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– Hi everyone I'm Ash Wilking and this is well and goods trainer of the Month Club

I love to run I love lifting weights I love boxing I love high intensity But what's one thing that's important regardless of what type of training you're doing? Mobility

So today, I'm gonna take you through a quick mobility challenge Let's get started The one thing I always say is, "It's not about being "flexible, but it's about finding strength in your mobility" So let's go through this 10 minute mobility circuit, we'll focus on multiple joints, controlling and articulating all those rotations Ready to get started? Let's do it

Standing feet hip width apart, knees are slightly bent Make nice strong fist with those hands abs are in remember, this is all gonna be about engaging the entire body while we rotate through the joint Let's start with the neck, pulling that chin down towards your chest Imagine you're squeezing a tennis ball Now don't let your shoulders move your hips move or your ribs move

I want you to look over to your right pocket Keeping your chin to your right shoulder Then lift your head imagine you're drawing a rainbow up and over the top of the ceiling, keeping those abs in, look down to your left pocket, squeeze everything and chin comes down to chest Let's do that other direction Lift your left pocket

Draw the rainbow up and across that ceiling, keeping your abs engaged ribs tight, shoulders back, down to your right shoulder back through the center two more times to the right shoulder We lift, draw that line up and over moving through our neck here multiple directions through the center Last time, we come up to the left shoulder, draw that rainbow all the way round, squeeze it down back through the center and chin up Arms go out keep those hands nice and strong We're gonna pull those shoulders back, down, forward and up

We're gonna focus on just this direction for 30 seconds So again, the name of the game is tension, creating tension using those abs, firing up your legs using your breath Right, we're working on moving those scapula's, back and down you guys ready to switch directions? Let's do it Down, back, pull up and reach Again, you're kind of making a circular motion, but I like to think of it in four different points

Again, going for about 30 seconds in both directions How are we feeling? Feeling those shoulders fire up yet? We'll come back to those guys a little bit later But in just a second, I wanna take you to some wrist movements Here we go Three, two, and elbows come in

Here's what I want you to do make nice strong, high five hands I want you to flex those hands yes So we're gonna take them and roll them in Notice I'm keeping my fingertips pulling towards my elbows and then I'm gonna snap them down hold, right kind of like the bend and snap is how I like to think of it So you're gonna flip those hands, squeezing your fingertips towards your elbow, we're gonna internally rotate, right holding that flexion

And then bam! Again, bend and snap, except we're kind of flipping and rolling about halfway through here So if you're doing a lot of plank work, push up work, right you need to have a lot of mobility in those wrists You never wanna have any pain points So if at any moment right, you're feeling a little bit of pinching here, that's where you know, you kind of need to do a little bit more work Alright, we have about 10 more seconds

We're gonna take it into our first set of hip CARs, how we feeling with those wrists? Pretty good forearms fired up and shake them out All right, making those nice strong fist with those hands I want you to pull your shoulder blades back and down We're pressing into our left foot, we're gonna work on flexion holding a tennis ball behind our knee and extension still holding the tennis ball Imagine we're kicking back

Again pull up and in Now if you're at home you can use a wall to help you balance here You could also use a chair, anything that will help keep you stable I'm going to take you through a little challenging standing series So again we're just workers working on pulling up through that knee right if you're a runner, you have to really have great flexion and that extension driving through that back glut

Again imagine you are holding a tennis ball behind that knee Good abs are in tight We're here for another 15 seconds Then we're gonna take this through some hip CARs, big circles with those hips, working on internally and externally rotating Let's hold

There we go and flexion keeping your left hip back I want you to open your knee out to the side Open keep that knee lifted nice and high Certain internally rotate that thigh and Kick your knee back As you find that extension, we're gonna find that balance lift it up

Let's do that one more time, all the way out Keeping that flexion Right we're going to turn that femur, internally rotate through that hip, holding those fists nice and tight Pull it in and hold Let's do the opposite direction

Kick back Hold Good Start to externally rotate that hip as that heel drops in Pull it all the way in find that balance abs in

One more time Ready, kick it back good Finding that tension behind the leg, good We're gonna externally rotate through that hip Lift at nice and high

Pull it around three, two, one Other side? Other side All right, arms are nice and strong Right, balancing on that right leg We're gonna find that lift through the left leg and that extend through the left leg

Again, I like to find my imaginary tennis ball I'm working on just pulling with my abs lifting as high as I can, and then holding that tension but driving it back Don't let your hips move here, right? So you don't wanna actually tilt your hips at all Instead, you wanna keep nice and tall and find a little bit of that tension Finding that balance

Anyone else's arms fired up here? Yeah, they should be abs are in nice and tight Don't worry we're gonna stretch those out one more time before we're out Good Remember, we're just finding this flexion and this extension final bit, we're gonna take it into those hip CARs

Ready for it? All right one more time kick it back, lift it up and hold All right, keeping through that flexion We're gonna rotate that left knee out Remember keep your right hip back Try to squeeze it as far back as you can without turning

Then you internally rotate that femur, lift that heel up, pull it around Find that pole Good Ready? Hold those shoulders down, abs in Brace, lifting it out to the side ready? Internally rotate through that thigh, pull it up around and opposite direction

Let's do it Kick that heel back, hold As you start to externally rotate your hip your heel drop start to lift high Keep that right hip back bring it in One more time

Here we go kick it back Hold Good Start to externally rotate through your hip on the left side, left heel comes down, look nice and high, three, two, and one

All right, shake that guy out lots going on in those legs Now let's focus on the ankles as a runner, incredibly important to make sure that you have good dorsiflexion and you can press through those ankles without any pain So let's start 30 seconds on the right side We're just gonna press that gas pedal down

I want you to turn your toe to the outside So to lift that gas pedal hold windshield wiper across, drive it down and windshield wiper good Now try your hardest here not to let your femur move, but instead just working through that ankle, other direction, turn it in lift, you hear that popping? Good Windshield wiper crossed, lift the toe, windshield wiper, cross, press the toe, we got three, two and switch other side Nice and easy

So we're gonna flex through that foot and extend right working on that pressing Now we're just gonna put that gas pedal down Try to keep the femur not moving right, we're gonna turn out and down, lift up, windshield wiper across, press down Good windshield wiper to the bottom Hardest part to be honest is not moving your thigh almost there

We got about five so let's turn the other direction Good Drive, rotate Good three, two and one good You can do this for a lot longer, but it's really important to just move those ankles around

Alright, let's come down to a kneeling position We're gonna do one more bit on the shoulders, then we're gonna take it into a little spinal movement and you guys are done with your mobility So we're gonna take these arms out into a scarecrow, squeeze your belly and nice and tight We're gonna pull that scarecrow in I'm from the south, so I call these gators right, pull your elbows and fingertips and press

Then I want you to take your hands together and try to lift overhead Keeping your ribs together, your elbows are gonna spread just a little as you bring those elbows in and down, squeeze and then pull nice and wide Again scarecrow to a gator pressing those elbows in And then as you extend your arms overhead, reach as high as you can without moving the elbows apart Then open the elbows

Press backwards and pull Elbows in tight and agape Once you start finding that tension, once you start finding that, pull through those abs, the press into those hands, the retraction of the shoulder blades, you start feeling that tension, you start feeling that bit of a workout, right? That's that movement rather than just being flexible We want to be strong in our flexibility Good last bit open, close

And nice All right, taking this down to a quadruped position, we're gonna find some movement through our spine, little spinal waving We're gonna come down to those hands and knees quadruped position right I want your belly nice and tight And then I want you to think about giving me a little cat, cow here So you're going up and down

Now we're gonna move through that in a little series So I want you nice and neutral Start to dip your chin down to your chest hold as you start to roll through your spine Lifting that tailbone up and under hold Let's move the opposite direction ready? Lift your chin up to the ceiling as high as you can

And then eventually you start rolling through that spine Good, opposite direction Ready, tuck your tailbone under Start to find that roll through your spine, chin goes down last direction, lift that chin one more time roll through all the way up last bit, hit those cat, cow

There you have it, your quick 10 minute mobility challenge Have a little extra time? Feel free to hold those movements for even longer A great way to not only find flexibility, to find strength in that mobility Stay tuned for more videos and as always subscribe to well and good

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