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Here we go! Just a bit more! This is so hard Hello everyone! I'm here to do Pilates This is Juhee, my instructor I've known her for about 10 years now She's a Pilates instructor We're family at this point~ When I come here first we chat for about 30 minutes Today

Are we going to work my upper body? What are we going to do? Your thighs? Your legs and hip joints That's what we're doing I'll make her scream I've been doing this for almost 10 years now, so why haven't I gotten more flexible? Don't think like that! It's just because I haven't pushed you to do the splits or anything It's not like you're not flexible! She's flexible She says I'm pretty flexible I'm going to go to the bathroom first Put your legs together Hands on your thighs And now back down Now squeeze! Tense your stomach, too Breathe out Lift yourself up more! That's it! When we do moves like this I can smell if she's been drinking [LOL] Chum Churum Chamisul How about we get those abs? Here we go! Make sure to fully extend! She can still try to look pretty Scissor Kicks Extend those legs! 46 00:01:48,040 –> 00:01:50,100 Point your toes! Hands behind your head, extend your legs and let them down If you tense your abs your stomach won't stick out Straighten your legs Criss Cross Your legs are so long Now stop! Is that one hard? Yeah Did I already tell you? I've been watching Vampire Diaries Yeah I watched the whole second season And when I was watching I kind of wished I were a vampire Why? They're all so strong But they can only go out at night I'd only need a daylight amulet! Just give it up If I get an enchanted ring from a witch I can go in sunlight They're so freaking strong! And super fast! She's weird She tells me she wants fat instead of muscles, and now she's saying she wants to be a vampire Definitely not normal I wish I'd been bit at like 25 or 26 Make sure you bite me, too I don't want to get older, either If I'd get bitten I could be 25 forever! Now this is one of the most important stretches but also one of the ones I hate the most! Make sure to watch her face Put your head down! Press down your hips You can imagine what this stretch is doing This is what's happening but I have to press down on it for her Why? That's what makes it hurt And because it hurts Here we go! Put your head down! Relax your arms Did you hear my evil cackle And we're done Good job Put it down carefully Good, go to that machine and rest for a bit She took off her shirt! Because it's hot! You can see the muscles better, too And you're harder on me She's so good at this one I don't have to do much Now over the top! Have you ever thought that if I didn't drink I'd look better and be better at this? Yup! Last one! I think I'm not good at this Take the handles Be careful, your legs be higher Is it hard? Just one more Stretch out your arms Now back You need to get taller Eyes to the sky Lift your stomach Now back forward, straighten out You need to tense your body and lower your torso more There you go! Now rest This is so hard Press forward Press forward Two more! Do you want to do the one with your legs over your head? And you're done Do you want to do arabesques? Where you lift one leg up like this It helps lift your butt! Yeah I

(can't even speak) All of this for a butt A girl has to have a nice butt Yup I don't have hips to start with, so I have to do this You gotta make 'em yourself You're too far down, straighten up a bit There you go! First one! Don't arch your back We'll just do five Squeeze those glutes! Want to try the splits? Huh? (And so she did) Now straighten your left leg Now go down Down You can let your elbows touch I can't! Okay, okay Do you really have to make it cute? This time keep your leg straight, like you're doing the splits Can I push you down more? Lower your elbows Straighten your left leg Now get down from there We're done! Done Okay! That was about an hour long work out I feel like I have to work out like this to be able to drink and stuff myself with food I do this three times a week so in one year

(calculating) I don't know, I can't do math right now I spend about one fourth of the year exercising, right? That's what helps me maintain my body A lot of people ask how Nicole doesn't gain weight, but it's because nobody works harder than this girl here See you in a couple days Yeah Have a good weekend I'll go have some fun (caught) And then on Monday you all know now Today was my Pilates lesson One time I smelt so much like soju that she made me go home She said it smelt like soju whenever I breathed "Hah~ Juhee, I'm in such a good mood today!" "I think this work out will go great!" (soju smell) I said, Nicole, do you want to go home for the next girl's sake? Sorry, but you should go home Yeah

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