10 Min Pilates Daily Flow and Tone | Strong, Toned Body

hi friend it's Kristia here today I have on you a 10 minute daily Pilates follow and tone that you can do daily for only 10 minutes that will help strengthen and tone and stretch the entire body so all you need is a mat for this one and go grab it and let's get started hi friend welcome and thank you for selecting this video so let's start by facing the front part of your mat feet father than that we're gonna roll it down so arms forward tuck the tailbone under inhale and then exhale curl your lower back and then roll down to the mat bone by bone keep looking at those ABS as you roll down yep shoulders down and then the head last to lower so let's work with the ribcage arm so bring your feet a little closer towards your seat and then bring your arms to the ceiling first now lift your shoulders off the mat and then dig them down so they stay down to the mat all the time to scoop your abs in and then take an inhale reach your arms to the back just right besides our ears and then exhale reach your fingers got long to the front as you press something heavy down to towards the mat so activate the triceps here as you press those arms up by your sides do the back and then again we take an inhale keep your ribs to really close float your arms towards the back keep the ribs closed and then exhale flow your arms to the ground and then inhale come back to your towards the back and exhale float the arms down reach those fingers go long alright so now stay here and then take an inhale and then exhale lift your head off the mat shoulders off and now we have your Pilates curl look your abs your abs a little deeper reach your fingers right here and absolutely lower everything down two more times inhale exhale lift up your abs in just lift up to the tips of your shoulder blades hold it right here is to keep it a little deeper and scoop a little deeper lower down one more time inhale and an exhale Pilates curl hold it right here now bring the right knee up it's your table top and then the left knee follows so burn the arms to the ceiling make fists kiss the fists together and then bring them right between the knees now press those knees to the fists and just hold it right here now lift your core scoop your core even more lift up a little higher and then slowly bring the arms to the ceiling arms to your sides, hovering off the floor bring your heels together knees together flex those feet now double leg March and heel down inhale and then exhale scoop your abs and let that be able to lift your legs up inhale tap your heels down and exhale lift up you got one more heels down inhale and then exhale lift up and now hug your knees to your chest Rock side to side just breathe okay turn your head side to side as well release any pressure from on the net and then come back to Center one hundred is next so scoop up what's up with your curl arms by your sides heels together toes apart extend those legs out long now pump your arms big pumps here in up and the next helped inhale through the nose exhale serve them out keep going inhale 2 3 4 5 sl 2 3 4 5 in 2 3 4 5 SS and just keep going halfway there you hug knees to chest relax the head neck shoulders down and then roll side to side coming back to your neutral position single leg stretch so lift up in your curl I send the left leg out long grab your right knee and pulled it a little closer towards your armpit and then switch sides pull that knee in towards your armpit and switch and switch now a little faster and now try to brush the inner thighs together in the middle mm-hmm so that you keep hugging the midline you've got two and two and one and one no hug your knees in relax ahead let your shoulders down now bring your arms by your side so we dig those triceps and all the back parts of the arms down to the mat okay double leg stretch you can zip the legs together inhale stretch no flex out long 45 degrees so really imagine your toes are elevating out towards the front stretch stretch stretch and then exhale scoop your abs in well let those knees come to your chest inhale stretch stretch stretch elongate elongate and exhale knees it two more times inhale stretch really straighten those knees and then exhale pull out your abs draw your knees in last one inhale stretch and then exhale scoop okay so now we have your crisscross let's bring our knees into your tabletop bring your hands one top of the other behind your head so keep the elbows open here tail one heavy on to the back so lift up with your curl playing with a tempo here so one slow twist to the left those knees into your chest take a break one big breath here inhale exhale all right coming back into it tabletop position arms to the ceiling inhale exhale lift it up ok some reach your fingers are moving along your scoop up a little deeper and then try to lift your shoulder blades off the mat this one bring your arms to the ceiling and then twist one over to the left yes imagine you're holding a magic circle in between your hands here and then twist the right and then come back to Center twist to the left you've got two more on each side right up and left last one on each side up and left and up in the hug your knees into your chest okay let's do one roll up here now if this is your first time doing Pilates and a roll it's a little hard just rock up to a seat but try and do it with me hands to the ceiling inhale and then exhale scoop your abs in lift your head off the mat shoulders off now round your spine here keep looking at those abs and reach for your feet ABS draw back and then arms draw to the front roll it to a seat and then that's just yourself as needed spine stretch forward next now open those legs as wide as your yoga mat scoop backs and really tall here tall straight spine arms to the front plug the shoulders down and back take an inhale big breath and then exhale curl your spine like a letter C and reach your arms forward but your abs and back the scapula and then exhale abs in reach forward and then inhale grow tall keep those feet flexed and then that's he'll reach forward easy over top stretch and then exhale forward you've got your last inhale, grow tall and then exhale reach forward and just inhale to grow tall shoulders plugging down so elongate through the spine here while your arms by your sides okay so now we are going to do swan flip on to lie down facing the mat okay so one hand on top of the other like this I'm gonna move a little bit and then you can see make sure I don't get cut off elbows wide rest your forehead down to your hands okay tops of the feet down to the mat keeping down now bring your abs in towards your spine let your hips feet heavy onto the mat well lift your head and your heart off the necks while keeping your abs engaged and slowly lower down lift up as high as you can and lower down two more lift up and lower it last long lift up and just hold it right here now extend your arms do the front and then into a letter T like this so shoulders away from the ears now palms are facing down to the ground and then move your pinky to your thighs hands to your letter T and again pinky to the side of the thighs and that letter T okay two more lift kick kick and lower right kick kick and lower left and just keep going for two on each side and two and one and one okay now sit down to rest those we're almost done okay breathe and that's really coming back now to lie down onto the mat forward shoulder bridge okay so feet onto the mat arms really moved down to the mat right here feet parallel knees and hips are alight now squeeze your glutes and lift your tailbone up to the ceiling scoop your abs the hips up low back lifts mid-back let's keep those ribs closed and knit it together and slowly lower down bone by bone table and last two more times lift up one bone at a time so heels all the feet are pressing down to the mat and then your weight is on the shoulders on the arms and on the feet hold it right here keep the ribs really closed and lower down last one lift up and so your shoulder bridge and then you're going to hold your right here now shift your weight onto your left foot and then bring your right means your tabletop place it's like down left into your tabletop each side the rights and their left and the lower right and I'll lift your hips a little higher that's the lowly or low or down wind to the ceiling heels together be together legs together email tail roll spine reach your feet and then just try to keep some length between the hips and the ABS hold it right here and then melt down to your stretch she can bend those

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