10 Minute Ballet Body & PIlates Workout with Tamara Newell

[Music] Tamara Newell: Stand in second [?] position, arms open to the side Start with grand plie

Down, and up Bring the arms down and up Two more, down and up Just warming up the body And stretch to the side, keep the abdominals pulled in

Flatten the back, lengthen the spine Lower the torso down Take a hold of your right ankle Keep a nice, natural breath Moving to the center, bend the knees and stretch

And again, bend and stretch Stretch over to the other ankle, lengthen the spine Keep the stomach pulled in Flatten out the back Turn to the side, and come on up

Turn to face your bar or chair in a wide second position, open the arms, place the hands on the hips We'll start with grand plies Down and up We'll go to 10 Eight more

Eight, and up Seven, and up And six, and up Five, keep going And four, really opening the knees wide to the side

Two more Two, and press Last one, now pulse down for ten, nine, eight, seven, six, keep breathing, five, four, three, two, and one Great, stand up tall, hands onto the bar, releve Up and down

And up and down That's it, keep breathing Legs nice and strong, rotating the thighs out from the top of the hip, keeping the abdominals pulled in, lengthening up towards the sky And open arms to the second, and here we go again Down and up, good

Opening the legs nice and wide, keeping the shoulders relaxed Five more: five and up And four Press the floor away Three, and straighten

Two, we're going to go into our pulses, that's it And eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and stand up strong And here we go for releves Up, ten times Add a nice port de bras to the arm

Five more: five, and four, and three, and two and one Excellent! Last set of grand plies Arms up to third, plie And up And plie

And up Keep breathing Feel the strength in your legs, pressing away from the floor And down with the arms And press, and up

And down and up Good, three more Three, two, last one, pulse: two, three, four, five, last five, four, three, two and up Good, last set of releves Up, and two, and three, and four, port de bras the arms

Five, and four, and three, and two, and one And excellent work Stretch over to the side Our first set is done [Music] Extend your left leg back into a fourt position

Bring the arms together and extend to fourt position, and first Fourth and first You really want to think of extending your arms long, keeping the shoulders relaxed And every time you extend the arms, slightly twist the torso, get a stretch through your core but still keep your abdominals pulled in to protect your back And really enjoy this

Feel a stretch and lengthen of the arms Extend both arms front, and reach back Give a and arc to the back, and then lean the chest forward so you're getting a stretch of the torso and the spine Extend forward and back As you extend your arms back, the palms are facing down to really get those triceps

And again, reach and reach And back, and front, really enjoy this movement Lengthening the torso, keeping the neck relaxed Extend front, and back Now pulse up: two, three, four, five, and five, four, three, keep breathing, two, and one

Excellent And here we go again And one arm forward, one arm back And lengthen Excellent

Reach, together And reach, together And lengthen the arms, engagin the back every time you move And don't forget about the legs, engaging the glutes and the thighs, feeling all ten toes on the floor And both arms front, and reach to the back

And front, and reach to the back Keeping the shoulders down and relaxed Front and back, and front, and back Five more: five, and reach And four

Keep the belly pulled in And three, and reach And two, and reach And last one, we go into our pulses here And pulse

Two, three, really feel the triceps lift And up, and up, and up Excellent Three, two, one, and together [Music] Move yourself forward to the front edge of your mat, hands underneath your shoulders, scoop the belly

Knees and fit hip-width distance apart Round your spine up to the ceiling for a nice spinal stretch, and then arc the back and look up And again, belly button pulls up towards the sky, and as you arc the back, still think of keeping the abdominals pulled in Come back to neutral spine, and now we're going to reach our right leg back and left arm forward Think of keeping your right hip facing the ground, left shoulder down to the back

And switch arms and legs Left leg reaches back, right arm reaches forward, deepening the belly And lower it down And again, right arm, left leg Reaching that leg out of the hip as long as you can, reaching your toes back nice and long

And left arm, right leg Neck is relaxed, keeping a natural breath, scooping the belly And lower it down And now reach your right arm and left leg, and now scoop, round the back, bring the elbow towards the knee And again, round the back, scoop and bring it in, and extend

And curl up as tight as you can, and now lengthen as much as you can And again, scoop, round in and lengthen And belly button in and up, and reach the arm and the leg And last one, round in Nice and long, and lower it down

Other side left leg, right arm And round the spine, scoop the belly, and reach And elbow towards the knee, and reach Now make sure the shoulders stay down the entire time

Three more, scoop Three, and reach And two, and reach One last time, and lengthen and lower Nice work

Come down onto your forearms Make a fist with one hand, wrap the other hand around it We're going to do serratus [?] push ups Extend your legs back into a wide leg stance for plank Now lower the chest down and lift

Lower, and lift You want to squeeze the shoulder blades together every time you lower, keeping it in a nice strong plank Five more: five, up Four, up Three, press

Two, press Last one, scooping the belly, knees down Sit back and take a breather Inhale and exhale And come back to your forearms, make a fist

Other hand around it, extend those legs back If the serratus push up is too much, just hold a nice, strong plank as we lower and lift Keep the tailbone tucked, belly is scooped, legs are engaged And again, lower, press Lower, press

And three, and two, and last one, lower and press, knees down Great job Sit back over your feet Take an inhale, and exhale And then come up to a nice, comfortable seated position

We're just going to finish with a few, fresh breaths of air And take an inhale, lift the arms up towards the ceiling and exhale, lower down Great work This was not an easy workout And one more time, and inhale, lift up, exhale, lower down

Wonderful job, and I will see you next time [Music]

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