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Hi everyone, it's Sharon here! So I've never done yoga or pilates outside but I wanted to give it a try! So I'll go through ten yoga and Pilates poses that you can easily follow And I'm going to start with my first pose! This pose is called Wide Legs Apart and Bend with Shoulder Stretch

This pose helps with stretching the hamstrings with a deep opening in the front of the shoulders This is called Pelvic Roll up or Curl This is a classic warm-up exercise in Pilates It stretches the spine and abdominal muscles and also works out your hamstrings This is a thigh stretch

It strengthens your back bone and exercises your thigh hip and abdomen There needs to be a straight line from my knee to my shoulder This is a double straight leg stretch It is a very good exercise for your stomach This is called the hundred

This is another classic Pilates mat exercise It has many benefits such as improving circulation, increased spinal mobility, and stronger abdomen This is a kneeling arm and leg stretch, or bird dog This pose helps with body balance and prevents intervertebral discs This is a baby pose or balasana

It helps calm the mind, and also allows your belly to rest on your thighs which is a great way to massage the internal organs This leads to helping with your digestion as well I do this pose almost every single day because I sit at a desk all day and the child pose helps with stretching the lower back Sometimes my lower back hurts so much and this is a part of the reason why I shake a bit in the video It does actually work! This pose is called butterfly lying down

This pose is a classic restorative posture Another name for it is Sapta baddha konasana It stimulates abdominal organs like the ovaries and kidneys as well as the heart and improved circulation overall This exercise is called fire hydrants It's one of the two hip exercises I will be showing you in this video

This exercise is beneficial for your hips, inner thighs, and buttocks Next hip exercise I will be showing you is a donkey kick You may have heard of this exercise before So if you want to do some really good stretching, work on your core and do some hip workout, I highly recommend these poses for you It's a very different experience you get from exercising at home so I think it's worth a try

Thank you for watching!

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