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10 minute Full Body Pilates HIIT Workout in Maldives!

大家好 欢迎收看我的频道 Hello, everyone Welcome to my channel

我叫索妮亚 My name is sonia 今天我要带你去美丽的天堂 马尔代夫 and today I'm bringing you to the beautiful paradise Maldives 我们要在印度洋旁边做10分钟的全身锻炼 we're going to do a 10 minute full body workout right here next to the indian ocean 我希望你现在能集中精力 I want you to really focus at the present moment, 听听海浪的悠扬声音 listen to the relaxing sounds of the waves, 准备好你的身心 为了今天的训练 and prepare your mind and body For today's workout 我们总共做10个动作 We will do 10 exercises in total 每个做45秒 休息15秒 Each one is 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds 现在你准备好了吗 准备好垫子 跟着我 我们开始吧 Now are you ready? grab a mat and follow me Let's start 这里阳光明媚 It's super sunny here 我真的睁不开眼睛 and I can't really open my eyes properly 但我喜欢 but I love it 开始吧 Let's go 第一个是跳跃杰克来唤醒我们的身体 髋和肩部关节 first one is jumping jack to wake up our body warm up our hip and shoulder joints 让身体为即将到来的更具挑战性的运动做好准备 to prepare the body for more challenging exercise coming up 如果你膝盖比较弱 你可以慢慢来 一次一条腿 If you have weak kness, you can do it slower and one leg at a time

继续呼吸 继续跳跃 保持你的双脚打开 手臂举高 Keep breathing, keep jumping, keep your legs wide arms high 当我跳的时候 When I jump 我能感觉到身上的脂肪上下跳动 I can feel the fat on my body bouncing up and down 这让我想跳得更快 这样我就能摆脱所有的肥肉 which makes me want to jump even faster so that I can get rid of all the fats 只是一些傻傻的想法 每当我跳的时候 Just some silly thoughts whenever I jump 不管怎样 anyway, 最后54 last 54 3, 2 , 1 休息 rest 接下来是深蹲 双腿打开与髋同宽 Next is squat both legs stand hip width apart 注意要把髋关节和膝盖和脚踝3点对齐 And you should always align your hip joint above your knee and above your ankle both sides 现在 准备 开始 Now, ready, start 当我们蹲下 when we squat down 将臀部坐下 尽可能的低 we want to sit our butt as low as possible 收紧臀部 and squeeze our glutes 当我们站起来 When we stand up 手臂的动作只是为了帮助你保持平衡 The arms movement is just to help you balance 所以我要你注意的一件事是当你蹲下 So one thing I want you pay attention to is when you squat down 把你的重心往后移 并且可以把脚趾卷起离地 try to shift the majority of your body weight to your hip and you can lift your toes off the mat 这样你就可以在不给膝盖施加太大压力的情况下训练你的臀肌和大腿 And that way you are really training your glutes and thighs without putting too much pressure on your knees 深蹲是我最喜欢的运动之一 如果你想要翘臀 真的应该每天做 Squat is one of my favorite exercises and if you want a perky butt really doing it every day 现在是5432 休息 Now last 5432, and rest 第三个练习是臀向上(海豚式) 还没开始 休息一下 the 3rd exercises is butt ups don't start yet Take your rest 我们从平板支撑开始 We will start in a plank position 记住 你的肩关节总是在肘部以上 Remember always align your shoulder joint above your elbow 现在开始 Now start 把你的臀举得高高的 真的拉长你的脊椎 lift your butt high to the sky, really lengthen your spine, 然后回到平板位置 then back to plank position 保持腹部核心紧绷 臀部放低 Keep your core tight and lower your hip 收紧臀部 squeeze your glutes 重复 And repeat 这是一个很好的锻炼 可以加强你的上半身和肩膀 以及你的核心 腹肌还有臀肌 This is a really good exercise to strengthen your upper body and shoulders as well as your core abs and glutes 继续 臀部往下时要一直到平板的位置 Keep going, lower your hip all the way down to plank 别偷懒 Don't cheat Ok, 你能做到的 you can do it

我们差不多做完了 最后5秒 4秒 We almost done here The last five seconds, four, 32和1 休息 32 and 1 rest 下一个是“游泳” 我们肚子躺在垫上 手脚打开与肩膀和髋同宽 next is swimming we lie down on our tummy and spread our arms and legs hip and shoulder width apart 我们吸气 把胸部 手臂和腿抬起 we inhale and lift our chest arms and legs off the mat 准备好了吗 开始游泳 Ready? Start swimming, 手臂和腿交替运动 alternating arm and leg movements 你的眼睛应该看着你垫子的边缘 拉长你的脖子 Your eyes should look at the edge of your mat, lengthen your neck, 记得吸你的肚脐来运用你的核心 remember to suck your belly button in to engage your core 保持躯干稳定 Keep your torso stable 只有你的四肢在动 Only your limbs are moving 这是一个很好的延伸训练(练背部) This is a really good extension exercise 就是帮我们整个背部的肌肉塑形 Is to tone our entire back muscles, 包括你的腿后侧和臀 including your hamstrings and glutes 同时改善我们的姿态 also improve our posture 还有练出 and get that 漂亮的天鹅颈 Beautiful swan neck

最后10秒 Last 10 seconds left 游得更快 想象一下你身后有一条鲨鱼 swim even faster Imagine there's a shark behind you 最后三个 Last three 2 然后休息 2 and rest 第五个练习 抬胸加卷腿 the 5th exercises, leg crunches with chest lift 现在我们躺在地上 Now we're lie down on our back 现在手指交叉 吸气 抬起胸部 腿部弯起 now interlace our fingers inhale and lift our chest up legs table top position 我们吸气时腿曲起 呼气时腿伸直 we inhale when legs in exhale when legs out 当你做一些困难的事情时 记得要呼气 You never always exhale when you are doing something difficult 呼气帮你运用核心肌肉 it helps you engage the core 胸别掉 肩胛骨的尖端要离开垫子 don't drop your chest Keep the tips of your shoulder blade off a mat 现在 now 伸直然后曲起 lengthen and bend 伸直然后曲起 lengthen and bend 吸气 呼气 我们差点做完 这是最好的 inhale exhale, we almost done here

This is the best 训练我们核心的方法 Way to train our core 我们的腹肌 Our abs 快有6块腹肌了 54 3 2 和休息 Six packs is coming last 54, three, two, and rest 干得好伙计们 Good job guys

我们做完一半了 we are half way through 下一个叫做卷起和跳跃 next is called roll and jump 所以我们把下背从垫上卷起 然后滚到肩膀上 再滚回去 So We lift our back off the mat and roll onto our shoulders and roll back up 把脚放在地上 尽可能地跳高 现在我们走吧 place our feet on the ground and jump as high as you can Now let's go 如果你膝盖不舒服 你可以用手扶着站起来 不要跳 If you have weak knees you can use your hands to help you stand up without jumping 蹲下再滚 and squat down and roll again 记住 当你在滚动时 不要滚动到你的脖子以上 以避免受伤 Remember when you roll, dont roll on to your neck or your head to avoid injuries 跟紧步伐 keep up the pace

真的试着去做 Really try to do 尽快做 Do it as fast as 你可以尽可能多次 You can as many times as you can 真的要逼自己 我们快结束了 really push yourself We're almost done here 继续 继续 跳得更高 Keep Going Keep going, jump higher

我们已经到了最后54 We are at our last 54 三2一休息 three two and 1 rest 接下来是相扑蹲 Next is sumo squat 我们站起来 把腿伸得比臀部还宽 We stand up and spread our legs wider than hip with apart 我们将锻炼我们整个腿部的肌肉 We will be working on our entire leg muscles 准备好了吗 ready? 我们尽量低蹲 锻炼大腿内侧 We squat down as low as we can, really working the inner thighs, 然后收紧臀部 当我们上来的时候 then squeeze our glutes when we come up 在这里 up here, 下蹲然后收紧 squat and squeez 继续做 Keep doing it 记得保持呼吸 Remember to keep breathing 我喜欢蹲下时吸气 站起来呼气 I like to inhale when I squat down and exhale when I stand up 但你可以换一种方式 只要你觉得舒服 But you can do it the other way around, as long as you feel comfortable 我们差不多做完了 只剩下10秒了 we almost done here

Only 10 seconds left 在这之后 我们只剩下三个了 After this, we only have three to go 继续前进 Keep going, 把它推过去 你能做到的 push it through You can do it 休息一下 and rest 下一个练习 我们先做一个高平板的姿势 Next exercise, we will get into a high plank position first, 然后用相对的手触摸另一侧的脚趾或脚踝 左右两侧交替 then touch toes or ankle of one side with the opposite hand alternating between left and right 准备好了吗 走吧 Ready? Let's go

在你触摸了脚后 记得把臀部放低到平板的位置 After you touch your foot remember push your butt down to a proper plank 在你换到另一边之前 before you switch to the other side 所以我们可以锻炼我们的核心上半身和肩部力量 So we can really work on our core upper body and shoulder strength 你好吗 How are you doing? 你感觉到燃烧和在出汗吗 Are you feeling the burn and sweating? 这里阳光明媚 我告诉你 我像下雨一样出汗 It is so sunny here And I'm telling you, I'm sweating like raining 这项训练非常有效 this workout super effective 我保证你很快就会看到结果 And I guarantee you will see the result in no time 我们是最后五个 Here we are last five 3 2 1 休息 3 2 1 and rest 我们只剩下最后两个练习了 下一个是剪刀脚 We're down to the last two exercises Next is criss cross

所以我们转过身来 仰卧着 So let's turn around and lie down on our back 现在 我们交叉手指 支撑头部 进入胸部抬起位置 呼气扭向一边 Now we interlace our fingers and support the head inhale and get into chest lift position exhale we twist to one side 吸气到中间 呼气转到另一边 inhale to the center exhale to the other side 我要你真的从你的上背部你的胸部位置去扭转 I want you to really twist from your upper back your chest area 保持你的腰和腰椎在垫上保持稳定 and keep your waist and lumber spine stable on the mat 目光跟着你的腋下 gaze following your armpit 始终记得呼吸 吸气转去中间 呼气去侧面 Always remember to breath Inhale to the center exhale to the side 这是最好的锻炼你的腹斜肌和核心肌肉 This is the best exercise for your obliques and your core 如果你想得到那紧实 If you want to get that firm 马甲线 abs lines outside your six packs 这个就是你要做的 This is the one to go 我们到了 最后五 四 and here we are Last five, four, 3 2 1 休息 3 2 1 and rest 现在我们只剩下最后一个登山者了 Now we're down to the last one mountain climber

首先我们把自己抬高到高平板的位置 First we raise ourselves up to high plank position 记住一定要把你的手腕 肘部和肩关节对齐 Remember to always align your wrist, elbow and shoulder joint 准备好了 我们跑吧 Ready Let's run 膝盖需要尽可能靠近你的胸部 并尽可能快地奔跑 reach your knee to your chest as close as you can and run as fast as you can 我要你真的推动自己 I want you to really push yourself 全力以赴 give all you've got, 让我们很棒的完成这个训练 and let's finish this work out fabulously, 继续跑 推动自己 keep running, push it through, 跑得越来越快 run faster and faster

我们差不多完了 最后10 9 We are almost done And last 10 9 加油加油 push it push it 五 five 4 four 321 休息 321 and rest 做得好 Well done 做得太好了 well done guys such a great job 我希望你喜欢这个运动 并且今天出汗了 I hope you like this workout and got your sweat today 每天锻炼两次 Do the entire workout twice a day 每周至少三天以获得最佳结果 at least three times a week to get the best results 在你走之前 Before you go 我要你订阅并按通知铃 I want you to subscribe and hit the notification bell 因为我每周都会发布健身视频 because I will be posting workout video every week 祝你有美好的一天,良好的健康和美好的人生! I wish you a good day good health and good life! 下周见 See you next week

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