, a bit of everything Let’s get started So you’re gonna pop your sliders down and to start, we’re just gonna do some squats to warm up the body and really focus on the alignment through the body So take your hands on your hips, stand with your feet about inner hip width distance, so about two fist widths between your feet

You’re gonna sit the hips back, allow the chest to fold forward, and then stand up nice and tall So we’re gonna inhale to squat, sit the hips back Exhale to come up nice and tall Think about the weight coming back through the heels a lot So heaviness into the heels, but also keep the connection into the balls of your feet

So they’re also connected, the inside of the ball of your foot and the outside of the ball of the foot, but the toes are light Keep them light Make sure you can wriggle them if you wanted to And then on the next one, just hold it down Just make sure that your knees glide out slightly over your second and third toe, that’s gonna be really important for the next part of this series

The hips are sitting back, hopefully the legs are a little bit warm now Last two Last one All right, from here, we’re gonna grab our slider It’s gonna come underneath your right foot

Now this is gonna be all about the stabilizing leg Kick that slider out to the side, hands down by your sides We’re gonna squat the body forward, reach the arms forward, sit the hips back, and then come up tall, hands down by your sides So we inhale, we sit the hips back, slide that leg out We exhale to come up tall

So we’re gonna keep that leg really straight, that right leg, and all the weight’s coming down through the left Heavy into the heel of the foot, and we bring the awareness back into what we were just talking about, that alignment of the knee So as we sink the hips back, the knee glides out over the second and third toe and we drive through the heel to come up nice and tall Inhale, sit the hips back Exhale tall

Really allow that body to fold forward And two On the next one, come down Hold it down here, you’re gonna take the hands to your hips Shift all the weight down now into that stabilizing leg

We slide the right foot in, we slide it out Slide it in, and out Sit the hips back a little bit more Spiral the knee out slightly If you’re not sure, look down

Look at it Make sure it’s gently spiraled out to the side Your core muscles are engaged, the abdominals are hugging in Pull the belly button in towards the spine and keep it going Sit the hips back a little bit more

We’re here for three, and two Last one like that, kick it out to the side and stand up All right we’re gonna take this leg for a little journey It’s gonna come around and back behind, we’re gonna bend both of the knees into a curtsy lunge We’re gonna come all the way up and swing it back out to the side

So we take it for a big journey, around the back, bend both knees Around to the side, lift the chest For this one, we’re gonna keep the upper body really upright So keep the chest open Good, the back of the neck is long

You can smile through it Good, chest open Really nice Really sink the back heel down It’s still about the front leg, still about that stabilizing leg

Pushing down through the heel, getting an activation through the side of that leg, through the front of the leg Hamstring, glute, everything’s working Good, keep it going Last two On the next one, we’re gonna lower

We’re gonna hold it down there Reach the arms up to the ears and just pulse down, little tiny pulses Still shifting the weight into that front leg, push down into the heel, shoulders away from your ears but reach those fingers nice and high and stay with it We’re here for five, four, three, two, one Come all the way on up

All right, let’s do that on the other side Give the leg a little shake out Grab the slider, it comes underneath your left foot this time Come up nice and tall, chest open We kick the leg out to the side, sit the hips back, fold the body forward

Come up nice and tall So we inhale, sit back Exhale to come up tall This is a great exercise if you like to run I know a lot of people have taken up running recently

Or if you like to walk, really good because it focuses on this control and stabilization around the hip and the pelvis and the knee joint as well Strong glutes, really important functionally for the way that we move Really sit those hips back, fold the body forward Where is that knee going? Take a look down, make sure you gently spiral it out so it comes over the second and third toe We’re here for two

On the next one, come out, hold it there Take your hands to your hips, open through the chest and the shoulders We slide the foot in, we slide it away So we inhale, exhale away Chest forward, you don’t have to be too low here as long as your weight is shifted back into the heel and you’re really light on those left toes, heavy on the right heel, that’s it

Good, keep it going Really nice Spiral that knee out slightly, roll the shoulders open Don’t lose that openness through the front of the chest Good, last two

Last one All right, we open up, we lift up We’re gonna take that leg for a little journey into that curtsy lunge It goes behind the body, we bend the knee, we come all the way up and out to the side Swing it around, bend, lift and around

So think about making this all about the journey, really swing it up and around behind your body We keep the upper body really upright now and we soften that back knee down in towards the ground Good, as you swing the leg back, see if you can push the hip forward slightly, that back hip, so that the hips stay a little bit more square in front of you, in front of your body Good, roll the shoulders back Can you push a little bit more weight into that front heel? Get a little bit more heaviness into the heel to connect more into those glute muscles

And two Last one, you’re gonna swing it back Hold it back there, reach the arms up and we pulse it down, little pulses Good, long through the back of the neck Reach the fingers long, stay nice and low and keep it going, and breathe

We’re here for five, four, three, two, one Come all the way up Tuck your chin to your chest and just roll the body forward into a forward fold Shake it out Shake out your head, your shoulders and then round it all the way up

Make your way down If you wanna have a mat under your hands, you can, but I’m fine on the ground But if you want a bit more support, you can do that Hands are gonna come underneath your shoulders, spread the fingers nice and wide here and really push the mat away from you so you’re lifting through the chest We’re gonna slide one leg back, we’re gonna slide the other leg back and we find ourselves in a plank

Now think about Move Central, lifting through the chest, little tuck under of the tailbone but shine the heart forward in front of you From here, the left knee is gonna pull into the chest and then slide it away, just the left knee Exhale, pull in Inhale back We’re here for 10 like this

Try and keep the rest of the body super still, like you’re balancing your margarita on your low back Don’t let it spill! I could use one right now Really good here, pull those abdominals in Really nice Last one like this, and then just jump the feet in, give yourself a little break

Shake out those wrists All right, we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side Let’s do it Hands come down, strong through those shoulders We step those feet back

We come into the other side Stay lifted through the chest This time the right knee pulls in We inhale to step it back Exhale, in, draw it in

Inhale, slide it back Good, using those abdominals, stay lifted through the chest If you need to do this down on your forearms, you can always do that If your wrists need a bit of a break, that’s totally fine Good, and keep it going

Good, last two Last one like this We jump both of the feet in and we shake it out All right, we’re gonna come into some rotations next So hands come down under the shoulders

We step those feet back, we find ourselves in a plank first From here, we’re gonna pull that left knee into the chest and then we’re gonna slide it to the outside of the right foot, it goes through the body We’re gonna twist and open the right arm up towards the ceiling into a side plank We’re gonna take the hand back down, pull the knee back to the chest and then step it back So that’s the movement

We’re gonna do that on the other side Pull the right knee into the chest, slide it over the body, over to the left, reach it up towards the ceiling, that left arm Hand comes back down, pull the knee to the chest and step it back Let’s keep moving through that We pull in, slide out, twist open, hand comes down, pull the knee back to the chest, step it back

Other side Right knee in, across the body Reach the left arm up, open, reach your fingers to the ceiling Hand comes down, step it back Keep that going

Think about really pressing into the hand to lift through the chest, and check over maideasyaz.com. Nice ans strong through the shoulders Straighten the legs all the way You can allow the feet to twist here as you do that if it feels good for you Open through the body, really reaching the fingertips up towards the ceiling

Long through the spine Really nice We’re gonna go one more on each side Last one like that Knee in, good

Jump those feet in, shake it out We’re gonna do one last exercise here, you’ve probably done it before It’s like a mountain climber but we’re gonna do it nice and slow, really working into those core muscles So hands come down, meet me in that plank position Now you can do this on your elbows if you need

Lift the chest, little tuck of the tailbone, shine the heart forward We pull the knee into the chest and the other knee in, step it back Exhale in, inhale back Use the breath Good, margarita’s there, it’s balancing

And if you want a little bit more, you can start to speed it up a little bit but don’t lose that control We’re almost there, pull those abdominals in And three, and two Last one like that Jump those feet in, come all the way up and shake it out

And you are done, good job everyone Thanks so much for watching If you want more workouts, make sure you subscribe to Well+Good today

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