10 Minute morning Pilates workout to get you moving

welcome to this 10 minutes morning Pilates workout to get you moving hi I'm Louise from Studio 44 Pilates and if you are new here you are welcome but please subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any future videos that I post every Sunday at 7 pm

So let's get going we're going to lie down into a neutral position and make sure our heels are underneath our knees and our feet are level with our sit bones and just got out of bed in the morning this is perfect we're just going to take it into a pelvic tilt so the lower back goes into the mat we squeeze our glutes and bring our bottom only of the floor so it's a really small movement to get that back moving a little bit okay so it's really nice movements make sure you squeeze in those glutes drawing that pubic bone towards that belly button to wake up that Center as well so just do two more lovely so hopefully that feels just really nice even now from there I'm going to take my arms out to the side keep my legs bent take my legs to the side breathing out as I do so keeping my shoulders on the floor pulling up through that Center and bringing it back to the center take it over to the other side again keep the shoulders on the floor so only go as far as you can pull up in that center to bring you back and you're gonna do that one more time so again still trying to get that lower back moving breathing out take it away breathing in as you come back lovely good but I want you to bring your arms up it towards the ceiling and I want you to take the fingertips towards the ceiling keeping your arms straight I want you to bring the shoulder blades back down onto the mat good do it again breathing out breathe in as you come back excellent we're doing shoulder shrugs which is just a really nice way to care at the upper part of your body around the shoulders working as well okay let's do one more excellent holding it here I want you to start thinking about that centre so we're going to take one arm behind us towards the floor and one arm down by the side and then take changing so do the breathing as you feel comfortable but what I want you to focus on is this rib cage and not flaring up as you take your arms back but keeping connected towards that pelvis so using those muscles in the middle good excellent so again nice so I want to stop focusing you on your body brilliant and just bring that arm down by the start from there I just check in my neutral again I'm going to take it in to shoulder bridge so let's keep my collarbone nice and open lower back into the mat peel that spine off the mats for glutes are starting to work I've engaged through that Center breathing out so peel spine lengthening in the neck if you need to keeping the collarbone nice to open keep this working towards your bellybutton and don't let your back push out in breath at the top and then lower from that breast bones you're trying to get each part of that spine back onto the mat remember we're trying to get you moving for the day breathing out squeezing those glutes pulling up through that centre you're using the whole of your Center length you through the neck if you need to don't over push to hear this working in breath and lower it back down we're going to do two more like this so I always think in the morning it's really nice to just focus on your breathing and just focus on your body I don't just really believe that helps you it's just so much better it might not feel great now while you're doing it but when you get up go have your shower or get on with the day it will feel really really nice the last one breathing out as you come up brilliant and then back down excellent well done from there I'm just going to take one leg up in the air and I'm just gonna pull up I'm going to pull it towards me so that you've got a stretch at the back of your hamstring from here I want you to flex your foot and then point the toe so just doing a foot stretch as well so keep the leg is nice and still find yourself getting into that calf from back down is that hamstring a little bit more if you've got a band it's really nice to use a bands because then you've got a bit of resistance to do that foot stretch and you can bring yourself a little bit closer maybe good relaxed that time change legs and if you're lucky you might not have to lift up I do okay from here so I'm gonna do my foot stretch got a bit of tension at the back of my leg so I know I'm in a hamstring stretch and I have just pulling yeah good so really trying to point my toe and then push my heel towards the ceiling I'm quite tight this morning good let's do that again one more I put that leg toward you a little bit more brilliant good on to your sides and we're just gonna take it into our side kick so lengthen that arm out my hips on top of each other make sure you can just see your toes a breast bone pubic bone in the line just going to take that top hip so I've turned it out so the toes pointing towards the ceiling I'm going to breathe in and then push that heel down and breathe out and again so really push out through that heel as I come back down lovely now don't go so high that you roll back you want to stay in line so I'm using my Center good no idea how many we've done so we'll do a couple more good lovely last one brilliant from that I'm going to take that top leg forward as far forward as I can and then take it as far back as I can you using my glute pulling up through that Center if you need your hand here do so but don't push down through that shoulder okay it's all about balance as well as strength this one so I'm using that glute to take my leg back and coming forward lovely excellent good I'm gonna do one more brilliant and then just finish off on this side we're going to take both legs I'll get a breathe in and breathe out all right so again I'm not taking it too high I'm really lengthening my legs away from me and using that Center to keep me nice and stable so breathing in breathe out lovely good well done and again well done good you might feel that in that glute not working nicely from there I'm gonna turn onto my stomach and we're going to take it into a swan dive so again this is really nice especially if you've been if you sit a lot so it's a really nice time to take it back into extension so what I want you to do is take your hands level with your waist yours or your arms elbows even hands a bit wider so we're going to look at the floor and we're going to lengthen through that spine and just lift that upper body I've started to squeeze my glutes and pull up through the center so I'm not feeling it at all in my lower back and come back down I just want you to do a few like this so we're lengthening lowering those armpits squeezing those glutes pulling up through that Center lovely well done good so we're trying to get the whole of that back extending up so getting each part moving right from there we're gonna take it up a little bit higher so if you can so I want you to squeeze those glutes pull up through that Center when you get to the point where you can not hold it anymore we're going to start pushing through those arms but still focus on lifting through that chest good and come back down lovely and again lower this up it's lengthen through the top of your spine you don't want to lift the head by itself it's coming up with your spine lovely if you can't get up this far that's absolutely fine go to where you can and make sure that you don't feel it in your lower back good well done excellent come back on your heels and happy to patient so taking heels towards your bottom take your arms out take your nose towards your knees and just focus on that breathing breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth lovely and again just take a little bit of time to you before you get on with your day well done good from their other side of the sidekick so we're going to lie ourselves down and we're going to make sure we're set up so heels are hips on top of each other then we're going to tilt the hip out not so we're going to turn it out I'm going to take it up pointing the toe flex that foot as we come back down and again so we're really lengthening through that heel as we come back good again so really push through that heel let's do two more and I'm keeping my hips on top of each other I'm working through that Center from there I'm going to take it forward as far as I can using that centre of so don't let my upper body come roll away too much using that glute to take it back but still holding on through that Center good taking it forward taking it back squeezing that glute as I take it back lovely let's do two more keep this shoulder nice and relaxed and you go remember you can have your hand there but try not to push down on it it's just a stop you rolling forwards good and relax well done just to finish off with we are going to come up onto all fours want you to have your knees underneath your hips your hands underneath your shoulders and you're going to tuck that tailbone under and you're going to let the head hang and it almost feel like you're bringing your pubic bone towards your back towards your forehead then I'm going to lengthen through my tailbone all the way up my spine so I come up into my head okay and again tuck it under curl right under bring that tailbone toward your forehead really try and get into that lower back then tailbone away towards the wall behind you lengthening through that spine good well done let's do one more it feels so nice and excellent good I really hope you've enjoyed that and if you found 10 minutes just the right length of time then that's perfect and if you'd like to find out where you can find more 10 minutes videos like this then head to the link below where you will find more videos look forward to seeing you again on the mat soon

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