10 MINUTE PILATES ABS WORKOUT ?? Lower abs and obliques

hi guys it's Bailey and today's workout is a mat Pilates workout to flatten the lower stomach and tone the obliques let's get started all right so let's start warming up the ABS lying down on our backs and taking our heels out towards the corner of the mats flexing those toes up from here take your hands behind your head will just do a set of crunches to warm up deep breath in exhale lifting through the upper body and lowering down exhale curl and lower down now by keeping our legs lengthen we really feel those low ABS switching on a lot more here exhale lift and lower beautiful exhale lift and lower so really thinking of imprinting that low back keeping our abdominal is nice and flat the whole time and lowering down exhale lift and lower beautiful four more here good as you exhale really emphasizing pulling your belly button back towards your spine doesn't matter how high you're lifting the most important thing keeping the abdominal wall nice and flat for two beautiful last one good now from your arms by the side you're gonna take your right foot tap it over to your left and then open up top over and up so right away you should feel those lower abdominals switching on lifting up top and open good so lots of work through those low abs here you go a little feeling here twist and open good for beautiful four three four two good last one now take that same leg tap the heel in and then lengthen it out so we're really working into that lower ab it doesn't seem like much at first you can lift that just as well but you should really start to feel those ABS warming up three more it's good for two beautiful last one now let's go right to the other side it's so funny like it doesn't look like we're doing a lot but I can really feel my low ABS already working so try to get that lift and good so we're working right on to that left leg exhale tap and then we're down good right here top and lower good remember you can lift that upper body if you'd like good three four two good from here coming into those chaps bending the knee in top the heel and then lengthening it out chopping in and so keeping it on that bit of a diagonal really challenging for the low ab be really light with these touches so we're not just setting the foot in and then dropping it down we're really thinking of tapping it in and then controlling it down you should feel so much work through those low abs three four – good from here let's take those together so alternating sides we're gonna lift the upper body up tapping from one side and the other side go to one side to the other side then you're gonna top both heels in and good top one heel one heel one bed beautiful one heel remember you can leave your head down on the mat one heel it's actually harder for your abs to leave down on the mat one heel one heel one leg beautiful so you shouldn't feel this in your lower back at all if you do you can take those hands behind the head which is actually the easier option for this one pulling in and good and top top those heels in and out beautiful a few more here if you can taking that advanced option really think of exhaling tucking that tailbone and out beautiful top top in and out if you don't feel your lower abs I don't know what to tell you tap good in and out one more top good in and beautiful but pull them in good here getting into our obliques we're topping down to the ankle so this one we really are bending into that sideways go to a couple like this beautiful four more for three for two topping that ankle good now we add on so you're reaching up stretching and then exhaling bending to the side reach and stretch and stretch beautiful lengthening and squeezing into those obliques reach and stretch lengthen and good five more here so you can already feel those lower abs working activating our obliques for two good now we're gonna switch it up again you're gonna take that same arm deep breath in exhale cross crunch lower down one straight crunch beautiful exhale one cross crunch one straight crunch beautiful now if that feels okay let's go right up into tabletop with the leg one across one straight beautiful one across one straight now add on what we're gonna do is as you go over the bent leg the opposite leg is gonna lengthen pull it in other side twist pull it in good so this is where we really start to feel those lower abs exhale twist pull it in beautiful lengthen and then reach all about the lower abs and obliques you can do this keeping your head on the mat as well if it's starting to bug you but if you can that little extra challenge and in good really lengthening those legs good job you guys exhales you reach good one more each way and like thing good now coming back to the mat take a little windshield wiper from side to side if you need and then we'll reset to the other side take those hands behind the head and then we're gonna take our right arm out to the side start reaching down tap the ankle and exhale top and exhale tap good so really getting that nice side Bend into the obliques good three more here just warming up or two good now from here we add that reach up and then chop to the side good reach up and reach up and touch good really enjoying that beautiful stretch and then squeezing down good four more four three for two I hope your abs are burning good last one now from here coming into those cross crunches lowering down we take the right arm across the body and then we do one straight crunch outside of the hip inhale exhale across the body and one straight if there's one of my favorite ab exercises really works those lower abs and obliques let's lift our legs to tabletop just like on the other side exhale twist good exhale twist good really getting those obliques will it's odd in the lower abs as we go over the bent knee offset leg lengthen pull it in other side twist good it's like a really intense bicycle crunch as you lengthen the leg the lower that you put it towards the mat the more you're challenging those lower abs try to exhale remembering to breathe good staying strong here exhale curl fling it good job you guys stay strong really reach and lengthen good just one more we reach and reach beautiful bringing it in take a nice little hug all right let's finish up with one of my favorite quick lower ab burn exercises lengthening those feet up towards the sky coming into some splits here open the legs and close good open and close so really works those inner thighs lower abs just feel it right here and in good open and close beautiful now from here what we're gonna do is take those hands together start to add a crunch and an exhale reach and good job you guys lengthening those legs really reach hello ABS good and pointing those toes good job you guys stay strong good just three more beautiful four too good last one crisscross those feet last 10 seconds lowering them down for ten nine eight six good four five four three two and one hug it in good job you guys take a little stretch here massage that low back into the mat lengthen your legs reach nice and tall deep breath in and exhale great job you guys thanks so much for doing that quick AB burn with me I really felt it so I hope you did too if you want to see more ab workouts leave me a comment letting me know below and if you're new to my channel I would love it if you would subscribe and work out with me every week

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