10 minute Pilates Workout with Betsy

Hi this is a quick 10 minute intermediate level workout let's go down to the mats so gonna start on your back feet close to your body take a breath in and out just settle yourself into the mat before we get going great take the legs up to tabletop position arms a little bit wider apart we're gonna take the knees over to the right side keeping the left shoulder on the floor and exhale back to Center same thing to the left inhale exhale so as you go to the right left shoulder stays on the floor and the abdominals bring you back to Center so keep breathing inhale and exhale inhale and exhale one more inhale and exhale now we're going to go to the right and extend the leg so you're going to inhale exhale inhale Center inhale exhale inhale Center a little bit more work breathe try not to hold on with your arms for dear life although it's not easy keep breathing one more good bring your knees into your chest good take the legs up to tabletop position again put both hands on the right knee and the chin lift the heads and the left leg away from you and you're going to switch and two and three and four five rest your head and neck if you need to again and two and three and four and five and six seven and eight mmm rest for a moment put one hand on each knee nod the chin lift the head inhale reach exhale around inhale reach exhale around breathe in and breathe in and out again breathe in and breathe in keep going one more good how'd you do and let's roll up the sitting now we're going to sit nice and tall into a variation on roll-ups so arms out in front of you let's sit back just a little bit you know take a breath in as you exhale you're gonna roll about a third of the way down then take a breath in roll another third and then arms go overhead and now just to roll up and round yourself hard lift it tall exhale third take a breath in and exhale another third take a breath in all the way down breathe in use those abdominals just breathe and exhale down exhale exhale inhale up to the ceiling exhale use that exhale to bring you up one more time exhale third of the way and another third of the way and all the way up to the ceiling and come forward oh let's just do one more for fun yeah down and another third of the way and the last third bring it up to the ceiling and round it forward lift it tall good let's go on to spine twist so I'm gonna sit nice and tall bend the knees slightly if you need to if those hamstrings are a little bit tight we're going to use to do a little bit of arm variation on spine twist today so with the arms out to the side and your peripheral vision you're gonna rotate to the right so you're gonna rotate rotate further and further then bring the arms overhead drop those shoulders Center and open again rotate rotate further further arms come up Center again rotate rotate further get taller each time you rotate so you get taller taller taller arms Center open tah tah tah Oh lift and when the arms go overhead make sure the shoulders stay down rotate it's a challenge and Center last one up and center excellent let's go onto our backs for some shoulder bridge take one leg straight up in the air bring that other heel close to your body take a breath in exhale press up and down so you want to keep those hips nice and level don't let one leg lift the hip and lower and use the glute and the way this will be a burner and lift and lower four more lift all the way down all the way up and lift see me grimace and lower let's go to the other side here you go lift and lower lift and lower lift lower just will it to happen use that glute should be burning by now lift and lower lift and lower press and lower press good bring your knees into the chest and roll yourself up to sitting we're going to go on to a little side plank variation here we're working our way into side Bend but we're gonna do a modified version so you're going to sit with the right leg on top whatever leg is on top you're gonna have it forward the other leg is underneath you hand us out to the side as you come up try to try to combine it with an exhale you're going to go on to that bottom knee so you're gonna come on to the knee and you're gonna stretch sideways that's it and then you're gonna sit yourself down and do it again stretch it up it takes a little noodling around on the first one to sort of figure out your positioning once you get it then you go up smoothly press your hips forward reach that arm overhead one more press death good let's do the other side again top leg is forward other leg is tucked under you looks like my mats got a little ski jaw here and here we go up and reach down and let's press the hips forward and lift down lift good and down great preparation for side Bend that's a little modification there then we will come back to it last exercise is going to be a coordination exercise you're gonna have your legs a tabletop arms are straight up to the ceiling all at once you're going to extend the legs lower the arms and lift the head so you come up now open and close your legs and then take everything back again exhale up and close inhale exhale open close inhale exhale open close you're gonna do four more exhale open close breathing two more last one good and just bring the knees into the chest Rock side to side give yourself a little break and hold on and roll yourself up to sitting last thing we'll do is a little side Bend stretch so sitting with the legs off to one side holding on to the ankle you're just gonna stretch over to one side and then over to the other side once more over to one side over to the other side now from here rotate toward in that hand and put the arm both hands down on the floor and stretch take a deep breath so take it back up and up let's do the other side holding onto your ankle if you're going to lift up so get those shoulders down they love to come up in this exercise and shoulder this shoulder down now this shoulder down last one now rotate toward that hand put both hands on the mat and take a breath and back to Center good job nice fast ten-minute intermediate level workout I'll see you on the mats

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