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– Hey everyone, Ash Wilking here, Nike Trainer and Rumble Instructor, and today I bring you a 10 minute workout that almost everyone loves, core work Ten moves, ten minutes, ten reps each

I'm gonna show you body weight, but if you want a little extra challenge, make sure you add a med ball You ready to get started? Let's move All right, we're gonna get started laying on our backs First move is a dead bug Laying down on your back, we're gonna bring those knees up to table top

I like to make fists with my hands to engage my arms, head down, ribs down Alternating opposite hand and arm extension Ready? Let's go Extend opposite hand and arm Holding for just that split second and bringing those legs and arms back in

Notice, when I do this, I'm keeping the other knee directly over my hip, but not allowing it to come any closer to my chest Find that breath, starting to pull your belly in and down, this is a great activation for that core without putting any extra additional tension on the shoulders or on the neck How we doing? So again, opposite hand and arm, reach, keeping those feet flexed so we're engaging, ribs are pulling down Nice All right, we're gonna take this into a reverse crunch, staying in the same position

Hands are gonna come down right beside you or underneath those hips Ready, and hands down So, knees stay in, we're gonna extend those legs out squeezing our ankles in, and then lift those hips off the floor Out, and lift, up and in Good! So you wanna keep your fingertips pushing into the ground, to help you leverage that lift in those lower abs

Whoo! Yep, starting to feel these already, not gonna lie Remember, 10 reps Pulling that rib down Just like we did last time, with those dead bugs Right, you're pulling your ribs down, keeping that lower back glued

How we feeling? Good! All right We're gonna take this up into a little side plank We're gonna focus on left and right for just a little bit Good, finish up those 10 reps As soon as you're done, we're gonna come up into a left elbow side plank

Really important I want you to focus on the left elbow So left elbow comes down, we're gonna lift up into that side plank Ready? Feet stacked And lift Reach up nice and tall

Great Let's add a challenge Take that right hand underneath, adding a little twist Now, if you ever need to modify in a side plank, the first step is to take a step One foot goes in front of the other

Again, you're still working through Now, if you ever need to come down, any shoulder issues, you can always drop that bottom knee down, keeping that hip lifted you are still working through that core 10 rotations in a side plank Whoo! Yep, trying to keep that hip lifted nice and high, don't drop that left hip down, scoop it up to that ceiling Feeling this yet? Great, we're gonna take this into a half kneeling position

So once you finish out those 10 reps, we take it up Great Left knee comes forward, right knee is down So, we're gonna use body weight making those fists I want you to reach up and across your body, bring it to your chest, reach down

Now what I want you to focus on here, is adding a twist but not letting your hips move Again, if you're adding any weight, you can hold that medicine ball But remember, our body creates tension So if you can create that fist nice and strong, right? You're adding standing core work Really, really, important when you start adding weight, and reaching overhead with that weight

Whoo! All right, 10 reps Guess where we're going next Right side plank And then that right knee is gonna come up for that side half kneeling twist All right, finish out those 10 reps

And then take it down, right elbow comes down Hit that side plank Hold that arm up Find your tension, when you're ready, start to add that twist up and under Good, keep those fingertips pressing down into the ground

Reminder modification if you need it, step one foot in front of the other, or drop that bottom knee down But whatever position you are in, you are keeping that bottom hip lifted, hollowing up and out through those abs Whoo! All right, how we doing? Remember, 10 reps on each As much as you wanna go nice and quick through these movements, the slower you go the more tension you create The harder it's gonna be and that means the stronger you're gonna come out of it

All right, final bit, once you get done with those 10 rotations, we're gonna take that other half kneel Same elbow and knee, that's kind of what you wanna think about Ready? Great Right knee comes up, left foot is back, keep that toe tucked to fire up that glute Make those fists by your face, dukes up

Reach those hands up and across Good, reach high, try not to let your hips move Your feet are nice and narrow here so you're finding a little stability in this half kneeling position Even engaging through that left glute, you fire up through those abs Punch

Good! Punch Punch Whoo! All right, last little bit on this one, we are well over half way through these abs Remember, 10 reps in total Once we get done with these, we're gonna take it down, back onto our back

We're gonna go for a single leg toe touch, but with straight legs Finish out those 10 reps, and take it down onto your tailbones Legs are gonna go out nice and straight Hands are gonna go overhead And we're gonna reach up, touch that toe, trying to lift your upper body off the ground, and then reach overhead

Back up So this is similar to a jackknife position, but we're gonna take it one leg at a time One leg at a time Down and lift Good! Now, as you do this movement, make sure you do 10 on each leg

Yup Right, so you're taking it a little bit deeper, a little bit faster by adding 10 per side Whoo! All right, final bit You guys crushing this? Great Now, we're gonna stay seated

We're gonna take this into a balancing position modification We're gonna keep those heels down on the ground All right, ready? Finish off those 10 on each leg We're gonna come to a seated position We're gonna make an x, with an oblique twist

So leaning back on those tailbones, right? Take your hands to your chest just like we did before, you're gonna reach down, up, down, up Making an x with that oblique twist So a movement you might be familiar with, but we're gonna add something a little different by reaching in that twist Little extra challenge, take those feet off the floor Find that balancing position

Nice, keeping that core nice and tight using our breath, to create a little bit of tension Starting to feel these, I know I am All right, last little bit of this core work Remember, those abs burn out fast Doesn't take much to get them moving

Whoo! All right, we got two moves coming up We're gonna take it down into an elbow plank and we're gonna finish on our backs All right Great Finish out those oblique twists and then we're gonna take it onto those elbows

Down Right? Looking down at the floor, squeezing those ankles together I like to press my hands into the ground They're about a yoga block length apart, and then we're gonna lean into those toes, rock forward, and back Finding a little plank saw here, pressing off your toes, lifting up

Just like we did in that side plank, I want you to lift Think about that hollow position in that belly Forward, and back Taking this nice and slow Whoo! Reset when you need to

All right Almost there 10 reps in total Good As soon as you're done with those plank saws we're gonna take it back onto our back

Last one One of my favorites We're gonna take this into a hollow body, and then pull it in for a cannonball Yeah, let's do it All right

So, I like to start in that cannon ball position Knees in, elbows in tight We're gonna reach out, shoot those hands out, hollow body And then pop those knees in for that cannon crush Reach it out

Hold for that split second, and then find that crunch in As always, keep your lower back down, keeping your ribs down Remember with this movement, it's not about how low you go, but instead about how deep you engage through that core So as long as your lower back stays on the ground, you are working those abs Last move, c'mon burn it out, here we go

Whoo! And, done Nice work I'm definitely gonna be feeling those abs tomorrow Remember, this is a great circuit to add on to a run or a weightlifting workout I'll see you guys next week, and in the meantime, don't forget to subscribe to Well+Good

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