03 | Free Pilates Class – Full body workout (no equipment needed)

Hi guys, this is our third and last class for beginners, thank you for accompanying me so far but don't worry, if you want to continue receiving my content, click on the link below and sign up for my email list! Today?s session is still for beginners, but we are going to work a little more intensely, with some variations in the movements we've done before

But remember, if you still find the class difficult, do fewer repetitions If you find the class too easy, can increase the number of repetitions or sets Today's session will work your whole body, help you prepare for the next level Let's start? Today we will start by rolling your spine towards the floor, to mobilize and warm up Chin in, Coccyx inside, Bend your knees a little bit, Scroll your spine vertebra by vertebra to the floor

When you touch your hands on the floor, inhale and when you exhale, straighten your knees double inhaling exhale and stretch, inspires bending, and 3

4, once again Now just stretch the right, and now the left right, and left, right, left, right, left, Now inhale down here with your knees slightly bent, and when it expires start to unfold rising slowly, starting at the tailbone, working your core, keep your shoulders, arms and head relaxed until you reach the top Inhale, when you exhale through your mouth start to roll down, chin in, connect the glutes, bend your knees a little bit, relax your shoulders, relax your arms, to the floor

when your hands touch the ground, inhale and as you exhale stretch your knees, walk with your hands a little forward, stay there for a while, for 3 deep breaths, press your heels against the floor, walk back, and start rolling back up bringing the navel to the spine, start by relaxing your shoulder belt on the floor, relax your arms, and hands, your legs aligned with your hips, inhale through the nose, when exhaling connect your core inhale and expand your ribs laterally, when exhaling through the mouth, start at the tailbone to roll your spine up pressing on the heels, taking the column off the floor, vertebra by vertebra, inhale up here and as you exhale start to roll down, starting with the costal fence, taking the column to the floor, slowly, inspire, exhale, connect your glutes, feel your abdomen working, feel your lumbar spine lengthen, and roll it up, inspire, exhale and slowly roll down using the musculature behind the thigh more when rolling down, once again, inhale through the nose, roll upwards exhaling and stretching the lumbar spine, now stay here, keep your abdomen active exhale and lift your heels, inhale to return to the ground, exhale and lift your heels, inhale and descend, Use your shoulders to stabilize your body exhale to get your heels up, inhale to descend, last time inhale up here and as you exhale start to roll the spine down open your arms to the "L" side, 90 degrees at the elbows and 90 degrees shoulder with the torso inhale, and as you exhale, feel your ribs touching the floor, raise one leg to 90/90 inhale and exhale lift the other connect your legs by pressing against each other, connect your pelvic floor, point your feet, inhale, as you exhale feel your connected abdomen, inhale by bringing your legs to the right, keep your shoulder blades on the floor exhale and use your abdominal muscles to bring your legs back to the center, inhale to the left, exhale slowly bringing your legs back to the center, remember that for this exercise, your knees cannot slide or come off

you only mobilize the spine, working the oblique abdominal muscles to bring the legs back to the center, inhale right, exhale to return to the center, remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, bring your belly button towards your spine, and column towards the floor keep your feet together, again each side, interlace your fingers, and take them behind your head, keep your legs in the 90/90 position keep connecting your legs keep your elbows in your peripheral vision, lift your shoulder belt off the floor inspire, and when exhaling lift a little more, inhale to descend, exhale to lift your upper body, inhale and descend, exhale on rising, inhale as you descend, when lifting the body, take the navel to the spine, keep pressing one leg against the other, keep your elbows in peripheral vision, and one more time stop up here, inhale and when exhaling turn to the right, inhale by returning to the center, exhale turn the column to the left, and scroll down, spread your legs in line with your hips, keep your toes pointed away, inhale deeply, as you exhale, lightly touch your right fingers to the floor, inhale return, exhale move your left leg, and come back, resist the movement when returning the leg, keep your shoulders relaxed and flat on the floor

very good, do not change the angle of your knees, keep 90 degrees another, and now we?ll start moving both legs at the same time inhale, and when exhaling change, when inhaling change, take both legs back to the ground, I hope you?re feeling a little warmer, because now we will do the exercise "The Hundred" to that position, lift one leg 90 degrees and then lift the other straighten your knees with your feet up, press one leg against the other, lift your upper body, lower your legs a little if you think it's still easy, lower it more if you need to we will do 5 breaths and 5 breaths for 10 cycles

great!! very well!! for this exercise, bring your arms close to your torso, elbows on the floor, arms at the side type W inhale when connecting your legs, point your feet, when exhaling lift the trunk off the floor inhale as you descend, exhale on rising, keep your chin in, exhale as you descend, connect your speaker, relax your shoulders, now we will raise the arms together with the torso inspire, when exhaling lift your trunk and arms to the side, inhale to come back, exhale and get up, inspire, don't forget to lightly contract one leg against the other, I press the tailbone towards the ground, and taking the navel away from the ground, your core should be working right now, stretching the middle line of your body away, 4 support position, arms and hands below the shoulders, and your legs below the hip line, inhale and as you exhale bend your feet, inhale, and as you exhale lift your knees off the floor, inhale when lightly touching your knees on the floor, exhale on rising, and 3 4, try not to collapse on the shoulders, 6

7 8 9 and 10 Hold up here for 10 deep breaths Don't forget to recruit your abs taking your navel there to the spine Don't collapse on your shoulders, bring your knees to the floor slowly

point and sit at your feet, stretch your arms forward, relax your shoulders, Very well!!!

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